Friday, April 30, 2004

All Shaq-fued up

Now listening to: my loudass air conditioner

Well today was pretty sweet. Got to work early, worked for a couple of hours, chugging out a coupla stories and then left for the day. Nice. Trip and I jaunted to Danville, where we did some shopping. I managed to resist the allure of City of Heroes for the moment. I have to beat Diablo 2 before I am gonna buy a new game. It's a must do. But City of Heroes does look sweet, I like the super hero vibe, too. But it has to wait.

I did get some new clothes and some new sandals. Whoo sandals. Not hippy sandals, more like soccer player sandals, really. I got a coupla cheap new hats, which is always good. I also hit the grocery store on the way home for some snacks and beverages. I got the new golden Oreos, while not as addictive as the original (or their double stuff variant - my personal fav.) they are pretty good.

Hoping for another slack day tomorrow, just have to cover a baseball game. Hoping for good weather (i.e. not bonechilling winds and cold) and a pitchers duel. After that I plan to drink a few beers (or maybe get some scotch to sip) and chilling out at Trip's.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Fuck the champagne, we want gin

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It was cold as a bastard tonight at the baseball game. I got to cover my alba mater and watch them lose a 10-9 game despite a rousing comeback. You know covering college sports is pretty sweet, but man do I suck at baseball. I have no idea how to write about it and make it even the least bit interesting. It's definitely a weak spot for me, I suppose it doesn't help that I tend to be bored by the games and lose focus.

But it was cool hanging with Gary, my old boss at Ferrum. He's a good guy and we clowned around all night. Plus Scoop was there, a sports writer that covers Ferrum. He's funny is a weird way, kinda off kilter, but a good guy. Just keep your hands away from his mouth when he eats. It's scary. He looks like a fuckin weedeater.

Tomorrow will be another long night, as I'm hitting the soccer beat again. I'm hoping it warms up some, I don't feel like freezing my nuts off again. The girls game should be interesting, but the boys game will be a foregone conclusion.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Growing and expanding or maintaining the status quo

Now listening to: Fugazi (live)

Finally saw Kill Bill 2 today, it was pretty good. The first was a little better I think, more action. This one was a little indulgent on Tarantino's part. He seemed to embrace the excessive with this movie, particularly when it came to face and feet shots. Plus some of his lines are a little odd and off beat, sometimes working and sometimes not. But all in all it was well done, the training sequences were nice, although I would have liked more of them.

I got my live Fugazi stuff in the mail today, which was really quick. They have a couple of nice little handwritten notes, which I thought was a nice personal touch. Plus so far these things have rocked. Thier first show could have been recorded better, but how can you fault them for production on thier first ever show? Fugazi is one of the best bands of all time, plain and simple.

I've been thinking about this blog a bit lately and not sure it's living up to what I want. A month or so ago I showed this site to Kevin and he asked me who it was for. He meant was it accessible to everyone on the web (which it is) but my response was that it was for me, i.e. I'm the one who I'm really interested in satisfying by writing it. It's been a boon, it helps me organize my thoughts about stuff and get a perspective. However, it often does live up to it's name of incoherent rambling.

What I'd like is to start posting more coherent statements on things and less boring chatter on how my day went. Of course, sometimes getting that crap off my chest is theraputic so I'm not sure which way to go. Maybe I'll start another more serious blog to keep more organized and keep this one as it is. The question is can I keep up with two blogs, particularly if one is going to take more dedication than my thoughts sprayed out in shotgun splatter form.

Life sucks no matter what, so don't be fooled by location changes

Now listening to: Les Savy Fav and Elliott Smith

Well I did make it to Greensboro today and was relatively good on the money spending tip, not perfect, but better than usual. I resisted the urge to buy any video games. I did buy the Matrix Revolutions and a Tom Waits album, (Nighthawks at the Diner).

