Saturday, July 23, 2005

I spy with my little eye...

So I actually left the house today. It was ever so exciting. Went to Trip's and then we went to Jerry's Pizza with the intent of dining there. They have been remodeling for what seems like forever and still are. The dining area is incredibly small because of this and so we decided to just take it back to his place as there were hordes of people milling about. Later we went for a Blizzard at DQ and it was also packed. The fun thing about going to places in Martinsville is the sites you see. I'm gonna give you a little list of things I saw that caught my attention.

  • White trash family, including mom smoking in line (clear violation of Va. state law), eldest child wearing a t-shirt and filthy underwear and nothing else and younger child who decided that a shirt was too much and just sported a diaper. Altogether charming.
  • Surly white girl who seems to wish everyone dead while taking their order.
  • Surly black woman who seemed to wish everyone dead while making thier Blizzard.
  • Annoying white guy who clearly wanted to use the N word on the surly black woman.
  • Woman in her 40s wearing an outfit she didn't have the body for when in her 20s.
  • Bald black man wearing a hairnet. Why was he wearing a hairnet without hair? Couldn't tell you.
After our adventures in the outside world Trip and I watched The Incredibles. I love that movie, seems to be as good as the first time each time I watch it.

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NickVNC said...

Good old Martinsville....

I saw in Sunday's paper that Reidsville's news paper is hiring...check it out