Sunday, October 31, 2004

Consumerism on Devil's Night

Man am I tired. Last night I had some trouble falling asleep. This is a rarity, but it happened for one reason or another. Then just as I was starting to drift off into slumber, my downstairs neighbors roll in with the base. They have a LOUD conversation outside and then, the capper, they turned up 102 Jamz. This was at 5:30 a.m. Things finally quieted down around 6 a.m. and I fell asleep a little later. Only to be plagued by bad dreams all night. So that sucked.

Having told Trip I would go with him to G-Boro at a decent hour I got up around 11:30 a.m. feeling like crap. So there was that. For about half the day in G-Boro I felt like ass, but I finally came out of it around 5 p.m. I suppose.

The reason for our expedition was that Trip was planning to buy a new tv and he did. He went crazy 8 bonkers with his new credit card and got a sweet ass 44-inch Zenith HD LCD screen that has a fantabulous picture. I'm officially jealous. He also picked up all the high falootin' (that's just for Abby) cables and a new DVD player to top it off. So he was in electronics nirvana. Of course this meant I spent half the day wandering around electronics departments bored while he looked, but I suppose it could have been worse.

To fit his monstrous tv into his Tracker, we had to put the top down for the ride home. Fortunately today was the warmest day we've had in a while, so I didn't freeze my nads off.

Feeling in the Halloween spirit I picked up a couple of classic zombie movies, Evil Dead 2 and the original Dawn of the Dead. Both of these are timeless classics in the rotting undead genre. Anyway I'm going to go hit my pillow with extreme prejudice and be up and focused for the Steelers-Patriots game tomorrow.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Heaven ain't close in a place like this

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So today was the typical Friday for me these days. I slept late (the sound of rain outside making my slumber all the more pleasureable). When I finally rousted I fiddled online for a bit then prepared for the trek to Trip's.

As I was leaving I got into a political discussion with my mom, who is going to vote for Bush. I really don't understand why and asked her what Bush had done to merit her voting for him. She replied that she wouldn't vote for "a damn liberal" and I was amazed. When I asked her to give me some positives she saw in Bush she said he married Laura Bush. (She has a thing against Theresa Heinz for some reason I haven't fathomed yet). She also mentioned how Kerry applied for his own purple hearts. When I commented on how neither of those things had anything to governing a nation, she just laughed.

It seems like Bush supporters never have hard reasons for voting for him, it's always some intangible thing or something they don't like about his opponent. Then when you try to give them facts about how horrible the Bush administration is, they never have anything to say, they just refuse to acknowledge it. I find it frustrating.

Anyway Trip and I grabbed dinner at El Parrel and then went to his pad, hooked up with Corb and played Xmen Legends and Halo. After Corb bailed, Trip and I played Mortal Kombat chess to get even more name brand games in.

Ohh yeah, last night I found out that this online game Guild Wars was free for the next coupla days and so I gave it a try and it's ok. It's a little hard to figure out at first, but it's fun. It reminds me of playing Diablo, except it's a persistent online world. If you can try it out, I say go for it.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Is it necrophilia if they're undead?

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So today was rainy and as such, I couldn't drag my ass out of bed. So I didn't go back to Kev's today, perhaps tomorrow. Instead I watched the movie Cronos, which was ok, somewhere in the Meh. to +1 chainmail range. I then scrambled around town, hitting the bank and stopping by the DMV for a drivers guide. This is so I can pass the stupid license renewal test I have to take. I'm nervous that I'll fail and get a ticket on the way home, that seems to be the type of luck I've had this year.

I also hit the library and checked out a few books to read (cost effective). After all that I picked up some pizza and headed to Trip's and we watched the Dawn of the Dead remake. It was pretty good I suppose (+1 chainmail), but didn't hold a candle to the original George Romero film (foot massage). That's partly me being a snob and partly the movie not having anywhere near the same level of social commentary. Also I have to say that I prefer slower, campy zombie to the fast killing machines in the new movies. I like goofy zombies that even I can outrun, what can I say? I also like it when zombies yell "BRAINS!!!" just cause it makes me laugh.

Anyway from there we watched The Apprentice, which was the same as ever. I'm scared by how quickly I have taken to the show tho...more reality tv infesting my brain is bad. Still I enjoy how The Donald always works his big pimping shots in. The plane flying him in and the limo rolling around the city. It's so nouveau riche.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

A smile makes all the difference

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Haven't posted in a couple of days because Blogger didn't want to play. Some problems with the system I suppose, not really sure. Anyway I actually did something out of the ordinary today, so that's good. I went to Kevin's new house. He and Courtney just bought it and it is really nice. Since Kev is a loyal reader I am required to say this even if it isn't true, but in this case it definitely is true. Looks like a nice community, the house is quite nice, both inside and out. Seems like a good place to have a family...if you're into that sort of thing.

Anyway we had a good day tooling around and hanging out. Got to spend some quality time at Lowe's and Walmart. Big fun. We ended up grabbing Mexican food and heading back to the homestead to Courtney and little Eve.

