Tuesday, April 03, 2007

That's a spicy meatball

Now listening to: Ghostface Killah (More Fish)

So Trip and I hit Greensboro for some delicious PF Changs. Now I like spicy food, but damn the Dali's Chicken did a number on me. Those peppers were unfriendly.

Afterward I got involved with the Xbox 360 debate again, but resisted. I'm weakening tho. It won't be long, I'm betting.

We then hit Harris Teeter to look even gayer than normal. I mean two grown men grocery shopping together? People can't help but assume. Hell the girl checking us out asked if we'd like to sign up for a discount card, definitely implying it would be together. I was amused.

I purchased a tasty Chimay Ale which may have accidently been drank on the way home. I'm still feeling the effects. I'm a lightweight (yesh, not many context's where that's true) and am half in the bag. I have switched up to the Blushing Dog now, which isn't as good as I remember. But it does get better the more I drink.

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