Monday, October 31, 2005

Gullet bomb

I had a good weekend. Mike came in and Adam came down and we all hung out at Nick's. On Saturday we played some poker. I didn't play great, making at least 2 serious errors and a few other bad judgement calls. Despite losing my whole stack on the third hand by overplaying my hand, I managed to rebuy and win most of it back, finishing down only $7. So it coulda been much worse.

Went back down to Nick's new home, which is really nice, on Sunday. We watched football and goofed off. Abby made us some serious burgers. They were chili cheese dog bacon burgers, or something like that, with a side of garlic fries. Quite tasty, but rough on the old digestion. You should consider yourself lucky that you were not in the car for the ride back to Martinsville. The Geneva Convention was ignored.

But yeah it was a good time. Got to see Adam watching his Chiefs lose and that may be more entertaining than actually watching football. I'm looking forward to hooking up again at the end of the month.

As for my Halloween plans, I'm still not sure. The Steelers are on tonight and I'm gonna be watching that, just not certian if I'll be at home or at Trip's.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bring on the pavement saw

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Went to get a haircut today. I didn't ask for the Opie look, but that's what I got. I said I wanted ti short on the sides and an inch off the top. She made it short on the sides with the clippers then added a different length guard on them. I wasn't paying close attention but when she fucking scalped me I was a little put off. But what do you say at that point when there is a whole freaking swath cut out? So I bit my tongue and took it and it looks like shit.

Went to Trip's and we watched this French slasher movie, High Tension, which was decent, +1 chainmail. About 60 minutes into it I thought it was kinda crappy. Generic and whatnot. But there was a nice twist that made me change my mind. It made a lot of what happened earlier make a lot more sense. Plus pavement saw love at the end.

We then watched a series of shows that would have made drug use a good choice. It started with the new adultswim show, Squidbillies. Which is the story of a total backwoods squid and his family. Yeah, it's a little surreal. We followed with some HBO show about weird sex tv from around the world. Sometimes tittilating, sometimes gross and sometimes just odd.

We finished up with another adultswim product called 12 oz. mouse, which is even weirder than Squidbillies, if you can believe that. It's a stream of weirdness with little mind for story continuity or artistic sensibility. Sometimes amusing because of it's bizare nature, but nothing I can really recommend.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I didn't get you anything

Now watching: Celebrity Poker Showdown

I have to say that Gina Gershon has the sexiest mouth in Hollywood. That's right, not Angelina Jolie, Gina Gershon. Tremendous brunettes.

I've been slacking around again, reading The Wheel of Time again. As such I've been staying up way, way later than I need to be just because I get wrapped up in the story. Then I sleep all damn day. I know most of you think I sleep all day anyway, but lately I've really been sleeping all day. My nocturnal nature is coming through clearer than ever.

I meant to go get a haircut today, but my late rising curtailed that intention. So I'll probably end up looking shaggy for another weekend. Maybe I'll try to sneak one in tomorrow, but Friday's usually suck for walking in.

I'm now addicted to watching Around the Horn and Pardon The Interruption. Football season always makes those shows better and they are pretty good even during the spring. Well actually I can't stand Around the Horn outside of football, but PTI is really good. The joy of sports.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Death will be my bride

I got to watch ye olde Steelers lay a pride-obliterating bitch slap down on the Bengals yesterday and that was good. On top of that I won both my fantasy football games this weekend! So it was nice. Maybe I can get back in the game.

Fall has definitely arrived, as it is noce 46-degrees outside. Brrr, I love it. Now that the race fans are gone all is well. Well, not all. The classifieds continue to be empty of decent jobs or even less than decent ones that I can get. Now is the autumn of my discontent.

Anyway not much else is going down. Just got word that Mike is coming in this weekend and we are gonna get a poker game together and watch football. Sounds like a good time to me. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Tonight I'm gonna head to Trip's for some TV. Hopefully watch a little of the football game. It's funny how much the NFL can do to ease my mind.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tombstone with a cross

It's that time of year again, where the knuckle-dragging morons come out to play. Race fans infest the area like plague-filled rats. The horror. I'm making every effort to avoid them, but last night's trip to Trip's put me in redneck central.

We didn't do a lot, watched Threshold and played hockey. We're pretty evenly matched at the moment. Our games are decided by which way the puck happens to fall. Who's goalie comes up with the big saves and who can get the best scoring chances. It's enjoyable having the game in question.

Other than that I've been reading some, nothing new really, mostly stuff I've read before. I am enjoying the hazy, rainy fall weather now tho. Love the chill in the air.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Hard drugs are for bartenders

So I'm not cursing every few minutes now, well no more than normal anyway. I dim acceptance has taken over that I suppose will carry me through. I'll now try to talk about recent developments outside the NFL.

First off, Jeff has had his baby. Well, his wife did and all is well. So that's cool. There is now a chip off the old Biscuit out there. So congrats to him, although I'm not sure he reads this blog, but I'll link his nonetheless.

