Thursday, May 31, 2007

You dirty motorboating bastard

Before I start I'd like to link to a site that every young man should visit and know about. Don't get your nuts in a knot!

Not much to report. Played some Top Spin 2 and I'm not overly impressed. It seems too hard to get the power shots to land. Think I'm gonna mail it back today. I then shifted into Catan, which remains fun despite my marked lack of skills.

Work was blah. The assistant GM told us she was trying to get our department paid better, which is nice. But, of course, trying doesn't mean it's gonna happen. I would love for it to happen, but am not getting too hopeful. It's when I get my hopes up that life makes a special trip to dash them with vigor. I'd site examples, but it's all too painful.

I'll be pulling some OT for the next few weeks, at least, as we are understaffed. I'm looking forward to the overtime pay, but not working Sundays.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

an adventure in musky

Decided to be completely slack today and didn't leave the house. Basically I just played video games all day, with a little tv mixed in. I watched Around the Horn and when those people talk about UFC the ignorance is astounding. Somehow two guys punching each other in the head for 12 rounds is fine, but you add in grappling aspects and they are "mongrels." Somehow jiu jitsu requires less skill... bah, the old people never overcome the shock of the new.

I also watched House, which was pretty good. Season finale and all. Afterward I kicked Trip's Zerg ass off my planet with extreme Protoss prejudice. Loads of fun to be had there. I suppose that's about it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spawn more overlords

This is gonna be a video game-centric blog, so if you're not interested in gaming stop reading now. I am up to my ass in games these days. I have been playing, consistently, the following games:Pokemon Diamond, Advance Wars DS, Madden 07, Lego Star Wars, Catan and Geometry Wars. So I've been busy.

I'll start by making a bold statement, I like my DS better than my XBox 360. Sure the 360 has all the graphics and next gen leetness, but I love my portable. Work is sooooo much better with the DS. I used to hit 3am and time would slow down to a crawl, now I blink and it's 6am and I can go. It's sweet. Plus the games I've gotten on the DS have managed to hook me more. I love Advance Wars, the turn-based strategy is maybe my favorite type of game. Nothing on the 360 has made me yearn to play it, except maybe Geometry Wars, but that's a short term thing, a quick game and I'm done.

But, I do make an effort to get involved with the 360, since I paid for it. Lego Star Wars is ok, not great, but kinda fun. I'm running out of patience with it, tho. I bought Madden 07 on a whim and initially I really hated it. But I figured I'd give it more of a shot and started a franchise. It made me like it more in franchise mode. Things started to click and I can move the ball. Of course, I am playing the team that won the Super Bowl the year before this game dropped. So not moving the ball would be embarrassing.

I need to buy a system selector for my tv so I can hook up my old XBox (which is modded and plays lots of cool stuff now) and my PS2. I'm considering trying Final Fantasy 12, but don't want to have to fiddle with loads of cords everytime I want to shift consoles. I'm also gonna start playing Starcraft again since all the Starcraft 2 hype has rekindled my love. I've never beat the game, hell I've never played the Zerg in campaign mode, so I'm kinda weak.

Ok, that's enough nerdity for now. Come back later for something less geeky... maybe.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Public facilities

Sooooooooooooo I have no been up for 24 straight hours. Yep, got up at 3pm yesterday, went to work, came home and went on a family outing. A long day, I tells ya. But it was worth it to see my brother, who recently returned from Iraq. Not to mention my nephew Cameron and sister-in-law Kelly. So yeah, it was fun.

I will admit that dealing with my parents during this type of event is a special challenge. Especially when sleep deprived, but I managed to keep my cool and not let my inner bastard out. We started off with breakfast at Ryan's, which we probably should have skipped, but that's hindsight. I purposely didn't eat a lot, as food at that time of day turns into an uncomfortable brick in my stomach and I feel ill for the whole day.

After that, we headed up to Philpott and claimed the roofed shelter area as our own, which was fortuitous as when your were in the sun it was hot as two fat hairy bikers fucking in a desert in hell. The view was nice and the breeze made it bearable.

