Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here's the mutiny I promised you

For those of you not keeping up, I've been depressed of late. So today, having the day off, I decided to deal with this in the most manly way. I went shoe shopping. Trip took the day off and we hit up Greensboro. I ended up buying a new pair of Docs and a pair of Chucks. So my footwear needs are well served at the moment.

I also bought probably too much wine, Death Proof dvd, a couple of books and some lip balm. Various Gboro notes:
  • The weather was marvelous. We ate lunch at this pizza place, Brixx, and sat outside. I got a tasty Belgian beer, Hoegaarden, and basked in the sun.
  • I like shopping for wine, maybe even more than I enjoy drinking it. It's just fun looking at all the bottles and trying to find the high rated wine for the lowest possible price.
  • I have a series of "Eric Friendly Shitters" (EFS) that I'm sure I've discussed before. Just places where the bathroom isn't disgusting, mostly coffee shops, book stores and so on. Today the Gboro Barnes and Noble may have had it's EFS status revoked. Someone went all men's basketball on the toilet there. That is to say, they played above the rim. Not a pleasant site.
  • Target at 6pm is the MILF's natural habitat. Rowrrr.
In a side note, I lost my fantasy football game by one point. Aint' that a bitch...


Anonymous said...

Went to Ruth's Chris about a month ago & had the best cabernet sauvignon I think I've ever had. I asked the waiter who their supplier was so I could grab a bottle out on the street. To my surprise he told me that Costco sells this stuff. The name of the brand is "J-Lohr" & it's the best. Sadly- every time I went Costco it was sold out. No wonder I've never seen it. However I was at Giant one day and purchased from there. Also, Shoppers Food Warehouse carries it. The stuff runs about $12.00 a bottle & Ruth's Chris sells a 1/2 bottle for over $20.00. Try Krogers in Roanoke or Towers shopping center. You won't regret it. Also- Turning Leaf makes a great pinot grigio. Very smooth low calorie wine for that late savoring swig that won't leave you feeling guilty. Runs $11-$14 for a large bottle- definitely underrated.
I still need to get you to enjoy cigars w/ me. None of my boys smoke cigars & it really, really hurts.

Until next time,

Anonymous said...

Adam your comment sound like an advertisment from the Wine Warehouse. I myself enjoy a cigar from time to time. What is your fav?

P.S. Eric glad to hear you had a good time at Target!

Anonymous said...

I tend to gravitate towards the Romeo & Juliet's- but I don't have a particular favorite. My pallet for a good wine is stronger than that of a cigar since good cigars are packaged and stored in all the same conditions. I look for cigars that are packaged carefully to preserve the tobacco. In other words- I stay away from the 7-Eleven.

Anonymous said...

Monte Christos are also tied @ 1st.

Anonymous said...

You should go for an Opus X when you get a chance, they are a bit costly at around 30.00 a cigar. But, they will take you to a place far away.