Sunday, February 29, 2004

May I take your purse as usual, or for the first time

Once again at Trip's on a Sunday. We are planning on watching the Oscars tonight. Woo, go Bill Murray. We're now watching a Buffy rerun. So I thought I'd log in and ramble for a bit.

Yesterday went pretty well, my column was fairly well received. Also the wrestling tournament wasn't too trying, so I got out around 10 and my weekend began. So I went home and beat Balder's Gate once and for all. It was ok, although it was a little too easy. I got bored of just slashing with no challenge. At the end I was just going through the motions, slaying the evil vampire to stop his nefarious plot and moving on with my life.

Today I watched the Paper Chase, which was a good movie. I enjoyed it a lot. It made me want to go back to college. Not sure I can really afford to do that, but I do miss the whole college thing, even studying.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Absurdity rules

So it's been an interesting couple of days. Thursday was the worst as wewent to press early due to the "impending" snow, which never amounted to anything. But, as is usual, I finished an hour early and then we went an hour late, so it was two full hours of wishing I were somewhere else. Sucks really.

After that I came home and ate so much pizza that I could barely breathe...not a good thing.

Friday I hung around the house most of the day, playing Balder's gate obsessively. Then I went to Trip's where we playedD&D Heroes, which is really pretty crappy after BG. Not to mention that Trip, Danny, Corb and myself are the worst team of adventurers ever.

Today I get to cover more wrestling! Woo. Kinda stunned with that. But at least I get the next coupla days off. I think I may simply veg, as I need to save some cash. Of course when they get here I'll throw caution to the wind and spend like a total moron.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

A brief glimpse of light in the all encompassing darkness

Well yesterday was pretty nice. Talked to an interesting girls basketball player, who was a pleasure to deal with, had dinner with trip and then wrote a story. After that I came home and relaxed. While lying prone on the couch under a blanket and watching poker I had a moment of true contentedness. Very nice.

But I quickly bored of the WPT show as it was a rerun I had watched no less that twice already. So I decided to fire up Balder's Gate and blast some goblins into near extinction. That was about 10:30. At 4:10, I set the controller down and staggered to bed. Talk about time investment.

I think I'm gona try to get another hour in before work, but I have to stop in time to shave and go by Big Dave's to pick up my tax return. Woo. I should also try to go to the bank. Hmm.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Onward my undead horde!

Now listening to: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Another dread nite at work. Cameron can push my buttons like few others. He should be a right-wing radio personality. He has all the traits: annoyingly loud voice, complete belief that his opinions are the only ones that could ever possibly matter and an ability to talk right over whoever he is having "discussion" with. Death is too good for him.

Anyway I spent a large portion of the night in the office trying to block him out with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which was a good idea. I found myself noticing the bass licks a lot. They are exceptional, not often the focus, but always a warm blanket. Those think and encompassing sounds filling in all the bare space like a wave of honey over a sieve. I like my music thick and syrupy.

Ohh! I watched Lost in Translation today and it was excellent. Bill Murray is amazing and Scarlett Johansson is really good too. Her character is exactly the type of woman I want. She even has the look that drives me nuts. Sofia Coppola really did capture alienation well and the characters did a good job of conveying complex emotions without saying everything. Plus the photography was awesome, some captivating locations and a very good soundtrack. I may even buy that, the movie was so good.

Now I think I must retire, collect my undead minion and slay any monsters that cross my path. How I yearn for an actual army of the undead to command.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Mistakes were made!

Now: preparing to slay some critters in BG: Dark Alliance 2

Work was dull and mindless, so that's nice. Kinda floundered my way through without any major scarring.

Trip and I got into a discussion about the Oscars. He believes that they are wrong because art should be appreciated not judged...i.e. art isn't about competition. On one hand I agree, on the other (the highly argumentative and devil's advocate type hand) everything is a competition. The whole point of these awards shows is to promote movies...and the public is only going to pay attention to something with a winner.