Anyway I'm now making a beeline for bed. I'm exhausted and probably gonna fuck up my sleep schedule for a week.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Gonzo Fucktards

Well it turns out there was a mistake on my evaluation, so I am not as unappreciated as I thought. So that's a good thing. The bad part is that I get to once again prove my attendance is exemplary by working lots of overtime. Since one of our group got a promotion and her day slot was filled by a night person, I get to work more. I shouldn't complain, not like I'll do anything constructive with the time anyway.

So I finally worked my way through the first season of Heroes. It's a really good show, really good. Anyone that wants to watch it can, legally even, by going to and watching it there with fairly limited commercial interruption. The season finale was good, but it didn't have quite the payoff I was hoping for. Still I can't wait for Sept. to see more, although there are no shortage of things to occupy my time these days... just not the things I wish were occupying my time.

But anyway, sweeps is finally over, I believe, with the American Idol nonsense done. It was a highly stressful night at Fox, although it wasn't really my problem. I was broadcasting the fabulous One Tree Hill season ender. I'm sure all of you caught that... (insert sarcastic tone here).

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cliff notes of my life

My weekend so far: slight depression, 28 Weeks Later, Red Lobster, Halo 3 beta, Viva Pinata, sleep, Mexican food, Gamestop, Madden, more Halo 3 beta, Corbin, Heroes episodes 8-11, sleep, phone ringing.

That sums it all up. I live a product driven life, apparently.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


So I got my employee evaluation yesterday. I was whisked into an office, handed a paper with lots of arbitrary numbers and no points of reference. I noted that my attendance and punctuality score was a little low and signed off on it.

It was only later that I connected those numbers with the self evaluation I filled out weeks ago. I realized that three meant "adequate" and that my overall rating was 2.777, which means that I am perceived as less than adequate. That is complete bullshit. I'm not claiming to be the best worker out there or even exceptional, but I am more than fucking adequate.

I've been stewing on this all night. I work the worst fucking hours, nights, weekends, holidays for shit pay and try my damnedest to make it all work well. I worked all kinds of overtime when we were shortstaffed and always try to help out my coworkers when they need time off. When I make a mistake I try to not do it again, even when it's not my mistake but them changing shit on me week to week. But still I'm less than adequate.

I'm gonna let them know I disagree and I'm gonna start looking for a different job. I know I'm looking at another fabulous nine cent raise this year. Fuck this bullshit.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Festus pulled out his Roscoe

Sooo my weekend has come and gone. It was fun, had sushi, played games, watched a bunch of episodes of Heroes. So good times.

Today I made my way back to work and well into my drive I realized I had forgotten my cell phone. I felt completely isolated. I'm telling ya, it was disconcerting. It's not like I'm constantly on the thing, like a lot of people, but it's good to know I can be reached if necessary. Orrrrr should my Jeep decide to crap out it's nice to know I can have someone fetch me. But I survived.

Today the Halo 3 beta started, but I'm not taking part. I resisted the temptation to spend $55 for a game I don't really want just for the privilege of testing Halo 3 for three weeks. I tried to rent it from Gamefly, but plenty of other people had the same thought I imagine. Still I'm hearing good things and will be able to try it out a little next week at Trip's (he did get Crackdown via Gamefly and so can play the beta). Plus the release date for Halo 3 is set for Sept. 25 now so that's not too long anyway.

Well I'm off to play some games and try to catch up on my podcasts. I'm way behind with like 30-odd podcasts in my queue. Gotta start cutting some of them out.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I sever the ties

So I find myself in a good mood and I'm not really sure why. It's the oddest thing. I mean, sure, it's the beginning of my weekend and I don't have to run any more shitty night NASCAR races, but this is a greater sense of joy that those things would merit. I did listen to a nice playlist I made on my drive home. Lots of good songs in a row always helps.

But yeah, my night of work wasn't particularly great, as I did run baseball and had a rained out race. Lots of little bullshit to annoy, especially when you add in emergency broadcasts for thunderstorms. So yeah, it's unusual that I'm happy in the face of all that garbage.

