Wednesday, December 31, 2003

No rules in the animal kingdom

Well the party has finally rolled to a close as Mike returned to NYC today and I returned to work. It wasn't too bad, although work was a little dull. Had a decent dinner with Trip and hopefully tomorrow will be a cool New Year's Eve thing at his crib. I'm hoping to get out of doing much work. I have a column idea I'm going to work on so I don't have to actually chase down a story.

Monday night was cool. We returned to Greensboro for some more poker action. Nick took us to his his friend Brandon's place and we got our game on. Nice place, he got a nice poker table for X-mas and we had nine players to fill it. I made quite a run to start things off and was probably up $40 bucks an hour in. Then I got a little conservative and started to have my winnings chiselled away. I ended up up $24, making my winnings for the weeked $44. Not a bad haul for a novice poker player. I know have to win some money back from trip so I can get totally into the black and have him stop lording it over me.

After work I went to Wal-Mart and spent too much money. Never shop's bad. I did get the Lord of the Rings Risk game that looks pretty cool. I'm off.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Fish heads, fish heads

Now watching: Newlyweds (cut me some slack, she's hot)
Soundtrack to the weekend: The Darkness

So It's been a whirlwind of a weekend. Lots of drinking and having a good time. Saturday night I went to Greensboro with Mike, his girl Shannon, Greg and Mike's roommate Christian, we had an awesome time. Met Nick and Abby down there and hit a couple of bars and actually talked and laughed. Much better than the usual bar hopping until we end up at a club where chatting is impossible.

Sunday we all played poker at Nick's and that kicked ass. I doubled my money, taking home $40. It was pretty sweet. Nick made over $50 (I'm jealous) but I'm pretty pleased with my results. Much better than last time I played. I'm tentatively scheduled to play again tonight, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen.

Anyway I don't really feel like writing much now. I'm still recovering.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

I believe in a thing called love

Now listening to: The Darkness

Well Im a little drunk and eating a granola bar. Mmm granola. Went out drinking in Roanoke and had a really good time. Lots of attractive women out, not that it did me any good. Drinking wise I stayed on the top shelf and feel better for it. Honestly if you buy cheap liquor, you end up paying for it the next day. The good stuff is worth it.

It was cool to hang out with Adam, Mike and Greg. We had a good time and I'm definitely glad Greg was driving, we got pulled on the way home because Mike had to stop and pee. The cop saw us and stopped us. Greg had taken the time to sober up before driving and we didn't get a ticket. Sweet relief.

This morning I was forced to get up early and take a photo for work, it sucked. After that I came home and slept late then proceeded to watch the World Poker Tour all day. I love that sort of thing. I enjoyed watching Devil Fish Ulliot winning, he's got style you've got to give him that.

I think I have a poker game set up on Sunday. The gang seems interested and I'm always down for some action. Hopefully I can bounce back from my last ignominous defeat.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Beyond the nog

Now: bored out of my skull at work

Well it's another X-mas at the Bulletin. Woo. I managed to power out my pages for tonight already and am now surfing along the internet wishing I could just go home.

I've been pretty lax on my posting this week. I've been a little busy with the holidays and whatnot, people coming in, shopping and work. Plus let's not forget I'm incredibly lazy.

I finished reading Christopher Moore's Coyote Blue last night. It was ok, but not exceptional. I have now went back to The Buddha of Suburbia once again. It's slow going. I also borrowed The Minotaur takes a cigarette break from Kevin and am hoping it's good.

Last night Mike forced me to hit the Dutch Inn. It was the first time I'd been there since they remodeled after the fire and it's a pretty nice set up. Too bad they couldn't change the normal clientele to something more upscale. It was karaoke night and that was annoying. I got pretty bored but enjoyed checking out the attractive women (all three of them).

Still trying to get a poker game going, but not sure about my chances.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Call me beardy

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Well it's been an odd weekend. Friday night i was aiming to go to the basketball game and get to trip's relatively early for some poker action. Of course, the game was uncooperative and went into double overtime. I should have taken that as a hint of how my luck was gonna be, as I went on to lose my ass off to Trip in poker.

Saturday work was pretty decent. I managed to do very little and it went fairly quick, a nice change. I also watched dumb and dumberer on Sat. Not as bad as i thought it would be, but not great either.