Ok I think I've made my anti-child stance clear in the past. I'm simply not a fan for the most part. But I have to admit, when I was saying goodbye to Eve and playing with her a bit and she smiled it was really cool. I'm not saying that I have any desire to ever have kids, but that smile made me realize that having a kid could have its perks. But don't go thinking I'm a "big softie" as Kev called me, I'm still a hardcore asshole deep down and I'm not gonna let anyone forget it.

Anyway I drove home through the spitting rain and it wasn't really that bad, despite the horrible condition of my Jeep's top. I enjoyed the dissonant strains of Sonic Youth's oddly tuned guitars. Once home I watched the usual tv, caught the new South Park and then watched a bit of the new reality show cartoon on Comedy Central, I think it's Drawn In or something. It was ok...I might give it one more shot just for the pig character who kept crapping in odd things (like a cantalope and a sombrero), but it wasn't that great.

I also watched the last coupla innings of the World Series, just so I can say I saw history in the making. The Red Sox curse is finally I can stop hearing about it. Now if we can only get this stupid election in the books. I saw Jesse Jackson on The Daily Show talking about voter registration scandals and I just know it's gonna be ugly after this election.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

That's why they call him The Godfather

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Basically all I did today was watch a bit of tv and sleep. That's the big plan, to completely kill entire days doing nothing of note.

I did watch Old School with Trip again. Man is that movie great. I love Vince Vaughn's speech just makes for the funny. After that we watched some of the Broncos-Bengals game, which was ok. Lots of turnovers. But honestly I don't give a crap about either team really, so I lost interest.

Since I came home all I've done is screwed around on the internet and played poker. Tonight was a night that proves variance happens to everyone. I know I'm playing poker with no real consequences and so I am used to being beat by people who shouldn't be in the hand and adjust my play as such. However tonight I felt I was playing solid hands and still losing to miracle starting hands, that you can't anticipate. Kinda sucks, but hey I haven't really lost anything. It's just irritating.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Wishful thinking

So today was exciting. I woke up early and chartered a flight to Nepal. While there I caught a helicopter to the basecamp of a group preparing to climb Mt. Everest. I then connected with one of the supermodels climbing the mountain. I'm typing this up from her laptop with satellite feed internet and we're sipping champagne.

Yeah I know...that's just sad. My day was actually the exact opposite. I sat on the couch and watched football and tv all day long. I get tired of typing up the same crap and thought I'd spice things up a bit.

Anyway nothing of note went on today. Well actually the Dolphins pulled off a victory, so here's a shout out to Nick. He's gotta be feeling good this week. I had to suffer through a week without the Steelers playing.

Oh another downside, there were no jobs worth applying for in the papers this weekend. So now I have to scramble to find some crap to apply for. Gonna be a great week.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

You're so off you're on

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So Trip, Corb and I went to see Friday Night Lights tonight in Danville. It was really good, particularly if you like football. I thought it was well acted, not heavy handed with the message action and the editing was very visceral. It really felt like you were on the field. I had read the book, which naturally has more depth, and thought it was good and this movie does a nice job of keeping the heart of the book intact.

After that it was dinner at Red Lobster and back home for some Halo action. Trip had to get up early to park cars for the race so we called in a night around 10:30. I came home and watched some football highlights and then The Venture Bros. (which is one of my fav. things on tv these days.

Later on I watched this cool thing on CSPAN with Jon Stewart answering questions. Gotta love that guy, he's just the man. My Aunt Yvonne sent me a cool article about him from the Washington Post and I'd link to it if it weren't a registration site. Who wants to sign up for all that crap? My faithful reader..I think not. I'll email it to you if you ask. He was awesome on Crossfire.

Anyway now I'm fiddling around the net and playing poker for play money. I've been focusing on playing Omaha and 7-card stud, just for variety. Plus I can usually own the play money games at hold 'em. Not that I'm cocky, it's just those people have no idea how to play for real. Plus I like trying to figure out different games. Just makes it more interesting. Tomorrow should be a lazy day of watching football and perhaps watching a movie or two.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Skyscrapers are scraping together

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So I read a cool article in Time yesterday about the discovery of the gene that dictates how spiritual a person is, or rather determines their potential for spiritual experiences. I always find the space where science and religion come together very interesting. In the article it discusses how the need for religion may be hardwired into human code to help facilitate survival. How humanity needs a cosmic watchdog to make everyone obey the rules and play fair and how that increases the survival of our species.

Of course you could go the other way and say that god (or God if you prefer, I'm cool with either) put that gene in us so we would be aware of him. They had various religious leaders comment on the discovery and the Jewish guy argued that his God couldn't be reduced to a chemical reaction. The Buddhist, on the other hand, argued that the gene could be an indicator of who or what you were in a past life and dictate what type of life you will lead this time around.

