Friday, April 20, 2007

It's all about failure

Now listening to: My Bloody Valentine

So this is my final night in the luxurious Quality Inn. It's been a decent stay, aside from the lack of a microwave and talkative people at 7 a.m. when I'm trying to fall asleep. The heating unit has two modes, blazing hot and ice cold. I lean toward the cold, of course, but it's annoying to realize you're shivering while sitting in front of the computer.

Also I need to get out of here because I keep buying crappy food to eat. Fucking Cheez-its and that whore Little Debbie screw me over at every turn. I got a nice low fat sub from Subway, loaded with veggies for dinner to try to offset some of that garbage. I get to work and they are having a going away party for Kasper and free pizza, cookies and cake were all laid out. How do I say no to that? So my plan to be healthy was foiled again by both my coworkers and my weak will.

I continue to plow my way through the Venture Bros. commentary and it amuses me. It's completely random, one minute talking about the show, next talking about having sex with tattooed women. Anything can happen.

I watched the new episode of The Ultimate Fighter at work, which was followed by a preview of this weekend's free UFC broadcast on Spike. It's free because you've probably only heard of one of the fighters going at it. Still, one of the guys is a Pride FC veteran I do believe, so it'll be good.

I must go now, as I will be forced to rise well before I'd like to so I can check out and then proceed to kill 7 hours until work. Hello book store and coffee shop. Maybe I'll get a hair cut, since I desperately need one.

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