Wednesday, March 31, 2004

What is that? A boogin?

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Well I did it. I have turned to the dark side. I ordered a Dell laptop tonight. I feel ashamed, but what can I do? My hands are tied. Now I just need to get the high speed internet connection and wireless hookup stuff. Oh and get my jeep fixed (or get a new car, still not sure which). Why did I buy a computer before getting the jeep taken care of? Well I don't know, I'm silly sometimes. Especailly since it was wet and rainy today and riding in the jeep wasn't that fun.

I can't believe its after 1 a.m. now. Where has the day gone? I can surely kill a few hours.

I got an email from Gabe today telling me how good a column of mine was. That's pretty cool. My family is usually pretty sparse with the praise (we're highly critical by nature) so when it comes it means something. I need to write another good column, but nothing in sports has inspired me of late. I couldn't possibly care less about college hoops.

I guess I'm gonna go see what's up at the old pokerroom. Hopefully my comp will ship soon and I can get some real action (and hopefully make some real money).

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Eat at Lindo's

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Well I have returned from the Big Apple without much ado. It was a decent trip, but short on anything of bigtime interest. Lots of hanging out with the guys, playing poker and drinking. Didn't really do anything tourist oriented, other than walking around Times Square for too long. Did that on Fri. and got the pleasure of dealing with a fine array of blisters on my feet for the rest of the weekend.

But I did have a good time hanging out, for the most part. By Sunday I was feeling a little cramped and needed some space, that I wasn't going to get. I think that's just a symptom of my need for a certain amount of solitary time. I have to get my "me time" or I go all crabby ...OK I go more crabby than normal.

My first-ever flight was significantly less stressful than I anticipated. While I do tend ot have a fear of heights, for some reason flying didn't bother me. The initial feeling of leaving the ground was a bit offputting but I got over it quick and went to my book. It felt a lot like being packed on a bus, just for a ridiculously shorter amount of time.


1. The city makes you feel so small and insignificant. There are all these throngs of humanity walking around and you wonder what the likelihood of your life having real meaning value is. I was having a total existential crisis before Mike's B-Day fest on Saturday (I was not anticipating having a good time, actually). But it turns out I did have a great time. First of all hanging with Mike, Adam and Greg (and Shannon too) was cool. Then his friends in NYC were pretty cool as well (with many of them being ridiculously hot women.) A few beers in and my crisis was over and I was simply drunk.

2. With the internet and instant communication there is little real difference with the stuff you can buy all over. Every place I went seemed a lot more homogenized than the last time I was in NY. This sort of bores me and makes me wonder if there is any point to traveling. With the "kinder, gentler" tip New York has taken, Times Square has went so touristy it's obnoxious. Before there were the strip clubs, porn shops and nudie booths to give you some semblance of a seedy, big city vibe. Now it's like a mall. It just doesn't feel like the NY that Kerouac and Burroughs came from.

3. I hate being shoulder to shoulder with people on the subway. I'm a big fan of personal space and can't stand feeling crowded. If I were to live there it would drive me nuts to ride the subway all the time. Of course the Subway was a big part of this trip. It was undoubtedly the thing that stood out most. The upside to riding the trains is that there are a ton of attractive women riding and you can scope til you're heart's content.

4. Everything in New York is either brand new and built to the hilt or old and dilapidated. There is very little middle ground. This often provides a stark contrast, the biggest one I noticed was in Brooklyn (home of the dilapidated building). it was a Quizno's that had obviously just opened right next to a battered old hispanic grocery place that looked as though it would collapse. Of course these things were in the same building technically, but the difference was exceptional.

If I think of anything else I'll post it later

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Screw you guys, I'm on vacation

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Well I am now officially on vacation and the feeling is excellent. But I did have to earn that feeling today as everything I did at work seemed to fuckup. But I'm not thinking about that, I'm on motherfucking vacation.

Watched South Park, which was pretty good. Pretty harsh on the baseball players. Dave Chappelle was also excellent, as usual. I'm probably going to watch it again in a little bit. The poker was fun as well. It was in Paris and they were playing with Euros, which is a little odd, especially trying to figure out the exchange rate. There were some cool characters tho. George the Greek was an interesting Cretean. Also Jan Boubli has a great nickname: "Le Grand" How cool is that?

I still have to pack ...and that sucks. I do have all afternoon tho, so it shouldn't be a problem. I just hope i have enough clean socks or it could be an odiferous trip.
Chatting with my mom about the trip, she warned me of the pitfalls of paking a razor, which could be confiscated by security before the flight. I'm hoping she's just paranoid, because that is frickin nuts.