That's why I tend to favor eastern religions personally, they seem so much more inclusive. I admit I don't live in the middle of Asia, where religious wars are fought between rival factions of the same religion, but Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism are less dogmatic in their basic ideas. The basis for the big western religions all starts with Thou shalt have no other gods before me, i.e. if you don't believe in the same thing I do you're an infidel. While the eastern religions believe you are pretty much destined to live the life you're living regardless. (Taoism is a little different, but it's even less dogmatic.) I guess it doesn't always work out that way, but I really don't like fundamentalists of any religion, particularly when they are intent on telling everyone how to live.

Moving to considerably less important topics, I'm about halfway through the third and final Halo book (yes I'm nerdy) and this one is better than the second, which was simply a retelling of the game story with a little more depth. I hope I can finish that today.

I also paid a bunch of bills and we all know how much fun that it. Still it's nice to be free of them for a moment. If I can be relatively frugal through Nov. I can relax in Dec. and enjoy myself...assuming I don't find a job between then and now.

So ronery and sadry arone

So I went to see Team America: World Police and it was pretty good, not great, but good (+1 chainmail). It had some seriously funny moments and poked fun at both the sides of politics. (Although I think the liberals took a lot more heat.) The songs were pretty funny (particularly America...fuck yeah! and the ballad with the line "all I'm saying is Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you") and I like creative cursing. I mean come on, puppets saying Jesus titty-fucking Christ makes me laugh everytime, call me low brow if you will.

But even so, I don't like the concept of bashing celebrities for stating their political views and using their celebrity to bring attention to their causes. Isn't making people aware a good thing? I know those people can get a little too full of themselves, but they have the right to say what they want.

Anyway off the soap box, I also watched a tape Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the final presidential debates in Spin Alley, and man was that funny. He rips the spin artists to shreds and had me guffawing at his lines. "Was it painful when you had your shame removed?" Or to Karl Rove, "you're the brains for President Bush...I thought you'd be a smaller man." Ohh it kills.

I also was treated to the Apprentice and Survivor again at Trip's behest...I know I should just leave, but I end up hanging around and watching these damn shows. They are like any drug, you do it once thinking it doesn't matter and then you're hooked. While I'm not in full addiction mode yet, I got way too involved in the boardroom sequence tonight. Gotta kick it before the monkey gets on my back. Well that's enough ruminating on movies and tv for tonight.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

One shot

Well I have quite a bit to cover today and all of it has to do with sitting on my ass and watching these newfangled moving pictures. I started the day off with a bit of the Deer Hunter. Wow, that's a quality movie. Not for everyone, but so well acted and deep. The whole Russian Roulette thing was hardcore. I'd give that one a foot massage.

After that I went to the normal tv stuff for a bit (PTI, Friends and the like). Despite my deep loathing for reality tv, I watched The Biggest Loser on NBC. It's about people trying to lose weight in contest form. OK, I'm kinda offended by the name of the show, especially when they have all these fat people rambling on about wanting to be the biggest loser, it just seems degrading.

Despite that, the show was interesting. Watching these people support each other and work to lose weight was pretty cool, less in-fighting than a lot of these shows (so far). Also those people lost a ton of weight in the first week there, but as anyone who's ever been on a diet knows, the first week is easy. After that your results aren't as significant and it tests your will power. I'll probably end up watching at least one more episode of this. After that I watched Scrubs, which was fantastic as always.

After Scrubs I flipped around for a bit and grew bored. As some of you know, I hate baseball, I find it tedious. That said, I ended up sorta watching the end of the Red Sox-Yankees game. Sorta because I also started watching Das Boot during it. I can't help it, I am rooting against the Yankees (like anyone with any soul is) and wanted to see if the Sox could force a Game 7, which they did. I may flip past that tomorrow to see if Boston can pull off the complete miracle.

As for Das Boot, man it is 3.5 hours of really compelling movie. It's an endeavor, to be sure, but it's worth it. It's about a German submarine crew during WW2 and you end up rooting for them, despite their NAZI roots. It has a full cast of quality characters that are really brought to life by good acting all the way around. Also I've been fascinated by sub warfare since I saw The Hunt for Red October back in the day. To top it off it has some wonderfully scenic shots of the ocean. I'm saying it deserves a Filet Mignon rating, despite the fact that I will probably never want to watch it again.

Monday, October 18, 2004

I've personally served that guy 20 beers a day for the last 10 years

Now listening to: Air

I am sooo beat. I got up before noon!!!! Then went and mowed at Trip's place. That weedeater kicks my ass. I did get to watch tons of NASCAR fans and personal drive into the speedway...woo. The necks are already out in force. I can't imagine heading to Martinsville for a vacation without actually living here. It boggles the mind. What do you do? Stare off into space and eat at Clarence's. (Through past interviews I found out that Clarence's is the hot spot for the retired NASCAR fan crowd, it's like spring break for people over 60.)

Anyway not much else is up, I'm feeling ever so tired and am probably just gonna do a bit of reading and then go to sleep. I need to write some cover letters and email them, but I'm feeling totally drained. Tomorrow I think I'm just gonna lay around and try to catch up on my Netflix. I still have Das Boot, along with Starsky and Hutch and The Deer Hunter to watch. How's that for eclectic?

