Friday, June 26, 2009

Been there all the time

I feel like shit, which comes a little surprise. It's my own fault, really, I eat too much shit. Work is kicking my ass and I just flat out tired. That said, I love Dinosaur Jr. The new album Farm is incredible. I recommend it to everyone, everywhere. J. Mascis still shreds the guitar with tasty hooks layered with shoegaze vocals and Lou Barlow brings it all to a a nice froth. Wonderful. They are this strange combination of sorrow and joy that finds a way to matter to you no matter what type of day you are having.

I'm currently watching's footage of them playing live and it's spectacular. Low fi heroes now and always. Couple that with the excellence of the new Sonic Youth album and you've almost got a 90s grunge revival. Although to be fair, Sonic Youth has been recording relavent stuff continously since the 80s. The same could be said of Lou Barlow too, so I guess it's a moot point.

I also listened to the new Dirty Projectors' album Bitte Orca and it's got some good moments, but it's odd. I like listening to it, but I'd have a hard time explaining the sound or why it sounds good to me. It's odd, but worth giving a shot.

Anyway, I'll stop jizzing all over those bands for now since the odds of anyone reading this and caring are minimal.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busting makes me feel good

Been keeping a low profile. Haven't much felt like posting, but thought I might break my silence for another of my dull ass posts. Not a lot going on. I finished The Razor's Edge by W. Somerset Maughm. It's very good, although it does talk a bit too much about the Parisian high society and who does what there. It can get a little thick, but still worthwhile.

I'm now trying to finish Singularity Sky by Charles Stross and, so far, it's my least favorite of his books. It's got some cool ideas, but seems to meander about a lot. Also I don't care for the characters, mostly. I still dig Stross overall, but this is kinda blah.

I also finished the new Ghostbusters game today and it's lots of fun. It really feels like the Ghostbusters, which is awesome. They got all of the original cast (minus Rick Moranis and Sigorney Weaver) and that makes the game. It's not perfect, there are some glitches and some of it's just fan service and it's really short. I beat it in three nights more or less. Still definitely a fun time.

I suppose that's all. Ready for another mind numbing work week.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The collar of shame

A few quick notes. Saw Up tonight and it was marvelous. Had a really sweet thread running throughout and I recommend it for young and old alike. There was also a Pixar short called Partly Cloudy, I think, that I may have liked more than the actual movie. We saw these in 3D and while I like 3D somewhat, I may be getting over it. It's more expensive, I gotta wear uncomfortable glasses over my regular glasses and my eyes water. Ehh.

Had lunch with Jill today, which I nearly slept through despite my best efforts. It turns out you have to set your alarm for 11:30 am to get up for lunch at 1pm. I'm a dolt sometimes. After I dropped her off back at work I got a haircut and then went to the library and spent about an hour and a half there reading.

I really love the library except for the damn people. Of course, I suppose I find most things more bearable with fewer people. But there are some really obnoxious library patrons in Martinsville. For example: the chronic cougher/hawker, the I have an objectionable ringtone and refuse to answer my phone in a timely manner despite being in a library, the elderly meanderers who talk loudly amoungst themselves and, as always, loathsome unwatched children who behave as if they are at the circus. These are a few of my least favorite things.

Now it is time for bed. Hopefully I'll be hanging with the Plasters once again, although it is contingent on their schedule being open. No guarantees there, but what can you do?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tremendous Dynamite

Saw The Hangover tonight and it is damn funny. I was laughing my ass off the whole damn time. So good. I won't get into details, because that can spoil the funny, but it's awesome. So good. Tomorrow Trip and I will be going to see Up, so here's hoping that's as good. Decidedly different, but good.

Last night I completed my run through the Star Trek movies and all in all I'm glad I did it. I'd say avoid Star Trek Insurrection at all costs, but Nemesis was decent. Not great, but decent. I'd definitely say I liked the old school ones more than The Next Generation films. I'm now debating whether or not to go through the tv series. May take a break and think about it first. I've still got plenty of stuff to watch, so no rush.

Speaking of things to watch I went to Brewers Movie Club tonight and bought a bunch of DVDs as they are closing for good and everything was $3. So I picked up some stuff. Just thought I'd mention it, since some of my readers are Brewers alums. The guys who did absolutely nothing, got paid for it and got free movie rentals on top of it.

I also started watching the Trueblood series, which is pretty good so far. I definitely do not mind watching Anna Paquin. Lovely. Oh and the new Eels album, Hombre Lobo is quite good. Also picked up Brian Eno's Neroli album at Amazon's MP3 site for a buck. It's one track, 57 minutes long and very relaxing. Something nice to go to sleep to. I recommend it.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Just small things

Yeah, I'm glad the work week is done. It's been a bitch this week. Actually, it hasn't been that bad, but lots of little bullshit added up into a crappy week. Work moved very slowly and I was bored a lot. The book I was reading, Palahniuk's Pygmy was just not as good as I hoped it would be. The Penguins went down 0-2 in the Stanley Cup finals (don't get me started, I loathe the Red Wings with every fiber of my being) and Lebron was knocked out of the NBA playoffs.

Yeah, I'm a Celtics fan, but if Boston can't win then I was rooting for the Cavs because you can't hate on Lebron. Also the Lakers are in the final and probably going to win, which means I have to hear Mike crow about it. Anyway, that's a lot more NBA talk than I wanted to get into.

The week kinda started bad, with me seeing Terminator Salvation. It wasn't good. I mean it had some pretty effects, but it was written for the brain dead. I'm not one of those, so it annoyed me. I would recommend you avoid this movie unless you are drunk or want to shout at the screen with your friends in a MST3K fashion.

After work I settled in with a couple of Tecates (Hellboy's favorite beer) and played the new Wolverine movie game. It's actually decent. I had some fun slashing people to death. Kinda cathartic. Just what I needed to get all that vitriol out of my system. Ok, not all the vitriol. It runs pretty deep in my bitter heart. But definitely worth the effort.