Let me just say that Tom Waits is awesome. This album is one of the best things I've heard in a long time. It's smooth piano jazz with Waits' scratchy voice and cool sense of humor. It's recorded live in a nightclub somewhere and it's incredible. I'm going to have to buy more of his older stuff just to see if it's even close to this. I liked his newer stuff, but this blew me away. It's more traditional and laid back. The other stuff I have seems more out there and maybe more bitter, not that that is bad, it's just different.

Our foray into Greensboro was relatively uneventful. Had lunch at The Macaroni Grill and mine wasn't that great. The chicken parmesan didn't live up to what I had imagined, although the house chianti did compliment it well. I also made the mistake of ordering desert, a desert ravioli with diced Snickers bars in it. It wasn't that great and I was stuffed when we left.

After returning to the bountiful lands I call home (note sarcasm) I hung at Trip's and watched some TV. The new season of Viva La Bam and Wildboys had me laughing my ass off. Those goofy bastards always are doing something silly. After that I came home and goofed off for a while and I just watched Daria: Is it fall yet? which kicks ass. I love Daria. Wish they'd release the series on DVD.

Tomorrow I'm probably going to lay around for most of the day and then may see Kill Bill 2 with Trip, if I can drag my ass off the couch. I intend to watch the Fisher King and perhaps the newest Matrix movie. I also have Angel: season 3 and Futurama: season 3 I borrowed from Trip.

Gads I need a life, not more DVDs. Maybe I'll also try to work on some writing as well. guarantees on that tho.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

My nerves jump like a boiling pan

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Well another work week in the books. I finally get a couple of days off and can relax. Wo. I'm now chilling out, drinking a beer and looking up all the new video game news, which isn't really a lot at the moment, with E3 looming so close.

Trip and I are heading to Greensboro tomorrow (he's forcing me to get up before noon!). Should be cool, we'll spend too much money and buy stuff we don't really need. But that's what we do, all hail my consumerist tendencies. I'm probably going to get the Kill Bill DVD and give some video games a good hard look. I don't really need a new game, as Diablo 2 is still pretty hot on my agenda, but I'm not good at resisting shiny new things.

I also would like some new music, but am not sure what is worth purchasing at this point. I have all the new stuff that I like really or that I've heard of actually.

Friday, April 23, 2004

PLEASE, bury me with it

Well I just finished up a nice five hour marathon session of Diablo 2. What brought it to an end, you ask? Well I died for the first time. So after sorting through and getting my character back I decided to call it quits. I had intended on doing some other stuff, but Diablo played his sweet song and I was captured.

Today went pretty smoothly, I minimized my time at work (although not as much as I would have liked. I intended to see Kill Bill 2, but work went longer that I wanted) Hand a nice dinner a la the Kiwani's Pancake Day and then came home and watched a little tv. I watched one of the final Friends episodes and have to say, I don't give a fuck. God the show is on cruise control. Same jokes as a decade ago. Give me a break. Taking it off the air is a mercy killing, of course, I'm sure there will be mourning in the streets when it's gone. What a sad world we live in.

After leaving work I stopped at the bookstore to pick up A Clash of Kings and Greg was working. He owed me $10, but I wasn't gonna sweat him about it. But he offered it up immediately without any reminder or anything. It was a smalll, but important statement about the kind of guy Greg is, straight up. You've got to respect that.

I have to rise before noon tomorrow so I'm headed to bed.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Kelly watch the stars

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Well it's been a pretty uneventful night. Covered a couple of soccer games, got a couple of burgers and watched Chappelle's show and South Park. Chappelle's Show was a clip show, which sorta blew as I've seen them all. Of course even after seeing it a lot, it's still the funniest thing on TV.

After that I kicked out a little Diablo 2. I also tried out a demo for the new FPS Painkiller. I like some of the features, but man do I blow at it. I got owned by the computer at the normal difficulty. Sad, really.

Found out that my fellow sportswriter, Joe, is leaving the Bulletin for greener pastures. I can't blame him, but I hate to see him go. He's a cool guy and never left my ass blowing in the wind work-wise. Plus now I'll end up having to train another new guy, who will undoubtedly be a complete douche bag. That will suck ass. Of course I shouldn't worry about that since they won't hire anyone until just before football season. We'll get to make due all summer short-staffed. Which probably is for the best as there is never anything that really needs covering. The only time we'll really suffer is at the end of spring sports when all eight sports finish at the same time. That's gonna blow.

