Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twas the meatspin before Thanksgiving

So Adam came in this weekend and we headed down to Nick's household for some good clean family fun. Watched a lot of football, yakked about fantasy stuff, debated politics and loaded gay porn on Nick's laptop. Ok, that last one was not so much family fun, I suppose, but a good time nonetheless. It was good getting out of my routine and seeing some good friends. I should do that sort of thing more often.

But on to fantasy football news, where The Evil Penguin is back in the hunt! I'm up to .500 with a devastating win over Nick. A win next week against Adam will make me the front runner for the fourth seed in the playoffs, which is not something I could believe a few weeks ago. That win over the Leghounds is gonna be tough tho. I need his WRs to continue to bring the mediocrity.

The new Netflix integration into Xbox Live is fantastic! I've been watching tons of 30 Rock episodes through it. That show is hilarious. I love Tina Fey, she's smart, she's hot, she's nerdy. Everything I'm looking for in a woman.

Also been playing CoD: World at War and it's fun. The multiplayer takes all the best parts of CoD4 and puts them into the WW2 setting while adding in some new twists that make it even better. Also, more gore! Love the gore.

So a pretty good Thanksgiving for me, so far. Of course, I'll be working through the actual holiday, but what are you gonna do?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

and so it ends

My vacation is at an end. Sad. I did very little, honestly. Which suits me just fine overall, I suppose. Watched a little football this weekend. The Steelers managed to eke out a victory, which was nice. I really had some problems with a couple of the play calls offensively. But the defense is amazing. Man, great pressure, amazing coverage. They got it all. So that was fun.

Fantasy-wise The Evil Penguin managed to knock down Kevin's squad, who did not produce as he would of liked. Not that it really mattered, I had some serious points this week. It's kinda hard to care tho, since I'm almost certainly out of the playoff hunt at this point.

Hmmm what else is new... Trip and I went to Roanoke on Saturday and it was a friggen nightmare. Holiday crowds flowing everywhere. Bleah. I hate feeling crowded everywhere I go. Plus we ate at Red Palace and that did not sit well, so I felt like shit for the drive home. Fun!

This week I have also developed a full on addiction to gummy bears. I love em. I prefer Haribo Gold Bears. They are the best. Trust the Germans to make the best gummy bear.

I guess that's about it. I'm pretty dull. And tomorrow I return to work and once again become shackled by the man. Sucks... but not as much as being unemployed and desperate.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wasted week or sweet relaxation?

So I've been wasting my vacation fairly effectively. Watched a lot of movies, played some games, watched some tv and ate a lot of junk food. I'm not gonna complain because having the opportunity to destress was greatly needed and traveling always causes me stress. Sitting on my ass, does not.

I did leave the nest tonight to go out to dinner with Jill. We decided to stay in Martinsville and see what fun we could find. Short answer, not a lot. Don't get me wrong, we had an ok time, but Martinsville is pretty lame on Friday night. We got some Japanese food, hibachi for her, sushi for me then hit Walmart, then hit a bar and got a drink and decided to call it a night. Not setting the world on fire, but our options were severely limited.

So what movies have I watched? I'll list em up.

  • Kung Fu Panda: Hits a lot of nerd points with me and I really dig it. Have watched it twice already.
  • Get Smart: Steve Carell is very funny, Anne Hathaway is painfully hot.
  • Eastern Promises: Slow moving, but interesting. I dig the Russian mafia flavor. Viggo Mortensen is very good.
  • Definitely, Maybe: Chick flick, but not bad. Ryan Reynolds amuses me and Isla Fisher, Rachel Wiesz and Elizabeth Banks are not hard on the eyes.
  • Baby Mama: Good clean fun. Always got time for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.
  • Bender's Game: My favorite of the new Futurama movies. It skews very nerdy and that amuses me. I acknowledge this makes me a King nerd.
Been playing a lot of NHL 09 with Trip and I still can't figure out how to score consistently. Trip's starting to beat me and that is a huge problem. Been playing Call of Duty: World at War and it's really good. I know a lot of people were annoyed with the return to WW2, but I have no problem. Also started Fable 2, but haven't made it very far. Still hasn't caught me properly. Gears of War 2 is also waiting in the wings and I'll be damned if Left4Dead doesn't look like a must buy. All these incredible games out at the same time is killing my budget.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A long week

Seems it's been an eventful week since my last post. I'm on vacation, I bought a new computer, I turned 34 and there was something in the news about some elections going on.

OMFG I now live in a blue state! How did that happen? We have a black president! A few years ago who thought that could happen? It's altogether shocking.

But I won't get into all of that. It's been pretty much run into the ground by the news networks at this point. I think at this point everyone just wants to forget about politics for a little while and earnestly believe that maybe the new guys can be trusted. I know that probably isn't really the case, but escapism is my raison d'etre.

My vacation is proceeding as planned, although I'm a little short on cash. I may not let that constrain me too much tho, as it is my vacation. Within reason anyway. I don't have any big plans really. Play some video games, watch some movies, read some books. I may even try to get up the energy to do some writing at some point. I've been thinking about it lately and having a new laptop to type on is a good excuse.

I managed to not go too berserk buying it, settling for a low end computer, which, honestly, meets all my needs. It's an HP with a T5800 dual core processor, 4 gigs of RAM and 250 gig hard drive. Quite a step up from my craptacular Dell. Not just in stats either, it's so much better designed that it's almost absurd.

I am still getting used to Vista and trying to get everything working as I like it. I spent five hours Sunday fiddling with iTunes to get everything just right. I'm fucking anal about my music. Hell my cds are all alphabatized by artist (with special sections for soundtracks and compilations) so it's an ongoing trend. If only I could get other aspects of my life organized that way.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Apples filled with razors

Ahh yes, another fun filled week. Seems like I've been working a lot lately and it's not getting any easier this week. I work Tuesday because it's election night. Stunner. But at least when I finish up the week I get a full ten days off. That's right, vacation for E. I don't think I'm really gonna do a lot, just laze around, play some video games and read. May try to clean up my room, which I desperately need to do.

Anyway, Halloween blew. I worked and there weren't even any really good Halloween programs playing. Couple of overly crappy horror movies, Bravo's 100 scariest movie moments (which they showed almost non-stop all week long) and The Davinci Code. Ok I know that scared the crap out of the Catholic Church, but come on it's hardly Halloween fare.

Saturday I got to work through the time change, so 13 in stead of 12 hours. Long fuckin' night. Was very happy to finally get to sleep.

Tonight Jill and I went out and saw Pride and Glory. Didn't know much about it going it and it was ok. Well done cop drama with Ed Norton and Colin Farrel. Not overly interesting tho. No formulas broken. No interesting takes, just the standard good cop, dirty cop deal. I'd rate it somewhere in the Meh. to +1 chainmail area. But we had a good time anyway.

I am glad I went out because if I had of sat at home and watched my fantasy team get beat again I'd be completely pissed. I got one of the top scores again, currently second highest (although that will probably change with Monday Night's game) but I still lost. I keep getting crapped on and it's wearing thin.

Sadly I will not be watching said Monday Night game featuring my beloved Steelers, as I am going to see Nine Inch Nails in Greensboro. Gonna be fun. Wonder if there will be protestors there. nah, the right wing types will be saving their energy for harrassing minorities at the polls on Tuesday.