I can smell fear ...and nachos

Well I just installed a new feature to my beloved blog. You'll note the terror alert warning thingee in the sidebar below. It's cleverly ranked by both color and Sesame Street character (I hope I never see an Elmo alert, for a variety of reasons). It's courtesy of A pretty cool site I found linked from will wheaton's blog.

Enjoy the terror.

Cymbal banging monkey, you know how to live

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Well it's been an interesting day. Ok, so it wasn't that interesting, but I did get a lot fo work done. Which means less for tomorrow. I do have to drive to Stuart tho, which will undoubtedly be a cold trip.

I watched Kurosawa's Ran tonight, it was long. Pretty good, nobody does epic like Kurosawa. Lots of nice imagery as well. The Great Lord's broken sword when he loses his castle is a nice metaphor. Also his use of color makes for a visual buffet. Kurosawa probably uses color better than any other director ever ...Dreams has to be the best example of this. I respond well to bright colors I suppose.

I managed to win a coupla poker tournaments tonight (yes, for fake money trip), but going 2-2 is pretty nice. I played pretty well (and caught one big break in the second one).

I'm now listening to Ween, which is pretty sweet actually. It's unusual, as is usual for Ween. The stallion, Part 1-5 is particularly interesting.

Only one day more until my fantabulous trip to the big city. I'm looking forward to it. Still not sure exactly what we're gonna do, not that it will be a problem finding anything to do. I just dont' really want to get stuck sitting in a loud club setting. I can never hear anything and feel completely out of place. I much prefer a more laid back setting where I can actually talk and hear. Plus good music in a club is nigh impossible to find. Of course NYC probably has a much better selection, but my idea of good music and everyone else's probably are at odds.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Piss wand

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Well I took the trip to the Noke and it was ok. It was a cold fuckin drive tho. I shopped around for a laptop and that was dissappointing. I have two options: 1) scale back on the things I want, or 2) save more money so I can pay more to get all the features I want. I went to the Gateway store and saw one I kinda liked. It was Pentium M, so I'm not exactly sure if it would run FFXI, but it seemed to have most of the other stuff I wanted and was in my price range (the upper end, of course). So asked the clerk about it and he gave me the basics and then kept on talking about crap. On and on he went. When I decided to break him off and bail, he insisted he print out a copy of all the features and costs. When he did that, mystically the price went up over $300 for all the extras I would need. Why don't they just put the damn price on things. It annoys me.

After some shopping and dinner I went to Kevin's and hung with him and Courtney for a while. Had a good time. The only problem is now that Kev and I don't see each other as often I feel like we're trying to fit in three weeks worth of hanging out into three hours. Playing catchup or something. It sucks, but what can you do when schedules collide?

After a decent visit I headed home in the freezing ass cold. I think the teasing of warm weather makes the cold seem worse now than even during the depths of winter.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Hahaha Ha Haha, you are a chicken

Now listening to: Sebadoh ...again

Well I did the unthinkable and stayed home all day and watched 11, count 'em, 11 episodes of Angel to finish out season 2. It was quite cool, especially the extra-dimensional travel in the final few episodes. I do need to get a life, however. But I'm now looking forward to the next season a lot, but I have season 5 of Buffy to watch first.

I then watched most of Adult Swim while playing Metroid: Zero Mission on my GBA (I defeated Kraid). After all that TV I decided to do something else. so I got up, moved to my computer and stared at that screen for a while. Woo.

I think I am gonna go to the Noke tomorrow and chill out. Try to hook up with Adam and maybe Kevin. Goof off and try not to spend too much money. Have a nice dinner at Red Palace perhaps ...or maybe Macado's. Maybe I'll also find a really good deal on a laptop, although I may be better off if that doesn't happen.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Zombie planet

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Well I survived another Saturday night with only mild psychological scars. Work was fairly hectic and I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked to get things out of the way, but at least it's over for a coupla days.

I've been watching season 2 of Angel, which is pretty sweet so far. I can't decide if I like Buffy or Angel more. I'm leaning toward Buffy because of Willow and Anya ...and Clem, Clem likes you. But Angel does have the sweet demon action on the regular. The host kicks ass and I'm into the whole Darla/Dru plotline. Hard to say, especially since Spike is fairly evenly distributed between the two. Gaahh, listen to me. I'm turning into a Buffy nerd. DAMN YOU TRIP! Getting me hooked on vampire melodrama (I looked up the spelling, who knew?).

I'm considering spending most of tomorrow planted in front of the tube finishing Angel and then moving on to Buffy. I also have a coupla netflix to watch. Kurasawa's ran and Jarmush's Down By Law. I also need to read something as I haven't finished a book in over a week and I'm missing my quota. Oh and I should also probably get back to doing some writing on my alleged novel. I totally need to quit my job so I can get things done. Of course the whole money thing is nice. ...seems I'm trapped.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Nobody lingers like...