I'm gonna go and read some now and try to finish A Game of Thrones, so I can buy the sequel A Clash of Kings tomorrow. I'm silly.

Oh I'm also gonna kick the Kiwani's pancake day tomorrow. Got a free ticket from work (apparently someone likes the sports department). Might try to cajole trip into meeting me there for dinner perhaps. C'mon Trip, it's pancakes and sausage for $5. You can't say no to that.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

f3ar /\/\y 1337 ski11z

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well i've pissed away the night agian, nothing new. I have been surfing around and listening to music. Spent most of the time reading webcomics. My nerdiness knows no bounds.

Trip and I were going to see Kill Bill 2, but we were the only ones there and didn't want to annoy Tracey, the manager at Movie Town. Damn knowing the people that work there and having to take their feelings into account. Maybe I'll get to see it Thursday.

There is an old guy who lives across the street from the Bulletin. When I walk by he says hello and I have asked him how he's doing in the past. His response is always "I ain't doin no good. Just waiting around to die." Now while I appreciate his forthrightness, I have no real way to respond to this. I suppose I could be the guy who gives him a pep talk, but really I'm not positive enough to do that.

Maybe I should just tell him that it's for the best since life is a sucking pit that drains you of your creativity and soul one day at a time. That death is a sweet embrace of nothingness that makes the suffering stop. That would one-up him I suppose.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

March of Death

Now listening to: Tortoise

I just finished playing a couple of hours of Diablo 2, which I broke down and bought at Walmart tonight. I have no self control. But so far it's been lots of fun, most of the same stuff I did when Danny let me play at his place for a while. I'm playing as the necromancer (Fear my undead legions!!) and having a good time with it. I also signed up on battlenet, but I want to play through the single player game before I really try to get in on that. The graphics are a little dated, as you would expect from a game released in the last millenium. But I love wandering around and slashing stuff or having my skeleton cronies do it for me.

Work was ok tonight. The girls soccer game was kinda dull, but the boys was hard fought throughout. It went into double overtime and ended tied 1-1. Excellent soccer. Of course all that overtime meant I didn't leave work until 11:30, which blew, but it's the price I pay, I suppose. Could be worse, Corb was still at school when I left I do believe, poor bastard. He's only got like two weeks before the spring production and it's crunch time.

The Game of Thrones is really good. I highly recommend it, I still have like 300 pages left, but it has offered up some nice twists. I'm intrigued to see where it all goes. Of course that means I'll have to get the next two books. Oh well.

Tomorrow I'm hoping will be fairly slack. I'm just supposed to write a fluff piece on a soccer team that broke it's seven-year losing streak. I fear I will be coopted into going to a baseball game as well. That would bone. I need slack after race week.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Fetch me cleansing chunk

Now listening to: Gimme Noise web radio

In a stunning development I don't feel like working tonight. At least it's just a couple of soccer games. Those are fairly low maintenance. Plus it's a nice day so sitting outside won't be bad.

After work I'm still debating getting Diablo 2. I'm trying to keep a decent budget and have been fairly successful so far, but this indulgence is hard to ignore. I still need to play some more Balder's Gate 2, but that game is so frustrating. Keeping characters alive is a real challenge. Plus there are some new games I might like to try. I read a fairly good article on City of Heroes and that sounds pretty cool, although the whole MMORPG thing is a little bit scary. It's the monthy fee that hurts you.

In non-gaming news, web radio is a nice new thing for me. I get to listen to a cool variety of things and not the usual crap that gets played around these parts. The Gimme Noise station is pretty sweet. Lots of punk, indie and new wave vibes. I mean they just played an Eels song from Shootenanny. How sweet is that?