You're not a war time consigliere

Now listening to: Wilco

So I wallowed on the couch all day watching tv and reading magazines. As you know I was engaged by the Steelers game and after that kinda drifted around watching poker shows and adult swim. All very exciting stuff. Oh I also read a coupla comics I got on Saturday about Loki, the Norse god of mischief. Pretty cool, but not a lot of action, more of a psychological story.

I also got a call from my little bro, Gabe. It was cool to chat with him. He just got the tv hook up in England and so was watching football. (His Eagles continued to win.) I miss that little goon. He's getting a computer soon, so I'm hoping I'll get to hear more from him online once that happens. I'm trying to lure him into playing Diablo and Partypoker.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna do a little reading (got some Halo books now, my mania and nerdity know no bounds) and then go to bed. I need to get up at a more reasonable hour tomorrow to do some mowing. Ahh damn manual labor, will it never leave me be?

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Joy in Steel Town

WOOOOOOO! Steelers come back and slap down the Cowboys in the final two minutes. Oh yeah! Who could ask for anything more? Now Pittsburgh is 5-1 on the season and headed into a bye week, which will let them rest up and heal for a big game against the Patriots. Oh and I now have bragging rights on Mike for the season, life is good.

Halfway through the third quarter I thought it was all over, but you can't keep the Steelers down. Ohh I'm excited. Ben Roethlisberger continues to look like the real deal and the Pittsburgh offense looks like a juggernaut. The defense gave up too many plays on third down, but we managed to survive.

In fact I just called Mike's punk ass and talked a little shit. Man is that fun. He admitted that he had my number ready to speed dial when his 'Boys were up late in the game so it's all good. I gotta get a Terrible Towel.

Any of you cunts want another drink?

Now listening to: Ministry

Went to G-boro today with Trip. Had a decent time. Ran into faithful reader Nick and Abbie at Petsmart, as they were helping dogs from the animal shelter get adopted. Hanging out there and listening to Nick talk about the dogs horrible situation made me want to take one home. They were pretty cool, although all too big to have in this tiny ass apartment. Plus mom would give me the Heisman if I brought a dog home.

After that Trip and I roamed free for a while stopping at the Laz-E-Boy shop (god, we look gay sometimes). I found a "fainting couch" that I liked and hope to some day be able to both afford it and have someplace to put it. When that day will be, who can say?

We did some low grade shopping and then went to see Shaun of the Dead, which was damn good. I like zombie movies anyway and this one was a different take on the genre, which I appreciate. I'm giving it a foot massage. Came back to Trip's and ran into Corb, fortunately. We should have called him, but we are forgetful assholes. Anyway we watched Club Dread (+1 chainmail), which was fun, but definitely not as good as Broken Lizard's first movie, Super Troopers (Filet Mignon).

Looking forward to some football tomorrow and am hoping that the Steelers-Cowboys game will be broadcast, but I'm not expecting it really. You can't count on seeing that game on Fox, damn the Redskins.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Cosmic shame

Now: calmly chatting with my mother and watching Malcolm in the Middle

I just watched bits if the Tenacious D DVD, which is high quality. Lots of semen jokes and really who doesn't love those? But you've just got to love their goofiness. They truly are the greatest band in the world. Come and share in their rocket sauce.

It feels like fall now, which is both good and bad. Good, because I love fall. The leaves changing the brisk air, the joy of snuggling under a blanket to fight off the chill you know is outside. Bad, because my Jeep is still open air. I'm considering buying a new top with my credit card at this point. It would be another cheapass top, but it'd be better than nothing. I also need new does being poor suck.

So Steelers' QB Ben Roethlisberger is getting mad press lately. He's being compared to Dan Marino, who is the all time leading passer in the NFL. Of course I'm hoping he can be better by winning the big game, which Marino never did (oww, that's gotta hurt Nick). While I do like that he's getting some good press, I'm concerned this could swell his head and hurt the team in the long run. Hopefully, he'll stay humble and do his job.

I don't like this air

Now listening to: Built to Spill

So today was another slackathon. I finished watching the fourth season of Angel and it was good, although entirely too many turns and twists. At some point I want to have a clue of what's going on for more than two episodes in a row. But it was still very good (foot massage).

Hmm what else did a do today...I watched a lot of crap. I watched the Scrabble world championship...or maybe it was nationals..I dunno, I didn't pay attention to the specifics. But it was interesting watching all these people with an insane knowledge of words. I wonder how many of them know what the words they use mean and how many just memorize things.

I also played some Katamari Damancy, which is an interesting game where you have to roll over things and collect them to rebuild the stars in the sky. It's an odd concept and very Japanese, but it's pretty fun. I also slipped in Virtua Fighter 4:Evolution to knock off the cobwebs in my game (and there were plenty). Man is that game addictive, I had to focus to make it over here to the comp.

