Monday, April 02, 2007

History of Drunks

Been staying under my rock today as the Racetards were in full effect. Watched Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, which was a 70s zombie movie and boring in a way only 70s horror can be. Just sloooooow. (mudbutt).

I also watched Planet Earth on Discovery. Man that's some good shit. Awesome footage of these really rare and hard to get to camels in the Gobi Desert. Also saw the episode on ice dwellers. Love the penguin footage, but coulda done without watch the polar bear starve to death. Downer. Still the footage is amazing, betting it would look even better in high def. Can't afford that tho.

Watched I, Robot, which i had been putting off for a while, just cause I loathe Will Smith. Also I knew that Hollywood would bastardize a good book of short stories and make a stupid action movie out of it. They did. It wasn't quite the abortion I expected, but it wasn't good either. Decent CG tho. I'll say Meh. and leave it at that.

Debating getting an Xbox 360. Haven't decided if I'm gonna yet, but I need something to pass the time. I dunno. I don't wanna spend the money, but I am sick of staring at the walls. We'll see.
Listening to this album by The Melvins, (A) Senile Animal and it's pretty good. I'm digging the stoner/retro metal I've been listening to lately. Lotsa The Sword, Fu Manchu, Electric Wizard and, of course, Clutch. The musical equivalent to one of those smashing machines junkyards use on cars.

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