Monday, April 30, 2007

I can't see anything at all, all I see is me

Had an interesting day. Went to Eoghan's Birthday party (Eoghan is Jill's 8-year-old son, for those of you out of the know). Now contrary to what my sicko friends might tell you, I don't frequent lots of BDay parties for minors. Apparently you can celebrate a birthday without buying the BDay boy a shot. Who knew? Anyway it wasn't bad, just kinda hung out at Rollabout. Hadn't been there since like ninth grade maybe.

Headed to Trip's after that for a bit, where we watched some of that new, yet already cancelled Andy Richter show. It's hilarious and hence it had to die. I'm sure we'll get another fat guy with a hot wife sitcom on the air to replace it next season. Don't have enough of that.

Hit "The Walmart" after leaving Trip's, as I had to get a FM transmitter for my iPod, since my tape deck has decided to reject my tape adapter. Apparently the relationship just wasn't working out between them and the tape deck wanted to be alone. Found one that works pretty good so far.

Got home and tried to build up my gamer score on XBox Live. I swear, it's addictive. Not quite crack, but maybe prescription painkillers. I managed to get over 1,000 without playing any new games and have now built it up to 1,065 only playing through a tad of Tony Hawk Project 8, which I borrowed from Trip. Some of the more thorough of you Ramblers (the new nickname for people who read my blog) will note that I have linked my score at the bottom of my blog. So you folks can see both the depths of my nerdiness and what I am playing to keep said nerdiness at such high levels.

I should probably just delete the link thingie since I can't get the software to work right with my iPod. Bleh, I may try to fiddle with it sometime, so I'll leave it where it is for the moment.

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Anonymous said...

I find your lack of postings disturbing. You used to do it at least 3 time a week. Then you went to two. Then one. Now we're lucky if you post every other week. What gives?

A disgruntled reader / friend