That's about it, another day gone to waste. Oh well, I'm gonna get in some fake poker and then probably sleep. I need a life so bad it's pathetic.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Come on, everybody loves fetal pigs

Now listening to: Interpol (Antics)

The final debate in the bag and I'm too bored to care. Was anything new or interesting turned up in the 90 minutes of tonight's debate? OK, Bush lied about saying he wasn't concerned about Osama and continues to over-simplify or misrepresent everything Kerry says, but really none of that is new. It was just a snore overall.

After the debate, NBC had it's group of six undecided voters and three decided that they were for Bush, while two said Kerry and one was still undecided (don't know what that loser's problem is). That made me realize that we're probably going to have another four years of a moron in office. The American people are just too dumb to understand complexity and will follow the guy with the slogan and the simplistic view so they don't have to think. I'm still hoping Kerry can pull it out, but right now I believe that we Americans are probably gonna end up with the stupid president we deserve.

Anyway other than the debate not much went on today. Watched more Angel, played more Halo co-op and watched a tape of Scrubs, which is pretty damn funny. That about sums it up. After watching the debate with Trip, I came home and completely flaked in front of the TV watching absolute crap. It's sad, I know I'm the king of time wasting, but this was worse than normal. I was watching shit I don't even like. I hate it when I do that.

Incidently, this new Interpol album is pretty kickass. I think it's around a foot massage, maybe moving into filet mignon territory if it has some staying power, but that takes time to discern.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

343 Guilty Spark

Now listening to: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Damage)

So yeah, I watched more Angel today and then went to Trip's where we played Halo. Now I know I say I play Halo all the time, but this time we did co-op in the story mode instead of deathmatching. I've never beat the story mode, mostly because I don't really enjoy that sort of thing by myself. It's more fun with a teammate, which is odd since usually I hate teaming up in games.

Anyway nothing very exciting going on, same old crap. I'm currently playing online poker (and losing to jackasses. (How do you call a preflop raise with J2 offsuit?) I'm also listening to the new Blues Explosion album that I borrowed from Trip and it's pretty good. I have to admit they have never been one of my fav. bands, but this is a solid album.

I was considering watching Das Boot, but that's a lot to absorb. You really have to be in the right frame of mind to start a movie like that. I think I'm gonna play poker for a bit and then read for a while. I'm reading this book, that's actually three books about a world where Norse mythology is true. I've always kinda dug Norse mythology (particularly Odin). Unfortunately the writing isn't so great. It's ok, but it seems kinda rushed together...I've come to expect more from fantasy writing a la Robert Jordan or George R. R. Martin. But then again there is my weakness for all things Norse and it's nice to see Loki get what's coming to him.

Monday, October 11, 2004

The Darker Days of Me and Him

Now listening to: Sleater-Kinney

So you'd think sitting at home all day would be relaxing...but not at my house. There is always some bullshit to upset me and pretty much ruin the whole fucking day. Actually I was sorta expecting it as every Monday this sort of thing happens. I'm not gonna get into it, but it sucks and makes life worse than it has to be.

Other than that I haven't done anything besides watch TV and some episodes of Angel. That show never stops with the armageddon. Between Buffy and Angel, the end of the world is threatened every coupla months. I can barely handle a doubled internet bill, much less the apocalypse every couple of months. Still it makes for fun watching.

I'm kinda bored so my shut in stage may be over for the moment. I'm sure I'll be stir crazy tomorrow. I'm thinking I may need to get out early and do something...something cheap to be sure, but something. I need to start writing again, but my inspiration is running on empty. Where is my muse? Where is my mind?

I think I'm gonna spend some time playing free internet poker tonight and maybe do some reading later. Nothing like completely wasting time.

Don't say no, just say you don't

Now listening to: Built to Spill

Well I've been pretty slack about blogging this weekend. What can I say, I've been otherwise occupied with my usual brand of doing nothing. Saturday Trip, Danny and myself rolled into G-boro for some low grade hijinks. We didn't really do much notable there, but we came home and changed Danny for Corb and played X-Men Legends for a bit, which is fun, but more difficult that I expected. I think the teamwork aspect makes it harder, as I suck at working with a team. I'm a loner Dotty, a rebel.

Today I got up and watched the Steelers toss a beating to the hated Browns, which was awesome. Roethisberger looked really good again and the offense seems to be clicking. I'm just hoping it clicks again next week against the Cowboys, as Mike will never let me live it down if they don't.

After that Corb, Trip and I hooked up once again for pizza and more X-Men Legends, but I got home early and watched the Skins-Ravens game. I thought Washington was going to do me a favor and beat Baltimore, but I should have learned by now not to count on a team that's named after a racial slur. Anyway I then watched adult swim and some NFL highlights and that brings me pretty much up to date.

I'm thinking I might lay low this week and try not to leave the house a lot. This is an effort to not spend money, as my bills continue to mount. I opened my internet bill today to find that it was double what I thought it would be. Naturally I was outraged and fumed about it. Anyway after further review it seems they are switching me from paying for last months to paying for next months...which means I get to pay for both this month, along with my wonderful auto ticket. Man I hate being poor.