I later broadened this argument into everything is a competition, even art. While it's not as easy to score as a football game, it's certainly competitive. Each artist is looking to make a work that will attract attention and make them great. The competition is them trying to express a feeling and making other people get it. It's an abstract concept I admit, but I genuinely believe competition is hardwired into the genetic code of every person. It all stems from sexual competition...but that's the topic of a whole different post.

Watched Underworld today and really, it was not impressive. Pretty blah, actually. I could actually see movie execs pitching the movie. "It's got vampires and werewolves battling each other for some reason. And there is a hot vampire chick in vinyl, who tracks the werewolves. Oh and one of the vamps betrays his people for power..." It could have been a lot better if the writing didn't blow so much. Plus while Kate Beckinsdale was adequate (and looked good in the form fitting clothes) she never sold me on the idea of her as a aggressive hunter type.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Meatwad making money, see

Well my phone is back online, thank satan. Now I can return to my wanton web crawls. Yesterday was fun, we had a good time in Greensboro, although I managed to spend too much money as usual. But I did get some cool stuff. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD is a masterpiece. I laughed my ass off.

I also got Midway Arcade Treasures which is pretty kickass. Last night I worked on my Robotron game and broke 100K, it's only a matter of time before I'm schooling Trip at it. Mwahhaha. Now if I can just get my Marble Madness game down. Not much else going on, I have to return to work today and feel very unsatisfied with the whole split weekend thing. I've been spoiled by having two days off in a row for so long.

I'm getting ready to watch Underworld. Hope it's better than I've heard...but Kate Beckinsdale is hot no matter what. So I've got that going for me...which is nice.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

My friends are bastards

Now: sitting at Trip's

I'm being berated by Trip and Corb and Corb isn't even here. It's a travesty. We are preparing for an expedition into the hinterlands of Greensboro. Well Corb sold out, so it'll just me Trip, myself and Danny.

Anyway I'm updating from Trip's because my phone is's always something at my apartment. I'm stunned with that sort of's nto working, heat pump installation refrigerator repair...will it ever end?

This weekend has been sorta interesting, hung with Kev and Courtney and Reid on Friday and had a good time. Ended up going to Reid's place and teaching them Hold 'em. Woo, more fish. Saturday was all about the work as I covered the wrestling tournament. Such fuin. OK gotta go.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Shoot me in the fuckin' face

Now drinking: heavily

What a night I'm having. Actually it's been a bad week, god I hate basketball. Will it ever end? At least I have tomorrow off. Of course it's only one day, then I hit the wrestling tournament on Saturday. Woo. It's just been stressful. We've had a couple of mistakes in headlines the past coupla days (which is pretty lame I'll admit). One of which was my fault, but it's hard to keep up with St. John's and St. Joe's and not get them mixed up.

Anyway because of those mistakes Ginny was clucking around me like a farm hen tonight, checking everything for the most ridiculous of mistakes. And when someone who doesn't speak Sports-ugeuese does that, it's a pain. They ask about everything and you have to explain why it's right. I'm not a good explainer, as I don't want to be bothered. On top of that, I caught what would have been a huge fuckup on my part right at deadline and had to scramble. I'm drinking gin to make it all go away.

In the period before the assfucking at work, I took the time to take an online intelligence test. I scored a 131 and was described as a visual mathmetician. ("This means you are gifted at spotting patterns. This and your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture.") I pretty much agree with the assessment as I think I am good at patten recognition. It's one of the things I think will make me a good poker player in the long run.

Plus the number 131 is pretty close to the IQ test I took in grade school, where I got around 130 (not quite in the genius category, but plenty smart...not to brag, but it's the one thing I've got going for me).

Anyway my plan for the rest of the evening is to drink a lot of gin and tonic...with maybe a little cognac thrown in and play some online poker. Why not? I also need to grab some hardcore punk albums to listen to while I play. Rock on.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I need a clone

Now: preparing for bed

It's been a long night. Work was tedious and I just felt ragged out. I had to close out late because of late breaking basketball news. One of those nights where everything had to take forever.