Of course as soon as I type that some problem occurs and I can't get to the music. Troublesome. I've switched over to some ambient station that's not bad so far. Soothing.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Flagrantly silly

Now listening to: Air (Moon Safari)

Well I closed out one race weekend paper, only one more to go. Tonight went relatively smoothly until the very end, where a couple of mistakes caused everything to slow down. Kinda boned. We did have a siting of our publisher/owner so that was special. He brought some of his rich friends down from Loudon Co. to see the press run. Fuckin tourists. Must be nice to be wealthy and have nothing else to do but watch a newspaper press run.

Anyway I'm now destressing some. Chilling out, reading some blogs and listening to still more Air. I'm looking for some other interesting stuff to download and sample. I think I'm gonna pick up some Tortoise and perhaps some Stereolab. I'm feeling cool electronic ambient thing right now.


A rhino on a tricycle

A baby eating a grapfruit

High Emperor George Clinton

Cheese attacking your city

Dental floss decapitation

Urine in convenient pellet form


Saturday, April 17, 2004

Frollicking Dirt Child

Now listening to: Air (Talkie Walkie)

This Air album gets better with every listen. It's sooo soothing. I'm kicking back in my chair and enjoying a moment of peace. A nice respite after the annoyance of my neighbors earlier. I was risen by their loud and odious conversation outside. I really don't care if someone paid $50 to get a baby sitter. After I got up they moved back indoors and cranked up the bass-laden music. So nice of them.

Anyway, they've quieted down now and I'm enjoying a couple of quiet moments before work. I expect tonight to suck, a lot. I am carrying my cd player tho, so maybe that will help calm me and keep me from killing someone. Better leave the Ministry at home.


Now listening to: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Well I had a fairly productive day. I put together my laptop desk and cleaned up the living room after all the computer detritus had accumulated from the last coupla weeks. I also got all the trash out of my room, so it was fairly successful.

I also watched Fritz Lang's M, which was excellent. It was surprisingly well paced, especially considering how old a film it is. Peter Lorre is excellent as the killer.

After all that Corb picked me up and we went to Trip's, whose backyard has become neck-laden. This occurs semi-annually and is the price he pays for living a stone's throw from the race track.

We basically played Tiger Woods (Trip won, he was stroking the putts, lucky bastard) and fucked around. Nothing special.

I'm not looking forward to working the rest of the weekend, I've had about enough layout for a coupla weeks. I'm not sure how I'm going to spend the rest of the night. I've just been fucking around on the internet since I got home. I might jump back into A Game of Thrones, which has been pretty cool so far, although I'm still figuring out the characters. I guess that's the price you pay for three book epics.

Friday, April 16, 2004

bad beats all night long

Now listening to: Air (Talkie Walkie)
Now reading: A Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin)

Tonight was pretty much as I expected, an essay in annoyance. Initially I thought work would turn out to be ok, as I kept focused and designed what I thought was a pretty sharp looking sports page. Of course when I took it to be proofed at 9:30 it had to be remade to put the two racing stories together. Never mind the fact one of them didn't have art and was a stupid quote story. So my pretty page got tossed and moved about until it was unrecognizable. And my editor wonders why I don't go the extra mile on the regular basis. Every time I try to do a good job, someone comes along and fucks it up, so why bother, it's just going to be fucked up anyway.

Anyway, after making it though the night I come home and settle in and try to install some of the games that trip hooked me up with. I installed Halo with little trouble, but when I tried to play online it forces me to download a patch that makes it deny my cd. Bummer. I also tried to install UT2K4 but it won't let me because I don't have an access code. It's like these companies don't want me to steal their software. Damn.

So I gave up on that and played some poker at Partypoker for play money. I learned that I don't know much about pot limit holdem and felt brutalized when my big slick fell to 43 suited. I had two pair, he had the wheel. Brutal.

This air album is very good. Soothing. I recommend it to anyone relaxing with a good book.