Now listening to: My whim mix

Well it's time to kick back a little and relax. I've had another annoying day at work, complete with a remake of my front at 9:30 ...or right after I had putting the finishing touches on it. So much fun. So now I'm just chilling and listening to some tunes. I think I'll put a list of the mix I've made at the end for fun. To appease both my readers here as Trip would say. ...have to find a way to increase traffic and infect others with the virus of my language.

Watched the world poker tour last night and it was good. Paul Phillips made some nice moves and took his first title. Seems he used the same tactic against Gus Hanson as Antonio Esfandari made on Phil Hellmuth at the event at Lucky Chances Casino. Apparetly the best way to stop those aggressive, loose players who are always betting is to flash some re-raises back at them. Of course you have to pick the times when they aren't holding a big hand.

I also watched Chappelle's show and man is that funny. Dave gets better all the time. I've been catching up on some Angel episodes as well. It's hard not to get addicted to that show. I'm trying to not go on a 6-7 episode spree and kill a day...which I have done in the past. The day I watched around 12 episodes of Buffy comes to mind...I think it was a Thanksgiving actually.

Anyway if I can just make it through Saturday night I'll be on easy street with only two work days for a week. Of course at the rate things are going I may kill someone before midnight Saturday.

# Artist (Song)
1. Embrace (Buildings)
2. Sebadoh (Not too amused)
3. The Shins (Eating Styes from Elephant's Eyes)
4. Sleater-Kinney (Oh!)
5. My Bloody Valentine (Soon)
6. Minutemen (Do you want new wave or do you want the truth)
7. Smashing Pumpkins (Snail)
8. Kinski (Rhode Island Freakout)
9. Possum Dixon (In Buildings)
10. Yo La Tengo (Sudden Organ)
11. Queens of the Stone Age (The sky is fallin')
12. Network (Reto)
13. Husker Du (Pink Turns to Blue)
14. The Promise Ring (Heart of a Broken Story)
15. Eels (My Beloved Monster)
16. Elvis Costello (13 steps lead down)
17. Mission of Burma (Dead Pool)
18. Mike Doughty (Looks)
19. Mellowdrone (Fashionably Uninvited)
20. Sonic Youth (Washing Machine)
21. Wire (Ex-Lion Tamer)

I may make some people a copy of this mix ...although I know trip ain't gonna like a lot of it. Too avant garde for his blue collar rock tastes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I can't talk through the bile

Now:hating work so much I can barely breath.

STUNNED. I got a nice, stern talking to today at work, complete with ultimatums and threats. It really brightened my day. It turns out I didn't work hard enough last week and now my editor is installing an eight-story minimum for writing weeks. A minimum I'm not likely to meet, I might add. I think it also has to do with the fact that my editor doesn't like that I am more installed around this area than he is. He wants a new guy he can browbeat into what he wants instead of me who's been there and done that and should probably have his position.

It's really got me to thinking. I've said it before that this job is just coasting and I only stay here because it's easy. I've debated moving on and trying something else new for a challenge and hopefully for a better future, but have been lulled into complacency by the ease of life. But if things are going to get harder, then I'm stupid to stay. Why deal with a shitload of work for substandard pay and benefits? Not to mention the fact that the more I'm here the more I become aware of an all-encompassing boredom.

So I guess I'm going to start looking for a new job, hopefully in Greensboro or Roanoke or maybe even NYC. It all depends. I may even take a McJob just to get away from this hole.

The oyster who snapped and killed everyone in his reach

Now watching: the best of Adam Sandler

I dont have much to say really. Work was tolerable last night and I played poker afterwards. Had a decent day, but got bored and started to do a little reading. Still reading our band could be your life. It's pretty good. I'm up to the sonic youth section.

I suppose that's it. I'm not really in a writing mood right now.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Tornado Shanks

Now listening to: Sleater-Kinney

My plan to completely slack off today didn't reach full fruition as Corb forced me from the couch to the shower and then to Trip's and dinner. But I had a pretty good time, I suppose. We watched this sweet new show that Trip had taped, called Wonderfalls. It was hilarious and had a nice sardonic wit. My kind of show.

I watched 28 days later earlier in the day and that was cool. I like the whole zombie/plague thing that was the premise. I also thought the director did a good job of selling the loneliness of someone waking up without anyone else there at all. Plus the music from Godspeed You, Black Emperor fit really well. They are a really good, albiet difficult band.

