Saturday, July 31, 2004

new slang

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I have a headache. This is probably from doing a couple of shots a few hours ago and straining my eyes to play Halo and ESPN 2K5. I have popped some aspirin and am still waiting for the instant relief.

Not really an eventful day. I didn't do a whole lot outside of play video games. Actually I didn't do anything besides play video games. That isn't really a bad thing, as I had planned to really try and relax this weekend. I know, I know I've been off for over a month now, but I have only recently been able to really let the stress go. Now things are looking up and I can enjoy my time off instead of brooding constantly.

I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do for the rest of tonight tho. I have a couple of hours to kill before I can really think of going to sleep...maybe I'll hit Paragon City. Hmm.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Shake-zula, the mike rula


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Since I'm up at 4:30 a.m. and can't stop posting silly crap I figured i may as well link to this place. It's all about the rules of calling shotgun. Oddly enough, it's got every rule we implemented back in high school. It also has a cool voiding clause I like, that if you pull the handle up when the door is being unlocked and it stays locked you lost shotgun privileges. I really need to get a life...I think it's bedtime for me.

Fits to be tied

Fit fit fits.
You will perish of fits. Repeat this to yourself:
"Things can work out even if I don't get
my way. Things can work out even...."

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
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The internet is a wonderful thing. I have just spent the last couple of hours completely absorbed in the digital world and it feels really good. I have everything I need. I can look up almost any fact I need to find within seconds and can do it in complete comfort. Tonight I've been touring Salon and some blogs. I've also been reading more of the Road Penns at They are really good.

I think the thing I like most about blogs are that it's so untainted. It's just a little window into the mind of the blogger and what he/she want to tell you and what's happening in his/her life.

Anyway I just love that I can climb into my little internet nook, slap on the headphones to listen to the crap ton of music I've got uploaded to my hard drive (the first thing I do when I get a new cd is load it into iTunes) and read all night on almost anything. Is it wasting time? I don't know...depends on what you consider a waste...I've always thought that accruing information, no matter how trivial, was a good thing.

Hail to the Chief

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I'm in a pretty good mood for a change. I had my interview for the teaching job and feel like I nailed it. I was a little nervous and rambled a little bit, but that may have helped. I'm pretty good at interviews I think...well depending on the situation. I was once in an interview where I had decided I hated the woman interviewing me and no longer wanted the job. Basically I just crapped out there. But for the most part, interviews are my friends. The key is staying cool and being honest. I'm not too bad at thinking on my feet and having a good answer. I find out if I got the job sometime next week.

After that I filled out another application (fulfilling my unemployment responsibilities for the week), bought some lunch and came home for a meal then a nap...well an on and off nap, where I watched the Aqua Teen Hunger Force second season DVD during moments of lucidity.

After rousing myself I went to Trip's and we watched Celebrity Poker and then John Kerry's speech at the DNC. I have to say the speech was pretty damn good. It really brought things together. He covered all the things he needed to, the war on terror, domestic policy, the environment and finally having a bipartisan government working together to solve problems. I also appreciate his stand on stem cell research. Kerry just seemed to earnestly have the best interests of America in mind. I guess it's not hard to seem that way in comparison to the administration we have now. I'm hoping for a big boost in the polls and really can't imagine what a Bush victory in Nov. would be like.

Vote Kerry!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

police states suck

Made the trek to Greensboro for a bit of poker. Started things off with a nice fat meal of breakfast food at IHOP. I had been suffering from a breakfast food craving for a while and now it is satiated. Finally. I then proceeded to Nick's domicile for some poker hijinks. Unfortunately the game had been called off, unbeknownst to me.

Nick called the troops in and scrounged up a game for me (thank you Nick), so my trip was not in vain. Actually I wouldn't have minded if the game were cancelled, it wasn't a big deal and I was having a good time chatting with Nick and Abby. Abby and I were trying (unsuccessfully) to change Nick's mind about the upcoming election. He's a Bush person and I'm not sure why. Of course, really I'm not sure why anyone is a Bush supporter...oh well, live and let live I suppose.

But the game did come together and we played for a while. It was pretty fun, I started off with some nice hands and went up quick. Then the cards dried up and I made some pretty weak calls to chisel away at my winnings. I ended up winning $4...which pays for about half the gas it took to drive there and back...actually probably less. Still I had a good time and all is well. I shouldn't complain, I did win. Losing my ass and paying for gas would bone. Plus I finally got my Modest Mouse cd back after leaving it there for months.