Today I slacked off for most of the day and then went to see the new farrelly bros. movie stuck on you. it was ok, nothing special. Trip didn't think it was mean-spirited enough, which is amusing to me. After dinner I came home, watched a little tv and then played some fire emblem and some Final Fantasy VII.

Oh, due to my not having shaved in several days I'm gonna try and grow a beard. Why not? I'll get that rugged vibe going. Oh yeah.

Friday, December 19, 2003

ESP — it's a jellyroll

Now watching: SNL reruns

Well I am absolutely giddy. I got my cool new poker chips in the mail and all is well. I'm scheduled to hook up with trip and danny later and get some hold 'em action on. Woo. If only that basketball game wasn't there to slow me down. Oh well.

The title of this post is taken from Doyle Brunson's Super System, a book on poker written in the 70s and considered by many to be poker's bible. ANyway Brunson is a World Series of Poker champ, who practically helped invent the modern game. As he grew up in the steamy underbelly of Texas gambling, he has a particular vocabulary that amuses me. I'm now intent on working the term "jellyroll" into my every day usage.

I fell asleep on my arm

Now listening to: The Aquabats

So while trip and I were debating the relative significance of LOTR vs. Star Wars, we passingly mentioned movies that are better than both, which naturally made me start thinking in terms of a list of my all-time fav. movies. This is a tough list, but here I go:

5) High Fidelity- Well this movie has everything I want. Hot women, John Cusack playing his typical semi-nerdy good guy, Jack Black and really, really awesome music. How I'd love to own a record store. Did I mention that Nick Hornby wrote the book it was based on? Well he did and it was awesome too.

4) Natural Born Killers- I know this movie gets a lot of flack for being over the top, but really that was the whole point. Mindless violence, carnage and an in-your-face presentation. So many different types of film used, animation mixed into the regular footage with no rhyme or reason and a soundtrack put together by Trent Reznor for a total assault on the senses.

3) Royal Tenenbaums- this Wes Anderson movie is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's just what I want from a movie. It's not really overly exciting and really aside from the impeccable suicide scene not a lot really goes on. It's all understated. It's like a Salinger story pumped up a notch, with wonderful set designs.

2) Caddyshack- The single most funny movie ever. It has genius after genius in the movie. Bill Murray the funniest person to ever walk the earth. Chevy Chase, when his schtick wasn't played out. Rodney Dangerfield, who you can't help but laugh at and then you add his off color comments oh man. Let's not forget Ted Knight as Judge Smails...oh man is he funny.

1) Fight Club- This movie was a complete surprise and simply awesome. It has everything, a snarky sense of humor, incredibly violent scenes and a premise that won't quit. I can't explain how wonderful it is. It's the quintessential male movie. A touch of twisted romance makes it a little softer, but only a tad. Oh and the ending of exploding building set to the Pixies' Where is my made me feel warm all over. And so it tops the rankings.

Other notables that just didn't make the list: Mallrats, Reservoir Dogs, Animal House, Empire Strikes Back, You've got Mail, Billy Madison, The Matrix, The Seven Samurai, Any of the LOTR movies, Swingers...I could go on all day. I think that's enough.

The tube is civilization

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So today was fun, I got up (relatively) early and caught the early matinee of The Return of the King. It was everything I hoped it'd be. I honestly now rank that trilogy above the original Star Wars movies. That's right I said it. Trip disagrees, but I think it's merely his bias against fantasy comign into play. Well that and some serious nostalgia.

But point in fact, each of the Lord of the Rings movies was a masterpiece, with them getting better with each one. On the other hand, Stars Wars peaked in the middle and The Return of the Jedi was a little lackluster. My hatred of Ewoks is well documented. Trip's argument that the Hobbits were as useless as the Ewoks simply doesn't hold water. The hobbits stay in character, weak, but nimble with hearts like lions, while Ewoks somehow overcome the Imperial Shock Troops guarding the shield protecting the Death Star (a project that is more than a little important to the Empire as they've built two).

Also the story represents the ability of the little guy to come through despite his shortcomings. I know you'll say that the ewoks could represent the same thing, but no it doesn't make sense. The hobbits were capable of the same level of thought as everyone else, while the ewoks were a primitive culture of teddy bears still in the stone age.