Friday I hung with Trip and we watched Threshold. While the show is still good, I'm a little concerned that it could get bogged down with some side stories and lose some momentum from the main concept. We'll see how it goes. Saturday, Danny, Trip and I went to Danville where Danny and I got a copy of the ESPN NHL 2005 game, both used and under $10. It's fun when everyone can practice on the same game and actually compete instead of taking a beating from the one guy who owns the game.

So I'm reading this book by the Dali Lama. It's about how science and spirituality don't have to be mutually exclusive, which I happen to believe. In fact, most of what the lama is about I agree with, aside from some of the more hardcore buddhist dogma. But anyway I mentioned this in an email to Dana, who lives in Arizona. She told me that the lama had recently been there and that people had protested him!!?! They had signs that said Tolerance=sin.

Ok, if there is a hell, there is a special place in it for people who earnestly belive tolerance=sin. Plus protesting the lama is the dumbest thing ever. According to Tibetan Buddhism the lama is essentially the spirit of peace, unity and enlightenment come to life and continually reincarnated to help spread love and joy. Now while I normally don't believe a religion's word about it's centerpiece (the pope isn't infallible, get over it) the lama has made an effort to at least try to follow the doctrine of his role in his religion. He's never condemned people for using birth control or masturbating or called them to bomb anyone as far as I know. He's just a cool guy, who'd kinda like his country back.

I suppose I'm more defensive because as far as religions go I'm closer to buddhism that most, at least in theory. Sort of a zen/taoism thing with existential highlights. Of course around these parts once you depart from christianity you're so far out of the mainstream as to be absurd. I distinctly remember the looks some people would give me in high school when I told em I not only didn't go to church, but I didn't believe in their god. Hmm actually I remember a couple of those looks from the Bulletin as well.

In closing I would like to say that if you protest the Dalai Lama the you can fuck right off.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Son of a...

bitch, cocksucking, motherfucking, worthless whore, eat a candybar out of my asshole you shitstuffing douchebag.

An overtime loss after winning the toss and Quincy Morgan returning the ball back to the Pittsburgh 30. Three plays, two fumbles and then the defense steps up again. We get the ball back and the QB I mentioned in the headline and so forth throws his third interception of the day. Just cut that prick. He was good for about 12 games in his whole NFL career, he gets hit once and turns into a freaking chucker. So I say cut Tommy Maddox and find someone who can be a decent backup.

The defense played phenomonally and the special teams kept Pittsburgh in it. But with eight men in the box, Maddox gives the game away.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A knife behind the eyes

So Roethlisberger's injury is not as bad as I thought, thankfully. That is sooo a good thing for me. He's probably gonna sit out this week against the Jaguars. Which means our third string QB, Charlie Batch, is gonna be starting as Tommy Maddox is injured. I'd say look for the run a little bit.

In other news, I whipped Trip's ass in ESPN 2005 hockey last night. The Penguins cannot be stopped (ok, yeah they probably can, but whatever). It's a lot of fun tho and I'm actually considering picking up the game. I go through hot and cold spells on hockey. Oddly enough, while Trip and I were battleing with the Pens and Sabres, the actual Pens and Sabres were playing. Sadly the real Sabres won that battle 5-4 in OT.

Trip and I also watched The Biggest Loser (or as we call it The Fat Show!). You know I still like the show, but the player's personalities seem kinda dull. Most of the women seem irritating or whiney and ready to place blame on someone else. The guys all seem flaccid, as in just kinda blah. Well except for the ex-wrestler Matt, who fluctuates between the guy I'm rooting for to huge douche.

We the watched My Name is Earl and The Office and those shows rock. My Name is Earl has a really nice tone. It's stupid, but in a nice and funny way. The Office, on the other hand, is really funny, but in a way that makes you want to cover your face with yor hands because of the total humiliation of the characters.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Big win and potential despair

Well the Steelers managed to fight their way through and win a close game against another good team. The problem is that Ben Roethlisberger got injured in the process. That could be the season, more or less. Well, we'd still probably be near getting a playoff spot, but it makes things a whole lot harder. You can't run on every down and still come away with wins against the NFL elite. i gotta tell you my heart was in my throat when I saw that helmet hit his knee. Serious trama (for me... and maybe him).

But as far as the game went, the Steelers played really well. We got some raw calls man. That fair catch rule is total horseshit. Jerome Bettis is back and he looked sharp. Man, I love him. The way he runs is what's best about football in my mind. Well that and the way the defense hits, especially Polamalu ...and Casey Hampton, you gotta love the nose tackle. Hell I could go on all night.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Fuckery most foul

Well I seem to have recovered from whatever was plaguing me yesterday. I felt shitty all day. This was probably aided by the fact that I stayed up all night reading Jarhead, which was pretty good (foot massage). I wanted to finish it and did, around 9 a.m. I intended to sleep til around 2p.m. and then watch football. What happened was that I slept til 11a.m. and then woke up and felt shitty for the rest of the day. I ended up nodding off at some point and missed the second half of the Pats-Falcons game, but no big deal.

Something odd happened, I ended up flipping back and forth between football and the Astros-Braves baseball game. Normally I loathe baseball, but 18 innings adds some drama. I was also glad the Stros won, because fuck the Braves.