I watched Adult Swim tonight and that shit is funny. BoBo as a potential unabomber bear was funny in the Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

I return to work tomorrow and am not looking forward to it. The whole basketball season has drained me to no end and I just feel like I need a break. I can't wait until the 25th when I get to go to NYC for a visit. Maybe I'll find a job and just stay. I could use a scenery change. I am gonna check the papers and see what the market is like for a sports writing guy with hopes beyond the boring newspaper world.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

The universe is shaped exactly like the Earth

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Well Trip and I spent the day in Greensboro again. Had a pretty good time, I was dissappointed that the oyster bar place I want to go to was closed until 4 p.m. so we couldn't do lunch there. But we went to Grady's and had a nice meal, my prime rib was quite tasty.

After that we shopped around for a while, me pricing computers and Trip looking at scanners and digital cameras. Having a credit card in Circuit City and CompUSA is dangerous, I nearly impulse bought an Ipod. Scary. I also met a complete nerd working at CompUSA that had no idea what was going on. Scary.

I managed to hold off temptation and not buy either a new Ipod or a computer. I ended up getting Metroid: Zero Mission for my GBA, which is pretty sweet so far. I also picked up a coupla new books, as always happens in G-boro. I can't stop myself from getting new reading material ...even when I have tons of stuff at the house.

While enjoying some quality time at the EFS (Eric Friendly Shitter) in Borders a top five list came to me. So here is that epiphany:

5. Wish they hadn't had the spicy food
4. Stare vacantly at the vent on the ceiling
3. Pick lint off their shirt
2. Read
1. Pick their nose

Thursday, March 11, 2004

You are such a ponce

Now listening to: my new mix of songs I made on a whim

Well it's been a couple of days and I have no real excuse for not blogging. Last night I was too frustrated at going out of two consecutive poker tournaments on the bubble, losing to players that weren't there. Pissed me off. I got into the money in two tournaments tonight, so I'm bouncing back a bit.

I did manage to do a little writing the other night, writing about half a chapter...maybe a little over a half. It was decent. I also edited the first chapter for a third time and found still more things that needed tweaking. It's going to be a lot of work to finish a complete novel. I'm also having issues with my third person perspective.

I'm considering getting a new computer, a PC. This is anathema to my Macintosh heritage, but I'm tired of knowing things won't work on my computer and feeling left out. The poker thing is the really big issue. Well that and I'd like to play Final Fantasy 11 and perhaps World of Warcraft. I dunno. I'm thinking a laptop, but Trip does have a point that you pay more and get less for a laptop. Requires more thought and better knowledge of the product. Maybe a trip to compusa will help this weekend.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Eating styes from elephant's eyes

Now listening to: The Shins

Well today wasn't too bad. Kinda laid back, went ot work and that wasn't too bad. Danny got me a new chair that's pretty kickass. It sits just a little high, but hell the price is right and it's really comfortable. Plus it looks really nice, so rock on.

After work headed to Trip's to hang for a little while. Played a bit of poker and sucked it up. After getting knocked out of a no limit SNG in fourth place (and therefore out of the money) I went on complete tilt. No patience, no game. I think it was trip's evil presence throwing me off.

Now I'm thinking I may settle in and do a little reading or maybe play some Champions of Norrath (CoN). Hmm. I also could work on a new mix cd. I haven't made a mix in a while and have plenty of new stuff to put on it.

Or I could do some writing. I really need to start spending some time banging out some work on that novel idea. I think with the blogging I could do a good job of getting some good work done. After a blog I can step away from reality and really focus.

The whole blogging thing is very theraputic for helping me figure out what I think about things. I know most of the time it's just a lot of disjointed rambling about my day, but it helps me assimilate my days and coalate my thoughts. Of course the title of the blog is incoherent rambling so there is truth in the advertising.

I am that man!

Now listening to: Sebadoh

I can't decide if I did absolutely nothing today or accomplished a lot. I suppose it depends on your perspective. While I didn't actually manage to leave the house or bathe, I did watch three movies, play around three hours of Mega Man Battle Network 3, watch an episode of Futurama I hadn't seen and play in no less than three online poker tournaments (finishing 1, 3 and 6).

So you can see I was very busy at catching up on the entertainment I've been missing the last week. The movies I watched were: Power and Terror (a documentary on Noam Chomsky...pretty interesting stuff), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (not bad, but not great either) and Bottle Rocket (the one Wes Anderson movie I hadn't seen and definitely my least favorite.)

This was exactly the type of day I needed, very relaxing. It's been a good weekend. Yesterday, Trip, Corb and I forayed to Danville to see Broken Lizard's Club Dread. It was fucking hysterical with hot babes everywhere. I had read a bad review and had low expectations, but it was really good. Don't mess with the Broken Lizard guys.