Moving along, I am now relaxing, sipping some single malt scotch on the rocks. It's ok...the more I drink the better it gets, but I'm not quite converted into a scotch drinker. I've heard from a reliable source that it can make you belligerent, which makes sense when you consider the Scots reputation for fighting.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

I met my baby in the darkness of the night

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Today was a nice laid back day. Got up late, watched Winged Migration, which was very good. Lovely scenery with beautiful birds flying through it. The only part that sucked was the scene where the baby penguin was attacked by skuas and the parents couldn't protect it. Sad. I'm not one to advocate any sort of violence against Penguins (my spirit animal).

Anyway work was pretty decent, watched a pretty good basketball game and wrote a pretty decent story. So I came home and have been fooling around online since then. Checking out Gamespy's best of 2003 stuff. I can't believe that Wario Ware is a better game than Final Fantasy Tactics, but whatever.

I think I am coming down with something. My throat has been scratchy for the last couple of days and I fear it's a sign of things to come. I've been drinking loads of fluids to hopefully try and flush out my system and stay hydrated to forstall the illness. That's right, I'm trying to drown the motherfucker. Die germs, die. (That's "the germs, the" in german)

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Adrift in blase behavior

I didn't really do much today, slept in later than I would have liked and then watched tv. Of course, work was less than fun, but it wasn't too bad. Just one of those days, nothing exceptional. Now I'm not quite sure how I want to spend my few remaining hours of conciousness. Video game? Book? Hmm.

I watched Sex y Lucia last night, which was pretty good. Nice story and very sexy. Why is it that all the good sexy movies I'm seeing are all foreign movies? Is this a statement on the flagging american libido? Or is it simply our puritanical roots showing...hard to say.

I started reading the Buddha of Suburbia, but it hasn't really grabbed me yet and I haven't really put much time into trying to get it. I'm just not in the mood for it right now, maybe.

Monday, December 15, 2003

More's the pity

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Well today has passed and I succeeded in doing nothing not involving my sofa. Woo. I watched lots of football, some fine Fox programming and Pirates of the Caribbean. After two days of total slackness I now have a really great look. It's my derelict chic to the nth degree. My wonderfully warm bedroom slippers, black gym shorts, gray hooded sweatshirt, black stocking cap not completely on my head (i.e. plenty of goofy looking material flopping on top) and 3-4 days of beard growth. Also the lack of bathing has left me with a nice musty odor. Lady killer, oh yeah.

I had a two glasses of wine with dinner (a nice chianti, 2000) and now I have a slight headache. What happened to the good old days where full nights of drinking didn't leave me with this much of a hangover. A little water before bed and all was well. Now a little wine=headache.

I also put a little time into reading "Jakarta inside out" one of the books vishi sent me. It's pretty good, it makes me want to go there and see it. It also has a nice even feel, covering both the good (partying and cheap cost of living) and bad (man-girls and slums). I'll probably finish it up tomorrow.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Lazy days

Now watching: Cowboys at Redskins

So I've been slacking off again today, although at least football is on. I watched the Colts kick the crap out of the Falcons and now I'm actively rooting for the did this happen? I also watched the last few minutes of the men's soccer national championship, where Indiana held on to a 2-1 victory over St. John's in the snow. What is it about snow that makes everything more interesting? It's so cinematic.

It's been kinda fun being totally lazy the last two days. I'll admit I got a bit bored yesterday, but these stress-free days will make next week much easier to bear.

Ice storm and cognac

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Well it has been a pretty dull day. The weather did in fact put the kibosh on my Mephistmas gathering, so I ended up sitting around the house all day. I watched some of the Aquabats DVD Jeff got me and it was pretty damn cool. I also watched the final few episodes of Futurama with commentary.

After all that excitement I needed a nap and so I took one for a while. After that I watched Pappillon. It's a movie about a guy's escape from Devil's Island, all the failed attempts and his years spent in solitary confinement. It did a good job of conveying that sense of imprisonment and suffering, as it seemed to last for-fucking-ever. It was two and a half hours of grueling entertainment, not bad just waaaaay too long. And once I start a movie like that I have to finish, it's just how I am.