Tomorrow I'm debating getting going early and seeing a matinee of kill bill. That way I won't get sold out by trip this weekend, when he invariably goes to see it. I do need to put together my new laptop table tho. I dunno. Maybe I'll wait on the movie until next week.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Nobody hates me more than me

Now listening to: Modest Mouse

Well I'm feeling kinda depressed. All this rain is bringing me down, well that and a few other things. I just feel separate from everything right now. I'm caught in a circle where I live for the weekends and those aren't that interesting really.

Couple that with the fact that I don't really get a weekend this week and I'm pretty fucking glum. I'm only off Friday and I know that's gonna stun me.

Plus I'm thirsty and need something to drink. And so on and so on... I think listening to Elliot Smith earlier also brought me down. He's kind of depressive.

I've been up all night not doing anything in particular, downloading Invader Zim episodes (which are hysterical). I can't get enough of them. Gotta love Gir, although Gaz is my favorite. She's the most antisocial, hence I can relate.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Reality TV killed the American Dream

A lot of people are offended by living a modest life.

America was founded on the belief of bigger and better. So being happy with less is anathema to “The American Dream.”

Of course “The American Dream” has changed. It’s gone from “working harder so your kids will be better off than you” to “I hope I can get find a way to get rich quick or become famous.” The hard-working American has been traded in the quick buck and fast living.

That explains the fascination with reality TV shows and the abundance of frivolous lawsuits, people imagine that they could do that. I could be the girl getting rich for eating boar penis or the guy who sued his job for not putting a safety guard on his stapler.

I can’t say I‘m much better, I’d love to be rich and not worry about it. But I’m not going to sue someone for no reason and I will never be on a reality TV show. Not that I really subscribe to the old American Dream either. I’m not really a hard worker and pretty sure I don’t want kids.

This leaves me with the question of what I want to do with my life. I’m not really sure. I currently float through doing a job that isn’t all that rewarding. It’s best feature is that it is relatively low stress and I can drift through without too much thought.

But sometimes that really feels unfulfilling. I want more and think about moving on and getting a better job, working my way up the ladder. But that seems like far too much effort. I’m not a go-getter. I don’t look for something to do at work when everything is going fine. Why should I? I’m already surrendering my time to make some rich guy richer, why put forth more effort than the minimum? It’s much easier to coast and take my pleasure where I can.

So I cut all the corners I can at work to come home and play video games, watch movies and TV and read a lot. Classical escapism. I get by and try to not be bothered too much.

So there you have it. I’m not living the American Dream. My way is more Buddhist I suspect. Cut out desire and enlightenment will follow.

OK so I still desire plenty of things and can’t claim enlightenment. I want the newest CDs, books, movies and games all the time. I also want a relationship and love and a house to myself, but part of me is scared of those things as well.

Will a relationship change me? Will I be able to get the me time I need on the regular, will I even want it? If I live alone will I become so isolated that I forget how to act around other people? Would I be able to take care of my own domicile or would my slackness let it recede into decrepitude?

Am I somewhat happy or satisfied or just experiencing inertia?

I dunno. But I don’t need a reality TV show or someone telling me to get my ass in gear. I just have to figure it out for myself. I have to decide what my American Dream is.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Fight for your right to use the N word

Now watching: Scarlet Diva

Sometimes I wish I could use the word nigga. I know that will never happen, as it's just too much of an issue. A white guy like me utters the word and an assbeating isnt far off, which is probably merited. But when I see Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock using the term it just seems to fit. White guys don't have a term like that.

I'm not doing a lot today, just fucking off really. I'm watching Scarlett Diva, staring Asia Argento. It's not that great of a movie really, but lots of sex. Still I can't recommend it as it just seems to amble on aimlesly. Not unlike me of late.

I should probably be trying ot write something, I'm feeling fairly verbose at the moment.Which explains this entry and the email I've written today. Maybe part of that is trying to reclaim some of the time I spent laying in bed all day.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

I beat my dick like it owes me money

Now listening to: Modest Mouse (Good news for people who love bad news)

I actually had a good night at work. Minimal stress and everything went quickly. Nice. Now I can get on with my slackass weekend. I intend to watch some movies, improve my Tiger Woods game and possibly play some Balder's Gate 2. Very eventful. I'm hoping it rains, because there is nothing better than having nothing to do on a rainy day, but stay in and goof off. I guess it's vindicating.