I did manage to get four of a kind jacks at on one hand, which was pretty cool. Pocket jacks and then got another jack on both the turn and the river. Pretty sweet. Didn't get a call on the river tho, minimizing the size of the pot I dragged.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Bad Monkey wammerjammer

Preparing to: play ESPN NFL 2K5 for about four hours.

I broke down and bought the ESPN game because it was only $20. Why not? I've only played one game, but it was pretty sweet. Makes me want to get Xbox Live and try my hand at it online. I might do that next week. It's not like I have an actual life really.

Oh I did shower and shave and feel much better for having done so...I really don't understand how people don't shower for days at the time. Two days and I feel like rancid meat. It's not good.

I never got through the dreaded busy phone of death today, so I will try again tomorrow and may drive to the school to set something up. I refuse to let this slip through my fingers, like the stupid history job did.

I think I'm gonna hit the poker table tomorrow at Nick's if all goes well. I haven't been in a game in a while and am hoping to rack a few pots. Plus I can get the cds my dumbass left down there.

I started reading Penn Jillette's book Sock (Penn of Penn and Teller fame) and I have to say it's really very good. I mean you'd have to be deaf to not know that Penn can spew a line of bullshit like few other people in the world, but talk doesn't always translate into writing. This is good writing. I'll keep you posted on my further impressions.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

vile, just vile

I stink. I haven't bathed in two days and haven't shaved in five. I am entering full derelict mode. I feel bad (mostly because I haven't showered I think) and I can't get a call through to set up an interview for that teaching job. It's annoying. Their phone has been busy all fucking day and it's driving me absolutely apeshit.

On the plus side I am officially a ward of the state and receiving "Gubment" checks. I got my first on yesterday. A day which I did almost nothing of note. I watched Love, Actually which was pretty good (+1 chainmail) and re-read Shampoo Planet, which is an underrated masterpiece (Filet Mignon). I also watched several hours worth of tv that had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Last night a thunderstorm forced me to go lowtech so I spent much of the evening listening to cds and reading. I also stared into the walls of my room for quite a bit thinking. As I was sampling from my massive cd collection I started thinking about how certain songs really resonate with me. A short list of songs that shake me to my core almost every time I hear them:
  • The Dismemberment Plan- You are Invited
  • Fugazi - Merchandise
  • The Minutemen - History Lesson Part II
  • The Eels - Going to Your Funeral
  • The Cure - Just Like Heaven
That's just a few I thought of off the top of my head. I'd like to hear back from the few people who read this site about their personal soulshaking songs. We could both make a cd of those songs and trade them. It'd be cool, think about it.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Hell yeah I'm a dirty white boy

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I'm really not in the best of moods and haven't been all day. I let Corb talk me into hanging out and I ended up spending a lot of the time sleeping on Trip's couch. Woo party time for one and all.

I did roust myself in time to watch the new episode of Six Feet Under, but really it was a bad idea. The show is so damn depressing and I really didn't need that now. I'm probably just gonna try and spend the rest of the night playing COH and reading. I'm probably gonna go back and re-read some Douglas Coupland stuff.

Tomorrow I call about that teaching job and see what will work out there. He's to hoping I don't have to be a derelict for that much longer.

Don't touch my magic bone!

Now watching: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Saw the movie Super Size Me today. It was pretty good, but another one of those films that makes me annoyed with how the world works. Too much fat, too much money spent advertising food that is grotesquely bad for you. It's enough to make you think that a world run by multinational corporations doesn't have the best interest of people at heart.

Trip and I finally finished watching the first season of Dead Like Me and it was excellent. An interesting world of grim reapers and their interactions with the dead. I'd give the season a Foot massage rating.

I finished Hey, Nostradamus by Douglas Coupland the other day and enjoyed it. It wasn't one my favorite work of his, but it still was very good. My all time favorite is Microserfs, which speaks to my inner nerd. I'd rank it as one of my top five books of all time.

Friday, July 23, 2004

OH, this is forever

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Well when it rains shit, it pours. Now that I don't have a steady income, my jeep has decided to really turn into a hunk of crap. Of course the top is still sieve-like and now the engine has decided to follow the top's example. It's spreading oil around like the Bush Administration. (zing) So I have another thing to worry about, just what I wanted.