Ohhh I also listened to an episode of This American Life, a radio show from public radio, about prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. Man that's scary. They interviewed two guys that had been released after four years of detainment. Neither had ever been anyway related to terrorism or being an enemy combatant, aside from someone turning them in for a $5-10,000 reward. Four years oftheir life stolen, forced into a cage, regularly humiliated and interrogated for no reason. Imagine.

I could go on a huge rant about that. I mean we are a nation allegedly based on freedom and the "inalienable rights" of all men, yet we detain these people without habeus corpus, without any reasonable appeal process and with minimal evidence of their guilt. It's astounding. I'm letting it go, but I may post more about it later, if my mood worsens.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I'd like to snarl at the world

So I've had a shitty day. Just something not right all day long. I didn't even sleep well. Had lots of really weird dreams about zombies (the rage-infected, fast ones from 28 Days Later) and while it wasn't scary, not really, it was offputting. Then work sucks, every little thing seemed to get on my nerves.

For example, the cleaning lady. She's nice enough, but she managed to be right in my way constantly. I decided to go prepare my dinner in the break room, she's in there cleaning. I want to go get my jacket from my Jeep, she's vacuuming the stairs and completely fucking oblivious of my desire to get around her. Not her fault, but annoying to me.

I've felt like I've had this submerged scream in my chest all day long and I don't know why. I'm gonna try to ease that burden now by eating Cheezit Crisps, drinking Belgian beer and shooting people in Halo 2. We'll see if it works. If I manage to calm down i may read some of the new Palahniuk book, Rant, that my mom checked out for me.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Please check my balls

Sooooo I had originally planned to stay in today and waste away in front of my XBox 36o, but when I arose I found my modem had died again. So I decided to take care of that and since I was out I may as well be somewhat social. So I traded in my old modem for a new one at Comcast and then met up with Trip to grab some pizza.

We then went to Advance Auto Parts (which is far out of our usual roaming grounds) too look for seat covers for him. You see he bought a shiny new PT Cruiser recently and now I'm all jealous. The highlight of the trip was the Chrome skull shifter knob with the light up eyes.

After our manly shopping escapade (yes I know escapade detracts from the manliness, that's the point), we headed back to his place and watched How I Met Your Mother, which continues to be enjoyable and Fast Food Nation, which moved at a nigh-glacial pace. I'd read the book, so I was well aware of how horrible the meat packing industry is (I've read The Jungle too, so I have historical perspective as well).

The one scene I did like was when the activist kids try to free the cows at the slaughterhouse and the cattle refuse to escape. They just won't listen even though someone is telling them they are going to die. Sadly I have to include myself among those cattle, but my apathy and laziness will not let me break free.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Badonkadonk red and the hostess

So apparently some of you Ramblers are upset with my lack of recent updates. Well, tough. I write when I feel like it and I've been distracted lately. You see, last week I impulse bought a Nintendo DS (which is a handheld gaming system for those of you not in the know) and have been playing the new Pokemon game pretty consistently since. It's like crack for kids... and I'm still pretty much a kid, even at age 32.

I did hit a snag last night when I found out that there is a "fashion" portion of the game where you have to dress up your Pokemon in accessories you get through the game. Not so much on playing dress up. Gotta see how much of that crap I have to do before I can progress.

In other news, I saw the new Spiderman movie, it's ok, but probably not something I'm gonna want to see a lot. Too many stupid jokes, kids thrown in for cuteness factor and just too long. Why do we need three villains in one movie? Why do they all take off their masks regularly? (I know it's to show off the actors underneath, but it's just stupid.) Why is Spiderman acting like a 70s pimp? I think the first viewing merited a +1 chainmail rating, but subsequent viewings are likely to drop it down to Meh. and possibly beyond.

I also watched Rocky Balboa, which was ok (in the +1 chainmail area, as well). It went back to the roots of the Rocky series and worked through those fairly well, with a few rocky moments (ba dump tshhhh). I'd rank it roughly on the same level as Rocky 4, definitely better than Rocky 5. They just never were the same without Burgess Meredith tho.