I have to say that broadband has revolutionized my life. It's so nice being able to go and get exactly what I want immediately. I suppose the whole Windows thing has something to do with it, but I'm giving the credit to broadband. I downloaded bearshare tonight and got some choice songs. Funny how the minute I try to think of something I want, my mind goes totally blank.

This Modest Mouse album is excellent, but of course that is expected from these guys. Consistently awesome stuff from them. I like a lot of the new indie rock stuff that gets raved about, but sometimes it lacks a real human edge. Modest Mouse has that edge.

Note the title of this comes from Chappelle's show, the puppet episode. It's Charlie Murphy singing his fuck it song. Man I love that, I laugh out loud everytime I see it. That's good comedy.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

We are consumed by society

Now listening to: Fugazi (13 Songs)

Well I have spent another eventful night fiddling with my new computer. It's so much fun piddling around and finding new stuff I can do. The doors seem wide open with my Windows capability. I have such mixed feelings. On one hand, The Mac operating systems are sooo much easier to use and more intuitive. On the other, the PC has so many more options availiable to it. I can go to almost every site and be sure it will work with minimal effort. If only Mac could regain it's market share to the point where everything was mac compatitble, it would be a perfect world.

Work was busy as fuck tonight. So many callins. I had to do a stupid track call in. Man I hate track, it's the worst. Plus the coach was an annoying douche, who insisted I take the times as well as the winners. That put me behind a half an hour. I ended up sweating deadline (which I rarely do) and it pissed me off. Work blows, I need to be independently wealthy.

I watched Mona Lisa Smile (note new bolding courtesy of PC features not available on the mac) today, wish I hadn't bothered. Aside from the plethora of hot women in the movie, it was quite dull. It so wanted to be a female version of Dead Poet's Society, but failed miserably. Too many subplots and not enough story to really carry them.

I also bought a mouse for the comp today and it's been well worth it. The track pad is a nightmare. Well it's late and I'm beat.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Need for speed

Well I am now officially a member of the high speed community. I hooked up my cable modem and have ran with it. I haven't had a chance to set up the wireless yet, try to get to it tomorrow. I'm loving the blinding speed of things, although working on a PC is taking some getting used to.

Anyway I'm trying to go through and add all my bookmarks for ease of use now, so I'm gonna get back to that. Ta.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

It's a sad and beautiful world

Now listening to: Blonde Redhead

Well I survived the NCAA tournament. Thank god the game finished relatively quickly. Will the women's be as easy tomorrow? Probably not. Work was busy all night, tons of calls, waiting for the game. It was troublesome.

Been a while since I actually posted eh. Well let me catch you up on my less than exciting activities. Saturday Trip and I did go to Danville to see Hellboy and shop. Hellboy was pretty good. I liked the villans and the whole Lovecraftian elder gods revived motif. I did manage to spend too much money, as is usual. I got Tiger Woods 2004 and that is pretty sweet. I haven't played it as much as I should, but I'm probably going to kick it after I finish checking out all the stuff online.

Sunday I did very little. I decided I wasn't leaving the house early on and resisted the temptation to drive to Greensboro to play poker with Nick and his friends. I probably should have gone, but was feeling really lazy. I still need to call that cat and tell him what's up. I do like getting the invites and don't want to blow him off.

So instead of raising, calling and folding, I stayed at home and had a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon, watching the remaining 10 episodes in season 5. I've got to get a life, but that show is highly addictive. I now have to blast my way through season 3 of Angel and I will be caught up with all the DVD stuff.

I also watched Jim Jarmush's Down by Law, featuring Tom Waits, who just kicks ass. The movie was decent, not great. A little too slow, but Waits was good. I want to get more of his early work.