I had planned on a Wal-mart trip after work, but as I was near exhaustion I put it off and came home to watch poker. From there I channel surfed until 3:30 a.m. and am now ridiculously tired. (Here's where you say "Of course you're tired you moron, it's 4 a.m.")

I did finish Angels and Demons last night and haven't really decided what to go to next. I should finish one of the poker books I've got, but those aren't really a great read for fun. I'm torn between Dostoyevsky or Stephan Fry. Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

That's some Wu-Tang, Scooby gang type shit

Now listening to: Parliament and Nas
Well after some battling I managed to be profitable in the poker room. It was a struggle tho. I couldn't get a hand to stand up. The river is a cruel mistress.

Tomorrow I think I'm gonna try to get some work done early and I may buy Lost in Translation...that or the Midway Arcade Hits. Trip and I have been kicking it old school with that. I am, of course, the International Marble Madness Champion (retired) even if Trip refuses to acknowledge it.

I also need to look into getting that broadband hookup. But that's gonna be a costly endeavor, with the router and everything. Even more so if I go wireless, which may be necessary. Although if I do that I could get a cheap pc laptop and not have to full with all the wires all the time. Funny how I always find things I could spend more money on. I have a knack for it really.

Konichiwa bitches

Now listening to: The Eels

Well tonight was work-laden. The basketball tournaments opened tonight and I got to double up and cover two girls games. It wasn't so bad as both games went pretty quick. After finishing writing I had to hang around and help close out the paper, so I didn't leave til around midnight. Now I'm just looking to relax. Thinking maybe some poker goodness. Although I do want to finish Angels and Demons tonight. It's pretty good, but the Davinci Code was was Digital Fortress.

Saw 50 First Dates with trip last night. It was pretty good, starts off with the goofy sorta juvenile humor, then turns into an earnest romantic comedy. Adam Sandler kicks ass, funny, but he has a soul. It's not always fart jokes with him.

After the movie trip and I tried some Mac-based Halo action. It was ok, but I really blow with the mouse and keyboard. I know the hardcore gamers think the mouse is the way to go, but the Xbox controller kicks it's ass for me. It's just a matter of being used to it I suppose.

Not much else going on for now, just counting the days until my trip to NYC.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I am a patient boy

Now listening to: Atom and His Package's cover of Waiting Room by Fugazi

This just in, after a completely awful start at the tables I had my biggest night yet. I was down almost $600 early on and couldn't catch a hand to save my life. The few playable hands I got were beat on the river and life was bad. Then I considered giving up, but instead moved to a higher stakes table (all play money as always) and proceeded to go on a huge rush.

I could do no wrong. Everything came through, I folded all the right hands and showed down some high dollar hands. I even caught a winner on the river where the board paired and two flushes bet into my full house. So nice. I started the night at around $2600 and finished at $5K.

I swear I'm tempted to get out my credit card and play for real, but I need to show some control. Although if I start winning consistently then I'm actually losing money by not playing. How's that for dangerous thinking? I actually was reading this poker blog ( that was talking about all the new players (fish) on He said in the last year it's went from 3K players to 36K. He has a program that tracks his fish around and he's making a killing apparently. Makes me want to get a pc so I can play there.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Commercial sentiment

Now listening to: Jawbreaker

Well it's Valentine's Day and I've sat at home all day and generally hate life. TV is loaded with romantic comedies and sentimental claptrap that makes me feel like the loneliest human being around. I loathe this holiday, it's the absolute worst. I used to hate X-mas more, but recently X-mas has been better and Valentine's Day worse.

The whole thing is designed to make the single person feel completely inadequate and need consumer therapy. So more spending, or if you are with someone you are obligated to spend a ton. I heard a commercial on the radio telling us "fellows" that V-Day is the one time of year where you can show your other how you really feel. Hmmm, what about the other 365 days of the year? Didn't I hear that same damn thing on X-mas?

