Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Badonkadonk red and the hostess

So apparently some of you Ramblers are upset with my lack of recent updates. Well, tough. I write when I feel like it and I've been distracted lately. You see, last week I impulse bought a Nintendo DS (which is a handheld gaming system for those of you not in the know) and have been playing the new Pokemon game pretty consistently since. It's like crack for kids... and I'm still pretty much a kid, even at age 32.

I did hit a snag last night when I found out that there is a "fashion" portion of the game where you have to dress up your Pokemon in accessories you get through the game. Not so much on playing dress up. Gotta see how much of that crap I have to do before I can progress.

In other news, I saw the new Spiderman movie, it's ok, but probably not something I'm gonna want to see a lot. Too many stupid jokes, kids thrown in for cuteness factor and just too long. Why do we need three villains in one movie? Why do they all take off their masks regularly? (I know it's to show off the actors underneath, but it's just stupid.) Why is Spiderman acting like a 70s pimp? I think the first viewing merited a +1 chainmail rating, but subsequent viewings are likely to drop it down to Meh. and possibly beyond.

I also watched Rocky Balboa, which was ok (in the +1 chainmail area, as well). It went back to the roots of the Rocky series and worked through those fairly well, with a few rocky moments (ba dump tshhhh). I'd rank it roughly on the same level as Rocky 4, definitely better than Rocky 5. They just never were the same without Burgess Meredith tho.

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Anonymous said...

Much better (applause).

I saw Spiderboy, too. I was let down. I'm still waiting for the sequel to the new Batman series.