Thursday, April 26, 2007

Innovation is not the be all, end all of design

Had my meeting today and it wasn't as bad as I suspected. It wasn't good, meetings never are, but it wasn't horrible. But I did get more free pizza, woo. But yeah, the crux of the meetings was that sweeps are starting so we needed to do things right. Like that isn't our goal normally. Somehow I normally fuck things up intentionally, but now it's sweeps so I should stop that.

So my podcast addiction continues. The quality of podcasts varies wildly, but the good ones are really good. I have been listening to way too many video game discussions tho. I'm informed to say the least. Listened to a cool discussion about how important the Halo franchise in the grand scheme of the video games. The usual arguments of how PC FPS's always have done it better, blah blah blah. (Some of you completely got lost with that last sentence, but then i suppose it wasn't really for you then. So feel free to ignore it.)

I subscribed to Gamefly, which is basically a Netflix equivalent for games. Happy so far. Been playing last year's college football game and it's ok, not anything special. I prefer some of the older versions of it. Ehh, it's doing a nice job of pumping up my gamer score. (Those are the nerd points you get for playing games on XBox 360. When you meet certain goals in the game you get points added to your total score, which is posted for everyone online to see. It adds a cool little tweak to gaming. Adding another tier to satisfy the nerdy gaming/collecting urge and allow geeks to further rank themselves.)

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