Anyway besides feeling fat, ugly and lonely I've not done much. I finished reading Big Deal by Anthony Holden, which was good. A biographer's account of his one year as a poker professional. I also watched the Young Lions. Marlon Brando was exquisite as always as a conflicted German soldier during WWII. The man is simply the best actor ever. Admittedly, he's made some bad choices the last few years (The Island of Dr. Moreau comes to mind), but his library is incredible. I suggest everyone see several of his works, The Godfather in particular.

Anyway I suppose I could have felt less lonely had I followed through on going to hang out with Corb, but the laziness bug took hold. My plan now is to drink several beer and play some poker for fun. Perhaps later I'll crack Dan Brown's Angels & Demons, which Mom checked out for me. I'd better hold on to my seat.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

What dreams remain

Now listening to: ...and you will know us by the trail of dead

Another triumphant night at the fake poker tables, but it is a hollow victory. In the fake rooms I'm gonna end up winning because there is nothing to lose. Therefore if I play tight, the goons are gonna chase dreams and throw the fake cash away. I still think it's good experience, but without the actual cash it's not really that great. So I'm gonna have to get into the cash games. It may be a while as I need to make sure all my bills are paid before my trip.

I'm wondering if it really will snow tomorrow...err, this morning. I hope school isn't closed and they have basketball games. Better to get them out of the way and have Friday off (ostensibly).

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Sweet as she wanna be

Now listening to: Outkast (The Love Below)

Well it's been a pretty good night. Fairly slack workday, nice dinner. Oh, well the fact that the local circuit city is closing is a real bummer. Now I can either buy online or over pay at FYE. Or I could go out of town...the majority of the time it'll probably be online or outta town. Sucks...

But it still has been a nice night. Josh the Newfoundland won the Westminster Dog Show, which kicked ass. Finally a big dog takes it to those yippy little punk dogs. I also would have been satisfied if the Corgi had won, but I was rooting for the Newfie.

After that I got online and made like $600 of fake cash. Initially I was pissed because I was at a table with this jerk who bet the maximum on every hand and hoped to draw out. With pocket kings I went the distance and he won because he got a deuce and nine on the turn and river. He bet the full amount the whole time with nothing. He did that every hand and was up overall...wonder if that strategy would pay off in the long run. Doubt it, people would simply refuse to play with you.

I left that table and found a super soft game that I racked up on. It was nice, my jacks full of tens beat this guy's tens full of jacks... a well done check on the turn earned me a big pay day. So that's cool.

Also I finally figured out how to adjust my links... feel free to look to the right and enjoy some of my fav. sites. I'll try to shift them around from time to time to give all of you the chance to explore some cool stuff I find. No, not porn...well not always.

So I'm listening to Outkast and I'm still not tired of Hey Ya! and that has been overplayed like mad... Normally I get sick of that type of thing, but this song has real staying power. Can't deny the incomparable Andre 3000.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Step into the night

Now listening to: the shins

Today has been a relative success. I watched Gandhi, it was exceptional. Worth the nigh three hours it took to watch it and then some. I recommend it to one and all. The tale of a great man, doing amazing things without ever grabbing for power or being a bastard. A leader I can respect...those are few and far between.

After that I watched TV for a while and then watched the David Cross DVD, which was pretty cool. Not great tho. I'd give it a C+ rating. Better than average, but there was some kinda lame stuff. OK, it may push into B- territory, but only just.

After that I hit the fake poker room online and woo I pulled in a coupla hundred bucks. Had a mad rush with pocket rockets twice in 20 minutes. I may be startign to get the hang of this limit game somewhat. That's probably a good thing since most casinos have that and not low buy-in no limit. Of course, that's only if I ever get to go to a casino...we'll see.

Oh, I also beat most of Wario Ware today...although it's one of those games that you could play forever trying to beat your own high score. Don't know if I'll do it, but I may.

Monday, February 09, 2004

The pus is good lube

Now listening to: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Well today was pretty cool. Our trip to G-boro was nice. Got some cools stuff and had a good time. Had some Macaroni Grill action for lunch then shopped our little hearts out. I got Wario Ware for GBA and it is pretty cool so far. I also bought D&D Heroes used and Trip and I had a pretty good time playing that for like four hours.

