Friday, May 11, 2007

I'd like to snarl at the world

So I've had a shitty day. Just something not right all day long. I didn't even sleep well. Had lots of really weird dreams about zombies (the rage-infected, fast ones from 28 Days Later) and while it wasn't scary, not really, it was offputting. Then work sucks, every little thing seemed to get on my nerves.

For example, the cleaning lady. She's nice enough, but she managed to be right in my way constantly. I decided to go prepare my dinner in the break room, she's in there cleaning. I want to go get my jacket from my Jeep, she's vacuuming the stairs and completely fucking oblivious of my desire to get around her. Not her fault, but annoying to me.

I've felt like I've had this submerged scream in my chest all day long and I don't know why. I'm gonna try to ease that burden now by eating Cheezit Crisps, drinking Belgian beer and shooting people in Halo 2. We'll see if it works. If I manage to calm down i may read some of the new Palahniuk book, Rant, that my mom checked out for me.


Anonymous said...

Eric, sounds like you failed miserably to capitalize once again. The way you describe the whole "Cleaning Lady" episode- it could have lead from one to another... if you know what I mean. Opportunities, baby! It's all about making the most out of those small windows of opportunities...
Come on boy, play those cards right.

The Dude in the Van That's Been Eyeballing you Himself

Anonymous said...

That's weird because this Cleaning Lady I know said some jerk was in her way all night too - messing up the break room she just cleaned and sullying her freshly vacuumed stairs. Weird, huh?

Carbunkle Jones

Anonymous said...

Come on Eric, you know you were thinking about it. Just a little at least?

Leg Hound

eric said...

I don't work in a porn movie, Adam.

Anonymous said...

But, if you tried I bet you could.