I also got some new music (a Sonic Youth collaboration, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine) and a new game (Champions of Norrath). The music hasn't been that great, although the My Bloody Valentine album is exceptional, it's the others that don't live up to my hopes. Champions is very good. I may play it some more after posting...or maybe more poker. I dunno.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Jamming econo

Now listening to: Portishead
Now reading: Our Band Could be Your Life

Well I finally made it through what I consider to be one of the worst weeks of my life. I'm thinking top three. I managed to survive the funeral and make it through the hell like work night tonight. I'm now looking forward to two relaxing days of doing basically what I want.

Work has been such a bitch lately and tonight was no exception. Everything is coming in at the absolute last minute and so I have to ram and jam just to get finished. Lots of deadline pressure. One of the teams managed to penetrate through to the final four in basketball, so I have another week of that crap...and my weekend off gets shut down. Sucks.

I was forced to go to Roanoke for the first day of the state wrestling tournament yesterday. While the idea of going to the Noke for half an event and expecting that to pay off somehow is stupid, the trip was fairly relaxing. I forgot how good that drive is at letting me process my thoughts. I miss that time to think. I have to get my automobile situation figured out soon so I can go back to taking those trips occasionally.

Plus I hit B&N and found the book Our Band COuld Be Your Life on sale, cheap. It's an account of several underground bands of the 80s. So far I've read about Black Flag and the Minutemen and they fucking rule. I love their DIY and selfless attitude. They are bands that actually believed in something more than making money and being a rock star.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

World of shit

I'm stressed. Of late I've been thinking about money a lot, or more to the point, the fact that I don't really have a lot of money. I live a subsidized life right now, living with the 'rents, and really need to address my car situation. Whether that means a whole new car (and debt) or fixing up my jeep (and getting less debt) is still a matter of debate. I'm tired of owing someone and don't want to assume more debt, but I don't know how to escape it. That whole thought process has been in my mind for the last three months.

On top of that, work is being a bitch. Andy is all about more coverage of this basketball crap and more work and I'm tired of it. I don't give a rats ass about basketball. I may even be going to the fuckin' state wrestling tournament on Fri. against my will. So work has been stressful.

And finally, after a relatively sedate workday (relatively to the last four weeks) I come home fully intending to relax and watch tv and mom tells me my Uncle died. so now I ahve a funeral to attend on Saturday and a eulogy to work on. I hate these events and, honestly, the largest majority of the people there I'm not going to want to see. I don't like the largest percentage of my family and one of the members I did like just died.

So Saturday I get to go to a funeral, go to work afterward and stress out until the very last minute doing layout so we can squeeze in every last millisecond of basketball coverage. All for substandard pay. This is my life.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Average is dumb

SO I have to return to work today...bummer. I had a nice weekend, fairly relaxing. Yesterday I watched American Splendor, which I thought was pretty kickass. Paul Giammati was really good and the movie had a certain charm to it. Also Toby, the Party Nerd, was mighty.

Trip and I went to Danville and had a decent time. Went to Ruby Tuesday's (for the BBQ wings of course) and then did some minor shopping. After that I hung at Trip's place while he watched American Splendor and played Poker online. I hit a couple of SNGs (Sit and Gos i.e. one table tournaments for the uninitiated) winning the first one and taking second in the next due to a connection failure.

I played four more once I got home. I know I'm a nerd, leave me alone. But I won one of those and suffered some tough luck on the others. I still ended up ahead for the night. I'm seriously considering playing some of those for real cash. I'll have to wait for a night that I get off a little early. ...I'm actually considering getting into another tournament right now. Hmm.

Monday, March 01, 2004

I wanna get back home

Now listening to: Grandaddy

I'm in a horrible mood right now and I don't really know why. It's the middle of my weekend, I haven't really been stressed today and nothing is abnormally bad. I'm just depressed.

I watched the Oscars and they went pretty much like I hoped, although Bill Murray should have won. I think everyone was let down when he didn't. I think Sean Penn simply won because he'd been nominated four times. Although he did give some props to his competition and even Paul Giamati (SP?). I'm gonna watch American Splendor tomorrow.

I do think LOTR deserved all the recognition it got. The trilogy was truly epic and a piece of cinema that will be remembered for the ages. Plus it was the first fantasy film to ever win an Oscar. How they overlooked Conan the Barbarian, I'll never know.

I'm gonna go and fester in my bad mood now. Maybe play some online poker, although it may be a bad idea in this mood. Maybe I'll see some wired pairs...let's hope.