Anyway after that marathon, I flipped around until SNL came on, it was ok. Nothing exceptional. Now I am surfing the web, sipping cognac and wishing I had something else important to do. Maybe I'll do some reading in a moment or play Gladius. Yes Gladius sounds nice. I'll kick some gladiator ass. Man I need a life.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Pictures of you

Now watching:Celebrity Poker...again

Well it's the weekend and I'm very happy to be off work for a change. Yesterday I spent most of the day lying around and then went to a basketball game. After that, a visit to Trip's where we watched some episodes of the Tick, which were pretty funny.

I then came home and watched Rounders, which was good. I don't really have much else to say. Songbook continues to be interesting, although really it should come with a cd of the songs he's talking about. Some are kinda obscure and where would you find them?

Anyway today the plan is to slack off for while then head to Kevin's for a X-mas gathering. But that only happens if the weather is likely to cooperate. At this point, that is heavily in question.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Stella Marie, you're my star

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Watched earlier: Whale rider

I've been very emotional lately. Not so anyone would notice it really, I'm pretty good at putting those thoughts away in public most of the time, but the holidays alway do this to me. When I'm having a shitty time, I'm thinking about how it's the holidays and you're supposed to be happy and my life isn't meeting those expectations. So I get even more depressed and it's a downward spiral. When I'm having a good time, it seems really good because those expectations are being met and for once I am fulfilled.

But I've also been thinking a lot about how I feel about things in my life for some reason. Usually I just chug along and only later realize my real motivations behind things, but lately I've been pretty cognizant of what I'm doing on an emotional level or, more importantly, what I'm not doing. That sounds weird to say, I know, as a lot of people are ruled by their emotions. I tend not to pay attention to them at all. Never really felt that they mattered, especially not to anyone else, so why bring them up? Anyway I'm hoping that this indicates some new awakening, where I can move on with my life and change this status quo I'm stuck in. As I've said, I'm ready to be an adult now, or at least closer to one than I've ever been before.

Completely changing gears away from my new age-y chatter, I've noticed that I have a ton of reading material lately, that is exceptional. Now I can always find stuff to read, I'm just good at finding it and even if I don't find something new, I'll re-read something good that merits more attention. (I've been meaning to re-read Catch-22 for a while but haven't found the time.) But today I got a couple of books from Vishalini, my beautiful friend currently residing in Jakarta. That's a couple more books I know are good stacked on top of my ever growing pile.

I'll never understand people who don't read, I find it hard to relate to them. I don't expect everyone to read as much as I do (I know some people have lives), but to not read at all boggles my mind. it gives a doorway into other peoples lives, a way to learn about things you'll never have any way to experience. The only people I can forgive for not reading are the ones who are too busy actually doing things and living life to read about it. My friend Dana is the only person I know who really fits this bill. So to all you illiterate fucks out there: CRACK A BOOK!

Thursday, December 11, 2003

A weirdo in a peacoat

Now listening to: Nettwork

Well since my last post, around five hours ago, I have finished positively fifth street and I just dropped a wad of money at (Hehe, wad) I got a sweet new peacoat and a coupla t-shirts.

The book was excellent, although the ending was a bit anticlimactic. Still, it is definitely the best book I've read about poker (being the only one I've read from start to finish). That will soon change, however. It has a really sweet bibliography and recommendations on which books are the best. Of course, I still need to get a poker game going if any of that reading is going to be necessary.

Up next in my literary endeavors is Nick Hornby's songbook, which I got the other day. It's a simple collection of essays on some of his favorite songs. It sounds kind of dull, but Hornby has a way of making things sing. I am also going to be perusing Phil "The Brat" Hellmuth's Play Poker like the Pros. Although with a somewhat lessened vigor until I can get the game up.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

All sons have physics jokes

Now watching: Eddie Izzard's DVD

Well today was slightly less substandard than I imagined, although the weather continued to suck balls all day. My basketball game was cancelled or something and so I escaped unscathed from the dreaded work thing. Corb, Jeff, Trip and I had a pretty decent dinner, although Corb was a little late. Jeffy got me an Aquabats DVD that kicks ass. Trip got me some cool knick knacks although my main gift is still on order.

I think my gifts went over well, although Jeff was underwhelmed by the Biscuit's Christmas children's book I got him. Oh well.

Mr. Izzard is funny as always. You have to love his rambling comedic style. I can relate to it...well the rambling anyway.

