Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spawn more overlords

This is gonna be a video game-centric blog, so if you're not interested in gaming stop reading now. I am up to my ass in games these days. I have been playing, consistently, the following games:Pokemon Diamond, Advance Wars DS, Madden 07, Lego Star Wars, Catan and Geometry Wars. So I've been busy.

I'll start by making a bold statement, I like my DS better than my XBox 360. Sure the 360 has all the graphics and next gen leetness, but I love my portable. Work is sooooo much better with the DS. I used to hit 3am and time would slow down to a crawl, now I blink and it's 6am and I can go. It's sweet. Plus the games I've gotten on the DS have managed to hook me more. I love Advance Wars, the turn-based strategy is maybe my favorite type of game. Nothing on the 360 has made me yearn to play it, except maybe Geometry Wars, but that's a short term thing, a quick game and I'm done.

But, I do make an effort to get involved with the 360, since I paid for it. Lego Star Wars is ok, not great, but kinda fun. I'm running out of patience with it, tho. I bought Madden 07 on a whim and initially I really hated it. But I figured I'd give it more of a shot and started a franchise. It made me like it more in franchise mode. Things started to click and I can move the ball. Of course, I am playing the team that won the Super Bowl the year before this game dropped. So not moving the ball would be embarrassing.

I need to buy a system selector for my tv so I can hook up my old XBox (which is modded and plays lots of cool stuff now) and my PS2. I'm considering trying Final Fantasy 12, but don't want to have to fiddle with loads of cords everytime I want to shift consoles. I'm also gonna start playing Starcraft again since all the Starcraft 2 hype has rekindled my love. I've never beat the game, hell I've never played the Zerg in campaign mode, so I'm kinda weak.

Ok, that's enough nerdity for now. Come back later for something less geeky... maybe.


Anonymous said...

What is "turn-based strategy"?


Anonymous said...

It is basically where you two try to go up the old Hershey highway with each other...

You would therefore have to come up with a "turn-based strategy" of who was going to be the pitcher and who was going to be the cather...

Hope that helps!!!