After that I came home and goofed off for a bit. Drank a beer out of my new pint glass, woo. I also hit the poker room, and made a couple hundred bucks of fake money. Who's the man? Lots of fluctuation I'm noticing on that. I'm up and down a lot, guess that's just poker.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

We rocked... so hard

Now listening to: Louis Prima (Oh Marie)

Well poker was considerably more successful. I went up big early, almost up a grand after last night. But then my rush came to a halt and I ended up only about $400 in play money. Oh well.

Geezers need excitement

Now listening to: The Streets (Original Pirate Material)

This album is great, especially with the wonderful Brittish slang. Can't get enough of that.

Work wasn't that bad tonight, went fairly quick and I was busy. Now I have a weekend to enjoy, oy.

Tomorrow Trip nad I are set for Greensboro, hopefully Corb will be up for it. Anyway I'm gonna play an hour of poker and then maybe read or play video games. Nite.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

It's got to get better

What a night I'm having. I've been feeling pretty crappy all day and so I haven't budged from the couch. Finally I decide to get up and play some online poker and now I feel worse because I keep suffering bad beats. I've had two straights beat by flushes picked up on the river, my american airlines crashlanded to trip deuces! It's been awful, I'm down like $250 and falling. Now I keep getting crap hands. Lots of inside straight draws that I really can't see waiting on. Great another guy draws out on the river ot beat me...figures. I don't like this limit crap, you can't get rid of people.

Other than that I've just been in a vegetative state. I watched Sleepless in Seattle and then 8 crazy nights. I haven't even accomplished the entertainment goals I set for myself, I'm that lazy.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Gorilla Monsoon

Now listening to: Jane's Addiction (Strays)

Well It's evident that I'm bored and feel like writing, an oddity. I'm just bumming around the internet and not really finding anything terribly exciting. So I thought a nice ramble would be a good idea.

I saw a video for a Yeah Yeah Yeah's song today that really was nice. Had kind of a Joy Division feel to it, so I'm definitely looking for the cd now. I also still need to get that Joy Division boxed set. All readers note :Great Gift Idea!!!!

I'm also thinking of rebuying NCAA Football 2004, if I can find it cheap. I'm gonna write a column about it (I was inspired by the salon article). But I also miss leading UVa. to the national championship. I need to get broadband and hook it up online and see how I match up. My fear about getting the high speed connection is getting involved in one of the MMORPGs and becoming a total recluse. Not that I'm far from it now.

I fear I am nearing the end of my energy and need to go to bed. Hopefully I will be able to while away the hours tomorrow afternoon in some useful fashion. Maybe I'll restart FF Tactics Advance and watch Gandhi. It's a good 2.5 hours long so I'll be putting the afternoon to rest with ease. Nighty-nite.

The man that made Kool-Aid say Oh Yeah!

Now listening to: Talib Kweli

Another fun-filled day. Got to go home a little early due to the ice. Funny how just an hour makes all the difference. But the night wasn't too bad anyway.

I spent a large portion of it reading stuff on Salon. There was a cool video game article that Trip pointed me at. It was about sports icons and video games, how many relate to sports through video games more than actually watching the athletes play. Which I think is probably true. Also it linked to a couple of cool articles at ESPN's page 2 site. They were about the history of video game football and one guy's relation to it. Funny how many of those experiences I can relate with.

Reminds me of the old days of Tecmo tournaments. Or as Adam called it "Tecmo Lucky Breaks." That's an inside joke that only three or four people will ever get...none of whom will read this blog.

Driving home tonight was fun, didn't really have any problems until I got to my home and tried to stop and turned in. There I slid completely sideways, which made turning in easier I guess, but was a little harrowing. Now I've been watching TV for a while and am bored as nighttime tv is really pretty lame. The Daily Show is good and some of the late night talk shows have moments, but other than that it's lame.