Anyway I have some good stuff to keep me occupied while staying in this week. I got Das Boot from Netflix and that wonderful German film is over three hours of subtitled goodness. I also have almost a whole season of Angel to watch. So my efforts to become a total shut-in have a good foundation. If anyone needs me I'll be on my couch.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Keep your unit on ya

Now listening to: The Distillers

So anyway I managed to stay occupied today. I watched some of Angel (Season 4) and that was good. I then proceeded to Trip's for our standard Halo night. I kicked it into high gear and put myself on top most of the games I played. Hard to deny the fact that I dominated, even for someone as skeevy as Trip.

Anyway after our Halo fervor fizzled for the night, we watched the end of the debate. I didn't see the beginning, but what I saw was pretty even. It's down to different ideologies for the most part, with each side distorting the other side's arguments and trying to impugn the integrity of their opponent. Bush clearly had been coached on not looking like such a jackass when Kerry was speaking, it was funny to watch. But yeah I'd say it was a rub overall, with Kerry's arguments making so much more sense to me.

Came home after that and watched Jersey Girl, which was universally panned by critics. It wasn't the best movie ever put together, but it didn't deserve to be crapped on as much as it was. Basically it was caught up in the whole Gigli fall out and paid the price. It was well written (Kevin Smith just writes good dialogue, hands down) and Liv Tyler was good in it and man is she a hottie. She has a really sexy look and clearly isn't rail thin. (One of the few starlets that has a body like an actual woman you might see on the street.) I'd rate the move at +1 chainmail, which is the lowest rating I'd give any Kevin Smith movie.

Incidently the post preceeding this one is all about a discussion Trip and I had over the flavor of water (or lack thereof). I won't get into specifics, but sufficed to say I won and he reverted to simple Republican smear tactics (basically denying the subtlety of my arguments and just blasting forth with his "You're wrong argument, which I admit is one of my own personal specialties...but nonetheless, I'm right this time).

Friday, October 08, 2004

On the subjective nature of all things...

Trip does not win! I win!

You're fired!

Now watching: the rerun of the UVa-Clemson game

Since I was forced to watch TV I wouldn't normally bother with tonight I shall riff a little on my television habits and TV in general. First it should be noted that I am not an easy person to watch TV with, as typically I watch about three things at once. I am constantly changing the channel on most things. Back and forth at a speed which gives some people motion sickness. What can I say, I process things fast and enjoy variety.

That means that whenever someone who is slower on the draw with the remote is in control, I am going insane with boredom. Why watch commercials? What's the point, why not see what else is going on...catch up on sports scores, view a few moments of a music video or see if a classic movie moment is on TBS (and they usually are). I want constant input!

Tonight Trip forced me to watch Survivor and The Apprentice, both in the reality TV genre which I tend to stay away from. Trip freely admits he watches these shows because of his love of schedenfreude (which I think I spelled right). While I certainly have the capacity for that feeling, reality TV never evokes it to the degree where I actively pursue it.

Take the Apprentice (please), half the show is in the boardroom with all those business types trying to pass the buck. It's like a scene from high school...he said, no she said, but he didn't do this, but she did that. I've spent most of my life trying to avoid situations like that, why do I want to watch them in my spare time?

After giving up on Trip's ability to discern good TV from bad, I came home and ended up watching Viva La Bam reruns. While I know I would kill someone for any number of the stunts they pull on the show, I do find it entertaining to watch. I guess that actual pain and humiliation do trigger my schedenfreude reflex more than the psychological abuse of The Apprentice.

Anyway, my disillusionment with THUG 2 continues. I really don't like the fact that everything seems so hard to find. Plus all the levels seem so tight, like they crammed in as much crap as they could making it so nothing flows. I am probably gonna trade this in this weekend, barring any new epiphany. I'm thinking I may pick up a role-playing game as I haven't tried one in a while...well that or Mortal Kombat. We'll see.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Boy meets girl

Just watched: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Man that was a great movie. Charlie Kaufman (the guy who wrote it) is something apart from everything else there has ever been. His movies have a way of touching you that you can't explain or ever have expected. Honestly Eternal Sunshine is really an age old story of boy meets girl, boys loses girl, boy gets girl back. The oldest story there ever was, but it gets a completely new face when Kaufman puts his seal on it.

Jim Carrey may have put in his best dramatic performance ever and Kate Winslett was awesome as well.

It's funny how a movie that is really so convoluted can seem so pure. I could ramble on and on about Kaufman's genius and how well Michel Gondry shot the film, but I'll just leave it at Filet Mignon.

Twisted into a knot

Now listening to: The Shins

I haven't felt well for most of the evening and as such haven't done a damn thing. I watched some TV, but honestly the only bit I remember was The Daily Show and Tough Crowd. Nothing else seemed to stick, not that it should.