Take this job and shove it

Still reading: Positively fifth street

Well it's a cold, rainy Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday was quite annoying, work pissed me off. I also managed ot stay completely busy from around 1 p.m. until 10 p.m. I much prefer my two-three hours of down time in the afternoons. Once again work will be truncating that time some as I have to go take a team photo.

I did manage to take care of the final points in my X-mas shopping and Trip, Corb, Jeff and myself may be exchanging gifts this evening at dinner. Hopefully I'll have plenty of time to enjoy it before my god-forsaken basketball game.

Last night after work I went to Trip's and watched Queer Eye with he and Jeff. I thne came home and watched Celebrity Poker and then played Fire Emblem until the batteries on my GA gave way. I then switched to Positively fifth street, which is a little uneven. Lots of digressions that bounce between entertaining to pedantic. But the meat of the book is quite good. I suppose I'm not off to do some more reading actually. I would watch Pappillon, but don't really have the time.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Near-Artic escapades

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Well I managed to get up, drive to Roanoke and get most of my x-mas shopping done before going to the game tonight. Despite my best efforts to avoid the big crowds, people were out in droves on a Monday afternoon. Man I hate the holidays, I just want all those morons to crawl back into whatever hole spit them out.

It was a decent day for a drive if you don't have a ratty ass top, unfortunately I do. The drive up was actually pleasant, on the way back I froze. I even got a new scarf and stocking cap and it was still cold. Actually I bought two new stocking hats, because I found them relatively cheap and they were cool. I almost bought an Old Dirty Bastard product. But it fit terribly and cost $15, but cmon ODB headgear, awesome!

The reason I was buying new hats was that I lost my old favorite one and hate cold ears. Of course after buying two new hats, I found my old's the law of the west.

It was pretty damn cold at the game. It wasn't a bad game, but not a particularly good one either. At least we lost, I am tired of juggling football and basketball. I've had enough. I think I'm gonna head out and try to get in a little Gladius before bed (I bought a used copy today) or maybe I'll read Positively Fifth Street (it keeps getting better)...hmm. So much entertainment, so little time.

Monday, December 08, 2003

All or nothing

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Now reading: James McManus (Positively Fifth Street)
Now playing: Fire Emblem

Well it's been a pretty slack day. I've sat around watching TV all day, playing Fire Emblem and eating far more than I should have. But it's been really pleasant. The Steelers won, Fire Emblem kicks ass and I watched Scooby-Doo, the movie and it wasn't bad. Very relaxing after a busy week.

Tomorrow I have to go to Roanoke for the football game (it was postponed until then obviously). It's going to be a long drive. I expect to be very cold, but what can I do? I am planning on doing some x-mas shopping. Hopefully I'll be able to find Trip something that doesn't suck. Hopefully I won't manage to spend too much money tomorrow. I also have a nice meal at Red Palace penciled in, although I'm not sure I'll be there during the buffet hours...which blows if that's true...maybe I should get up early.

Tonight I've been prowling around the usual gaming websites I visit and a couple have started doing their game ofthe year balloting. So I've been thinking about the games I've played this year and which I liked the best. My top five are:

5) Tony Hawk Underground- Another excellent Hawk product that probably would have been even higher on this list if I hadn't of played so much of TH4. Plus without Gabe around to try and take down, why bother?

4) Soul Caliber 2- If the one player game had of lasted longer this could have been the game of the year. Well put together and loads of fun, now if I could just find some competition. He he.

3) Virtua Fighter:Evolution- Just a shade better than SC2. I think I like the technical aspects of this more than the button mashing of SC2. I found it hard to really focus on this since I spent so much time with VF4. Plus nobody else I know plays it, which blows.

2) Knights of the Old Republic- This game is awesome. I couldn't stop playing it until I hit the wall at the end. I still intend to go through and play the dark side. The best thing to have the Star Wars name since Empire.

1) Final Fantasy Tactics Advance- I loved the PS1 original and the sequel was just as good. This game really sold me on the GBA and hell, it forced me to get a GBA SP. Any game that makes me buy a new system has to be awesome. Plus I really dug the job system, I'm a fan.

Other notables for the year: Crimson Skies, Simpsons: Hit and Run, NCAA 2004 College Football, Warcraft 3 (I think that was this year) and Gladius (which I've still got to play through).