I want to find a video game to get into, but nothing seems to grab me. I'm actually considering playing through FF Tactics Advance again. I'm also considering going back to the old school PS1 game. I dunno, I'd like to play something new and I have several options, but nothing is grabbing me. I keep reading about Culdcept, so I may try to trade for it this weekend or maybe the new Balder's Gate...or both! I also want to new Game Boy game as I seem to make more time for them. Maybe I'll try to find a cheap Pokemon game...or maybe not. Something in me balks when I think about it, but I've heard they are great games. Or maybe I'll try and find a cool old school puzzle game I can play on the go, like Snood.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Daddy's trying to score with a cheap floozy

Man I'm tired. It's late and I've had a busy day. Admittedly most of it was incredibly dull. Work was boring, then busy and then I came home and watched poker and Futurama. Now I'm preparing to go to sleep.

I did pay for my plane ticket today and managed to resist the urge to buy something to assuage my boredom at work. New maturity or poor selection at Circuit City? The world may never know.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I can feel the bile rising in the back of my throat

Tonight was ghastly boring at work. I did fuck all until about 9:30 when things came in. I then worked hard until 11:10 and then sat on my ass until after midnight. So that's eight hours pay for a scant 1:40 of actual work. I'd almost rather be busy.

Anyway tonight's paper was full of Valentine's Day ads, which annoy me. This is maybe the worst holiday ever. X-mas is bad enough and then you get hit with VDay, the special day that makes all us single folk feel completely inadequate. As if I don't feel that enough already.

In an effort not to become morbidly depressed, I am now going to make a top ten list of things that make me happy.

10. Dogs
9. Penguins
8. Poker on TV (that way there is no anxiety about losing)
7. Listening to it rain while snuggly under the covers.
6. Warm shirts that fit well
5. Good wine
4. A low stress trip out of town with friends
3. Reading a book that I don't want to end
2. Good punk rock
1. Breasts

These are in no particular order, although number one may stand.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

These boots were made for limping

Now listening to: The Dismemberment Plan

Well I've frittered the day away by watching movies and TV. Very restful. I watched May, it was ok, nothing Special. I also watched Jim Jarmush's Stranger than Paradise. It was a recommended movie at Netflix and billed as a dark comedy. Frankly I didn't see any comedy. It was a lot of overly long, ponderous scenes about three weird people. Dullsville.

I also watched the UCB commentary stuff, which was excellent. Those guys rule. They mentioned that there are three seasons of UCB, so I now can't wait to see the other two.

I'm still feeling unwell, but not as bad, at least for the moment. Maybe I need a faith healer to cast out the demons. Where does one find a satanic faith healer?

Oh I talked to Adam. Apparently Greg found some plane tickets much cheaper than the ones I found so it will be considerably cheaper to go. We add a little layover, but it's worth the near $100 I'll be saving. I also found out that Mike's parents will be going at the same time. Which puts a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm. They are nice people, but I'm looking for some party time in NYC, not a chaperoned voyage. A little frustrating.

Monday, February 02, 2004

7-2 offsuit

Well yesterday was the poker tournament. I played ok, but in the main event didn't really catch a lot of cards. So I got put out. I then took part in a $10 winner take all side tournament and made the final table on that, but got busted with three jacks by a full house. I was still in but couldn't rebuild my stack. It was just one of those days.

Today I feel like crap again, sitting in a smokefilled room all day yesterday probably wasn't a good idea. I think I'm just gonna lay around, watch movies and play video games. Hopefully that'll help with some recooperation. I'm watching this movie May that's supposed to be a horror movie, but so far it's just been a lot of talk.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

I assure you it will be humane

Now reading: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Finally off work. It was the trying day I had anticipated. Lots of work and not much chance to goof off and coughing the whole time. But now I have reached my reward, two days off. Ahhh.

I am scheduled to play in the poker tournament tomorrow and hoping all goes well with that. I do have to rise fairly early for it, but that't the price that has to be paid to get in the game. My strategy is to not lose all my money. Smart play if you ask me.

Well I'm off to the world of Zaphod Breeblebrox and Marvin the Paranoid Android. Ta!