Since I've finished reading The Order of the Phoenix I haven't been able to find another book to get into. I've tried three so far and none have captured my interest. I suppose the reason why I never give a book below a + 1 chainmail rating here is that I really don't read the crappy ones all that often.

As for the VP debate, I haven't heard anyone claim a definitive winner. In fact, mostly all I've heard was talk about Cheney's lies. I suppose that amounts to a democratic victory, but Edwards looked like a lightweight to me. Of course better a lightweight than a manipulative, lying troll.

My foray into playing the new THUG game has been disappointing. I'm not overly impressed really and think I'll be trading it in sooner rather than later. It's just the same old, same old and honestly I think it's a step down from the last game. I'm going to play it a bit more before giving up on it, but if my opinion doesn't improve I don't know that I'll bother playing to the end, not with so many other good games out right now.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

He's donating his body to science fiction now

Now listening to: Interpol (Antics)

I'm starting this post with a moment of silence for the late, great Rodney Dangerfield, who died today at 82. He was a comedic genius and responsible for some of my favorite movies. So here is too Rodney, who I always respected...

Well I have once again proven that I have no self control. I went to Danville and spent entirely too much money...and Trip bought me dinner! I swear I go into a store and go into neanderthal thought modes....shiny!!! Want!!! and spend cash like I'm big money. I have a horrible head for money management...of course I suppose I'm still better than the president, as I am still working to decrease my deficit while in my own personal economic slump.

Anyway I bought the new Tony Hawk, which is pretty cool so far I suppose, I haven't played much, just schooled Trip a bit. I also picked up the new Interpol album as their first album was really awesome and in a Joy Division kind of mode...and how can I resist that? Having only listened to a coupla songs it's really good.

After my shopping debacle, Trip and I returned to watch the VP debates. I was less than enthusiastic and rightfully so. It was an essay in boredom, with both sides parroting what the presidential candidates said. It was a little bit more personal that the presidential debates, with Chaney and Edwards both attacking each others personal records. If I had to point it, I'd say that Chaney won by a very small margin, he seemed better prepared and substanitive, while Edwards looked flippant and clamped on to the same jargon again and again. Of course this tactic may work, hell it's what won for W. in 2000.

Of course, Trip looked up some online polls afterward and Edwards led them across the board. So who can say what is the final take, clearly I'm not the average American (what with my ability to separate sloganeering from actually having a definitive policy). The Daily Show didn't do a live broadcast afterward, but was really good anyway. Rob Cordury's bit about Kerry not being able to reconcile the difference between what he believes and what the Bush campaign says he believes was excellent.

Anyway I'm off to shred the streets in THUG 2 (Tony Hawk Underground, for the uninitiated).

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Controlled violence

Now listening to: Wilco

Just watched the Chiefs-Ravens game at Trip's and have to say I love watching the Ravens lose. It's just wonderful. The Chiefs' O-Line is so much fun to watch, those guys just punish people. Also Priest Holmes looks awesome with his incredible leap. The Ravens losing means the Steelers are on top of the AFC North, I'm just hoping it stays that way for good. But it's a long season ahead and I'm just hoping we can stay consistent (there I go with the we again, but I really am a part of that team).

I spent the afternoon on the porch reading The Order of the Phoenix again. That is a really good book. There are several things I love about those stories. Ms. Rowling really knows how to make everything readable first and foremost. I mean this last book is forever long, but you can't wait to turn the page and you don't want it to end. That's good writing.

She also knows how to portray children and even adolescents. How for a kid being thought cool is every bit as important as people dying. That's an extreme example, but it is the way kids think. I could cite examples of this I suppose, but this isn't really a dissertation, just my rambling.

I also like that she has strong female characters, I know this is easier for her being a woman, but it's still nice to see. I mean fantasy is rife with women who can hold their own, but how many are honestly the brains in their group? Hermione is clearly the brightest of the crew and puzzles out all the stuff Harry and Ron can't see. Rowling also makes sure to show that always being smart isn't always the easiest thing. Hermione has to take a lot of crap about being smart. I'd say she is the heart of the books, sure Harry is the focal point, but Hermione puts things in perspective for him, gives him his morals and is the guiding hand that keeps the whole story moving at times.

Anyway I'm gonna get back to the book now and maybe try to make up my mind on whether I can afford a new game tomorrow and if so which one to get (the new Mortal Kombat or the new Tony Hawk game.)

Monday, October 04, 2004

You feed me to the lions

Now listening to: Radiohead

Another day of total slack. My back continues to ache, so I decided to not do a damn thing today. I watched most of the Steelers-Bengals game and liked what I saw. Our rookie QB, Ben Roethlisberger, is looking pretty damn good in his second start, hopefully he's only going to get better and become a franchise guy. Also the safety, Troy Polamalu, continues to look better and better. He is a playmaker.