Honestly I none of the football games enthralled me yesterday and I kinda lost interest. This feeling was only helped by the fact that my fantasy players were playing completely shitty. I have 32 points with only two players left, Hines Ward and Ben Roethlisberger. Here's hoping for a 4 TD game for that duo. Even if that happens I'm still probably gonna lose, it's that bad.

On Saturday, Trip and I went to Danville for some shrimp love. I decided to buy last year's version of EA's college football game. It was $6 and I'll end up playing it a bit, I'm betting. For some reason I always enjoy those more than Madden. I enjoy recruiting players in the dynasty mode more than Madden's franchise mode.

Friday, October 07, 2005

You knew what you were getting into

Just finished watching The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and it was pretty good. I really liked Mos Def. He's awesome. He really got the quirky unworried demeanor of Ford Prefect down. Sam Rockwell was also very good. It really managed to keep the flavor of the books without being slavishy devoted to keeping every detail. I'd give it a foot massage.

I've been really low energy the last few days, pretty much staying in and playing WoW. I've also done some reading. I finished the sequel to Eragon, Eldest. It was pretty good and I may have liked it more than the original. That tends to be the case with fantasy writing, as the first book sets up the frame and the following books get all the action and whatnot.

I started rereading Palahniuk's Lullaby and that's entertaining. I got Jarhead from the library, because I saw an ad for the movie and Trip mentioned that the book was supposed to be good. So we'll see.

I gotta bunch of stuff I need to do tomorrow and I'm hoping I can drag my lame ass outta bed at a decent hour to do them. I need to get my car inspected (it's a week late already). I need some new razors (I need to shave and know that my old razor is not gonna make that a pleasant event.) I'll probably also throw in a trip to the library and try to find some other new books.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Losers chase

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So the title is some poker wisdom I picked up today watching some 7 card stud WSOP tournament on ESPN. It seems to hold true outside of poker, but I'll not delve into a deep philosophical discussion.

Decent night. I went over to Trip's, tried the new chicken parmesan sub from Subway (don't bother) and watched some good tv. I also threatened to kick Trip in the groin until he was unconcious, ya know, in a fun way. But yeah, I'm totally gay for Monday night tv lately. First off you have football, although this week I couldn't bring myself to watch the Packers-Carolina game. I just don't care enough.

Then there is Arrested Development. I always found it funny when I watched it, but never watched it cause it was on Sunday nights. An evening usually reserved for football in my mindset. Man is this show funny. David Cross touts himself as the first man to combine being an analyst and a therapist... this makes him an analrapist. He has it on his card. That is merely the tip of the iceberg of funny.

Next up is Kitchen Confidential, which I like a lot as well. (Thanks to Trip for making me watch it.) Good cast, nice food jokes and probably gonna get cancelled soon. Catch it while you can. I'll end with the show How I Met Your Mother, which I love. Neil Patrick Harris reminds me of Mike... a lot. Also this show has lots of hotties. Lots. It's quirky and sexy and also will be cancelled cause I dig it. (My positive attitude knows no bounds.)

Beaten to death with a nerf bat

So the weekend was filled with small annoying things that wouldn't be that big of a deal individually, but they all added up to frustration. Football-wise the Steelers had a bye, so it seemed like an empty Sunday without them. I also managed to lose both my fantasy football games. Who can believe that Sebastian Janikowski was my undoing in one of them?

Serenity only took second place in the movie list this weekend, with Flightplan somehow topping the charts. Flightplan? It looked stupid to me, sure Jody Foster lent some credibility, but please. Another lame "mystery with a twist style" horror movie. I've been Shyamalan'd enough.

I was awoken early today by people talking outside my window... I soo hate that. I'm not sure if they are new neighbors moving in downstairs or simply people working to prepare the apartment for new people to move in. (Apparently my crackhead neighbor that moved out left the place in a shambles.)

Also my mouse just gave out. Don't know why. I'm now back to my wireless mouse that I stopped using cause it eats batteries like mad. On the upside, it is wireless and that's nice.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

You can't take the sky from me

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So Trip and I went to see Serenity tonight and it was excellent. I was very pleased with the movie, although there were some events in the film that sucked, simply cause I love the characters. But I won't get into it in case someone wants to see it. I won't be the spoiler king. Needless to say, if you haven't seen it, then you should and if you have then you should watch the Firefly TV series DVDs.

After the movie we watched Threshold, which I'm still loving. I like the whole Extinction Level Event concept for fiction. (Not too fond of the idea in a real life scenario.) But yeah, the show continues to be very cool in concept and I like the characters on the show. I'm anticipating it getting cancelled at any moment.

I finished reading this book Eragon that this kid wrote when he was 19 years old. I'm both impressed and annoyed with that. People who have their shit together at that age need a beating for making the rest of us schleps feel like losers. Anyway, it probably help that his parents had a publishing house. Still it's a pretty good read and I've got the next in the series on hold at the library. I need to get to writing since I'm not doing anything else useful, but I have a hard time focusing.