Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacay update

My vacation is winding down, only two days left and then back to the mindnumbing grind. But it's been pretty good so far.Went on a G-boro trip and had a decent time, although I learned to avoid Steak and Shake. (Highlights of that lesson included a super-slow wait staff, mediocre food and a waitress with a bubble butt and eyepatch.)

The highlight was get together at Mike's parents mountain place. Nick, Abby, Adam, Mike, Shannon and myself hung out, got bombed and had a delicious picnic with Kenny, Reba and Greg. Good times. I do admit that Saturday I was in total exhausted/grumpy mode. Tried to keep a stiff upper lip but after two full days of drinking and four hours of sleep on a sofa I was not feeling my best. Still was great to see everyone and it sucks I don't see those people all the time. (Which Abby will point out is partly my fault.)

Sunday I spent recovering, more or less and I also watched a bunch of Friday Night Lights, season 1 episodes. That is a really good show and feeds into my football jones just perfectly. I'll keep you posted on how I progress with the series.

Today I went to see the new Harry Potter movie with Jill. Due to some really bad planning on my part we had like 15 minutes to eat before the movie, but still had a good time. I enjoyed the movie, it didn't feel as hacked together as Goblet of Fire. Not perfect, but it's never gonna be when you've got that much iconic material to try to cram into a two hour movie (or a nearly three hour movie in this case).

Debating what I should do tomorrow. Thinking of maybe going to G-boro again, but probably shouldn't. I'll spend too much money, but my alternative may be doing very little in Martinsville. I dunno. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've a mind to eat you whole my friend

Vacation. It's upon me. Honestly I haven't been anticipating this once a ton. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to not have to work, but my plans aren't exceptional. Still it'll be good to hang with everyone. That's always a good time. Still, I think I'm concerned about not being able to fill up the time this week and boring myself by doing the same shit I always do. But we'll see.

Today, the first day of vacation, I arose at my normal time and went out to get a bunch of errands accomplished. Got my oil changed, haircut, etc. I meant to go by the library, but didn't. Maybe tomorrow. Although I may try to do some cleaning around here. My room is a catastrophe and my car needs some attention as well.

Currently I'm watching last season's AFC Championship Game and I love it. I'm getting that football itch again and it's nice watching Pittsburgh doing it up against the hated Ravens. Also doesn't hurt that the Techmo Lucky Breaks League site has opened for business. Just 10 days away from training camps too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rear Naked Choke

I know it's been a coupla weeks but I've been working nonstop and feeling pretty forlorn on top of it. So the updating suffered as such. I'm only dropping this tidbit so you guys don't think I've given it up entirely. So here are a few quick notes:

  • Dinosaur Jr. is still dominating my listening. Ocean In The Way is my favorite song so far this year.
  • I'm reading Musicophilia by Oliver Sachs and it's interesting. It's a neurologist reporting what he's found about how music influences the brain. Same guy who wrote Awakenings.
  • I'm jealous of Trip's iPhone. I'm so offput I was forced to pummel him senseless in UFC Unleashed last night.
  • Tokyo Gore Police is a strange and wonderful film I would recommend to anyone not concerned with plot and in search of something bizarre that they haven't seen before.
  • Fantasy football season is almost upon us and the mechanisms of the Techmo Lucky Breaks League are grinding into gear. It's a glorious time.
That's it. I'm going to bed. I may update again once I survive through to Monday when my vacation begins. Going to slack off, see some friends and possibly drinks some beers. Looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!

Had a really good day yesterday. It started off a little rocky, under four hours of sleep. But I refused to let it drag me down. Trip and I rolled up to the Noke for the day. Did a little light shopping, which of course means I spent a shit ton of money. But I needed some new shirts and a Big Lebowski DVD and a BPRD comic book... Ok fine, I'm an impulse buyer, sue me. I also nearly bought some sweet Steelers mesh shorts to work out in (aka lounge my fat ass on the couch), but decided against it. Maybe in a week or two I'll go back.

What really set the day apart was going to Awful Arthur's. I'd been there before, but had not enjoyed it as much as I did today. I devoured a variety of sea dwelling creatures including oysters, calamari and crabs. It was so good, and reasonably priced. It was cheaper that Red Lobster and exponentially better. I also had a tasty beer or three. They have their own brewery and the Sunshine White Ale is delish. Goes down good while cracking crab.

Anyway once I returned home I watched The Big Lebowski again and damn it's funny. So many great lines just fly by. Love it. I also watched Season 2 of the IT Crowd, a quirky British comedy show that I dig a lot. It's about a group of misfit I.T. workers and hilarity ensues.

So yeah, I'm feeling good at the moment. It's nice since I've been awash in depression for the last coupla weeks. I also get to play social again tomorrow as Trip and I are treking to the Plaster residence for an evening of pizza and discourse. Should be fun. It's nice feeling like I have friends from time to time. It'll be short lived, tho as the next few weeks are looking to be work only weeks. But there is a vacation on the horizon. I'm trying to be upbeat, it's not a natural tendency so I have to keep fighting back my inherent negativity.