After that I tried to watch the movie Julien Donkey-Boy, but really couldn't get into it's gritty, nonlinear and general avant weirdness. So I switched to Werner Herzog's Cobra Verde, which was pretty good. You have to stand in awe of the sheer magnitude of filming a film like this, it's literally got a cast of thousands. Klaus Kinski does a great job of playing the bandit Cobra Verde, a man who acts without remorse, but manages to capture his loneliness and regret. I can't really recommend this type of german epic to everyone, as it is not an easy movie, but I'm saying it's a cinematic foot massage.

I then spent the rest of the evening flipping around until Adult Swim and finished reading the Goblet of Fire. I am now going to re-read The Order of the Phoenix. I've only read it once, so it isn't quite at the same level of escapism as the rest, of course it's still pretty high. What can I say? I like Harry Potter, I'm a fantasy nerd.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and get applying for jobs out of the way for the week and movie on, so I can enjoy the week without a ton of stress. You'd think being unemployed would be easy, but really it constantly gnaws at your mind.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Everybody knows that I'm a scumbag

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This is gonna be quick as not a lot interesting happened today. I know, I know, you're thinking "how's that different from every other post you've written?" My response is screw you people, my life sucks enough without your constant whining, so let it go. ...ok, glad I got that off my chest.

Anyway after waking with still worse back pain (I feel so damn old complaining about back pain, it's pathetic), I took a hot shower and headed to Trip's to hang with Kev, who stopped in briefly. Fortunuately the hot shower helped loosen up my back and so it wasn't completely unable to hang. Kevin couldn't stay long, so we hung out after he left and Corb showed up and we played Halo again. I have to admit I got annoyed with the shit talk while I was losing. I tend to get overcompetitive when I'm losing and got frustrated. I'm not sure if that competitive nature is a good thing or not. Maybe it's good if I applied it to something that's not a video game.

Anyway Corb eventually left and Trip and I watched The Venture Bros. which is awesome (foot massage) and the new Saturday Night Live (which was ok, nothing special really, Meh.) Now I'm going to fix some soup and get back to the Goblet of Fire.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

stampeding for the clitoris

So my life found two new ways to make everything suck today. For starters I caused an auto accident this afternoon and got a ticket. Don't worry, nobody was hurt (thankfully), but because I looked at my radio and drifted into the other lane, my neighbor and his friend had to swerve off the road and hit a mailbox. This decimated his mirror and window and so I got to spend over an hour today standing by the roadside waiting for a state trooper to come and issue me a ticket. There is also the added bonus of increased insurance rates when that comes around next summer.

The odd thing was that I was totally numb throughout the whole incident. I wasn't shocked or annoyed or anything...just numb. Maybe I'm just starting to expect bad things to happen.

The second way my life sucks is that after all that was done, I went to Trip's and my lower back started to ache in a new and interesting way. So that's fun, back pain and auto accidents, just when I thought I had hit rock bottom the world has a new level of downer. That is to say, everytime I think I'm getting onto life's freeway I end up in a cul de sac. I'm just scared about the next curve I get thrown, what could it be...loss of a limb? Ferrum somehow revokes my degree? I get bitten by a tsetse fly? What can it be?

So yeah, in an effort to not think about the myriad of ways my life is wanting, we played some Burnout 3 and Halo at Trip's and watched Monty Python's Meaning of Life, again. I don't really know that it worked, but what else could I do? Now I think I'm going to reread some Harry Potter, because while he has some issues it all comes out in the end and I need a happy ending at this moment.

Friday, October 01, 2004

When the devil came he was not red

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Well again I intended to post last night, when my internet went down. After a long series of internal cursing I decided to go to bed relatively early. Of course this only meant that I slept longer instead of actually rousing earlier. But it's a good day to sleep, what with the cloudy and all. Also magicalyl my internet was back on, so I don't have to kill anyone at the cable company...yet.

Anyway yesterday I ended up at Trip's and we plunged the depths of automotive madness with Burnout 3, ramming into everything within our grasp. I managed to eke out a come from behind win for the nightly total, but it was never easy (damn you stealer icon!). After that we watched the presidential debate, which I'm glad I did actually.

Initially I was reticent, as I am fed up with the bullshit political crap I've been reading for the last three months. Kerry actually seemed to have a plan for his presidency, rather than rely on the fact that he can't possibly be worse than Bush. It was a pleasant feeling seeing someone with an idea of what needs to be done to get the U.S. back to an international ideal, instead of just being the bully on the block.

Bush seemed flustered throughout the debate and just kept repeating his mantra about mixed messages, flip flopping and "the wrong was, the wrong time, etc." After the debate, Guiliani tried to spin it like Kerry was lecturing, while Bush was appealing to the common man, but that's not how I saw it. Kerry mopped the floor with him. I'm now looking forward to the debate on domestic topics...Bush really has no leg to stand on there.

The Daily Show was fun to watch afterward, especially the bit about how the two campaigns tried to spin the debates beforehand and lower their expectations. Good stuff, I also liked how John Stewart called Guiliani on how Kerry seemed to have it all together while Bush looked bewildered. I'd have to say that the Daily show is the best news show on tv, IMHO.