Today I just bummed around playing video golf until work and then hit the office. I'm gonna try to get my broadband set up tomorrow so I can kick the high speed tomorrow. I've still got to figure out if a typical wireless adapter will work with my imac.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

The chicken told me to destroy her

Now listening to: The Notwist

It turns out I have the weekend off. Which is pretty odd, since I just had a weekend off. My softball game was cancelled for some reason. So I ended up writing some awful column just to have something done.

With all my extra time, Corb, Trip and I jaunted to the big city of Eden for some chinese food. We then walked around a sad excuse for a mall and hit the arcade, which was pretty cool despite being totally devoid of life.

After hanging at Trip's for a while (and writing the aforementioned bad column) we watched Wonderfalls, which kicks ass. I then deposited my column in the proper receptacle and came home. I am now sipping on a gin and tonic and eating Cheez-It's new Twisterz (the z makes it cooler) snacks. The Hot Wings and cheesy blue flavor, they rock the house.

Not sure how I'm going to spend the weekend. Trip and I may head to Danville tomorrow to catch a movie. Maybe Hellboy, maybe somethign else, I dunno. I should probably try to find some cheap wireless stuff for when my comp gets here. I may also trade some games in for something new. I shouldn't spend a lot of dough tho.

Friday, April 02, 2004

I am a cesspool

Now listening to: On a Whim mix

Well another evening killed with nothing to show for it. It's funny, sometimes I feel like I don't have enough time to cram all the things I want to do in. But sometimes when I have no commitments and plenty of time to kill I don't want to do any of those things. Tonight I got off work early and milled about the house. I watched a little tv and the 1928 Russian movie "Arsenal" about a Ukrainian uprising. It was ok, I liked the ending where the a Ukrainian socialist worker proved to be immune to the evil capitalists bullets. Then I watched a couple of Buffy episodes. I'm one away from finishing the third disc.

After that I kinda lost interest and glazed. I kinda wanted to play a video game, but couldn't settle on one and stared at reruns for a while. Finally I gave up and played fake money poker online. Which was wholly unsatisfying. I dunno I've just felt a malaise all day really. I need to find a game that enthralls me. I'll probably try and trade in a few old games and get something cool for my PC when it comes in.

I'm supposed to go to a softball game tomorrow, but it's probably going to rain. That means I have to be creative and come up with something. I may write a column on deciding where sports end and games begin. We'll see.

List of comp. games I'm interesting in: Final Fantasy XI, Balder's Gate 2, Icewind Dale 1 and 2, Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft (when it comes out over five months from now). I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting, but that's plenty really. Oh and Magic online. That could be cool.

I think I'm gonna try and hook up some broadband tomorrow and get the wireless action going. That'll be pretty sweet. I could network with trip and kick his ass at starcraft or something. I talked to Danny for like five minutes tonight and mentioned I was getting gonna get broadband and he was right on me to get on XBox Live and play Counterstrike. Which probably would be cool, but I'm just not that interested in hte whole terrorist thing. When Halo 2 comes out I'm definitely hooking it up, but there isn't a whole lot that really interests me on it now. PLus if I do end up with FFXI I'll have plenty to occupy me with that. Oh and online poker, there is that.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

If I could do anything, I'd be doing nothing

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While sitting in the press box at an extremely cold, wet and nasty soccer match I got the pleasure of sitting in a roomful of 8th-10th graders from the opposing J.V. team. I now know why I hated those years. So many idiots talking way too much. I was already stunned by dealing with my least favorite parent from the school (thank god his son graduates this year) who wouldn't shut up. He's like Rodney Dangerfield without the talent.

Anyway the game blew, the weather was awful and both the Chappelle's Show and the WPT broadcasts were disappointing. I mean both were better than 90% of everything else on TV but they weren't exciting in relation to the rest of their episodes. I only saw moments of South Park, but it didn't seem that funny. Maybe I'm wrong about that, we'll see.

List of stuff I am currently interested in: poker, the upcoming P.J. Harvey album, getting broadband for my new computer, actually taking the time to work on my novel, being debt-free (he said after buying a new computer), Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 5.