Saturday, December 06, 2003

White powder from the sky

Now listening to: Grandaddy (Sumday)

Well I took a day off from the blogging. It was the damn snow that threw me off my schedule. So much crappy weather, so much moisture in my car.

Yesterday, after an abbreviated workday, I went to Trip's and stayed the night. I probably could have made it home ok, but we hung out and it was ok. Played a little poker for a while. Then this morning when Trip had to go to work I came home and slept some more. I'm so slack. I did end up goign to work and getting a story done. Found out my basketball game was cancelled and the football game postponed until Sun. So tomorrow should be considerably less stressful.

Tonight Trip and I hit Danville for some light shopping and dinner. Had a decent time, although I was a little annoyed that EB games didn't have Gladius for Xbox. I got Fire Emblem for the GBA, but haven't even opened it yet.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Until we make it to F-83

Now listening to: Clutch

So it's been a weird day and there is winter weather on the way. That means a low grade panic in this area. It also throws a huge monkey wrench in my schedule. I'd just as soon get all this stupid preview crap I have to do out of the way. Plus I don't want that football game postponed. I want it over.

After work I hit trip's and we goofed off for a while. He downloaded this ipoker program that's pretty cool. Although it is showing me I have little affinity for seven card stud to be sure. I suck.

I think now I'm gonna do some reading. I'm getting sick of being beaten by the computer in stud. It's annoying.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Poor man's plight

Now Listening to: Guided by Voices (Propeller)

What a day. Work is a trial. It seems everytime I get a shot at things lightening up, somehow they are made harder. Artificial deadlines that are really stupid. I got to do the lionshare of the layout tonight so my boss could go to a basketball game. Woo, I'm doing someone else's work. Also because Joe wants to go home for the weekend I get to work a 12 hour day Saturday, including driving my shitty car to Roanoke and back for a football game...thanks for nothing.

It just feels like I'm the one who always has to make the sacrifice and do the extra work. That would be fine if I were the editor and getting paid for it, but as it stands I'm not. I make shit and apparently that allows them to treat me like shit. I'm nearing the end of my nice guy tether. After that I go into just doing barely enough to get by and fuck you if you need a favor.

I want a new video game, but don't want to pay a ton for it. Plus there isn't a whole helluva lot I'm interested in at this point. I'm still considering getting Gladius, but I want to trade for it. I dunno, I should be saving money. I also want to get some nice poker chips, but they aren't cheap and I may have to sacrifice some other stuff if I want to get them. Oh, did I mention it's getting ridiculously cold and my top is still shitty? There is always that. Arrgghh!

Positively fifth street

Now listening to: Embrace

Well I hada pretty good night tonight. Went down to Nick's and played poker for actual cash for the first time in my life. It was pretty fun and I made $15. I took a big hand late in the game from Nick's brother in law (who had been leading the whole time) and got into some real money. I'm hoping I can find some people to play on the regular. We'll see about that tho. I'm currently searchign the web for a deal on some good poker chips, but they are more expensive than I would have thought.

Not much to say otherwise really. This new Embrace CD that came today is pretty damn sweet. The Rites of Spring album is not bad, but so far the Embrace is better.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Dance of Days

Now listening to: Rites of Spring (End on End) and Embrace

Well I am officially hung over. Mike and I went to G-Boro again last night to watch the game, hang with Nick and drink a few beers. The game was dull (Who cares about the Bucs/Jags?) and so eventually we started playing Golden Tee golf. I somehow managed to win...not sure how. Nick bailed and Mike and I decided to see what else we could find. Two bars later we were at Rainbow night at the Sky Bar. Whooo. reminded me of my college days at the Park on weekends. Good times.

Anyway I kept drinking well beyond when I should have stopped and feel like butt now. An ill-advised trip to the Waffle House also made for a horrible feeling this morning.

Gabe and Kelly (my brother and his wife) sent Mom and myself a birthday package, which was a nice surprise. I need to email G.

Haven't decided what I'm gonna go today. I'm supposed to head to G-Boro later for dinner with the crew (supplied by Nick's wife), but I may not feel well enough. Dunno. Maybe I'll chill around here and try to find some game I want to get into or I could watch a movie or read. Or I could just lie around and suffer quietly...hmm. Decisions, decisions.