I have to drop off an application at Blockbuster (for a job I really don't want) tomorrow and I'm not sure if I should be taking my jeep anywhere. It could be bad. Uggh.

Still no word on my unemployment stuff. Guess I just have to wait until they are good and ready to tell me something. Stress-related heart attack, here I come. Of course I don't have medical insurance so that would be another big fuck you in my life.

This Sparta album keeps getting better every time I listen to it.

Oh I found this cool song while surfing the net last night and it's pretty cool. It's probably not up everyone's alley, but you have to appreciate the cool video. To think it's done with just a digital camera and single comp program is pretty impressive.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee

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I just saw Modest Mouse on Conan O'Brian and I really need to get their new cd back. I left it at Nick's pad a while back and haven't been back there to get it. I'll have to take him on one of his invites to play poker sometime soon.

Went to see Anchorman tonight and I have to say it was excellent. Friggin hilarious, much better than I expected with some really absurd moments that I loved. A fine piece of comedy. I'm thinking Filet Mignon, although repeated watching may lower that score. Still I have to love the fact that I didn't see all the funny bits in the preview.

No word on my unemployment status today and I'm not optimistic. They are going to fuck me, that's just the way the world works. If they dis me I'm totally screwed and will have to resort to theft and double dealing for Mountain Dew money. It's not gonna be pretty.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Don't get all avoidy

Now watching: Conan and The Daily Show

A very slack, but interesting day. I watched about six episodes of Buffy, before I decided to move on. I then watched some Friends reruns and the World Series of Poker new episodes, which was cool. I also played a bit of COH and got my little tanker up to 14th level, so super jump is now mine. It's pretty sweet.

Other exciting news, I got a call from Henry County Public Schools and will be calling about an interview on Monday. The only problem is it will be for alternative education kids, i.e. the ones that have been thrown out of the other schools for some reason. It won't be the best job ever, but it would have a lot of pluses outside of the possibility of hellish students.

One plus about possibly getting the job is that the principal I'm being interviewed by was my first grade teacher and really likes me. She also was vice principal at my high school. She's cool. So I have a foot in the door. Plus I could do the alternative ed thing for a while and then try to move into administration quick. Or get my license and move away. That too is a viable option. So hopefully that will work out well.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Butter rum ass

I'm thinking today may be a Buffy day. That is to say I may simply sit on my fat ass and watch the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer until I collapse. Nothing like watching a marathon session of a Joss Whedon show.

I'm starting to really be concerned about my finances. I find out tomorrow if I am approved for unemployment and I'm nervous. If they don't approve me then I am gonna be screwed. Why does everything have to be so damn nerve racking?

I finished Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and it was ok. I'd say foot massage. It had interesting characters and a pretty cool storyline. Plus werewolves, which are pretty cool.

I forgot to mention that one of my favorite record stores has closed down. It was Safe as Milk Records in Roanoke and while I never went there a lot, I really liked it. It had a lot of cool, hard to find indie music and a nice atmosphere. Plus it wasn't a corporate piece of shit like so many of the other stores where Ishop.

Monday, July 19, 2004

End Morraine

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Spent most of the day reading on the couch. I started this werewolf book called Bitten. It's pretty good and I really didn't feel like doing much else. I turned on some mellow music, laid back and read. I may do some more of that tonight.

After lazing the day away I went to Trip's with Corb and we played Halo and Tetris Worlds. You couldn't find two more different games if you tried. Still I managed to school them in both. Anyone wanting Halo lessons need only ask. I won't charge a lot (I'm looking at you Trip).

I actually did do some writing last night, after whining about it. But I'm not really happy with it. It needs severe editing and I may just toss it, as the premise hasn't panned out the way I'd like. I'm gonna try to do some brainstorming on short story ideas this week as well. I've got a couple of decent novel ideas, but I need to sit down and be able to finish something to show me I can finish something.

You fucking poser

After linking to Punk Planet's site I started looking around and reading some stuff. This column is really cool. I recommend it to all. One of the main reason I ever bought Punk Planet was because the columns kept me coming back. Most of the time I'm not really familiar with the bands they interview and the features are informative, but sometimes it's just too far to reach. The columns always seem to make more sense to me. You should check them out sometime, maybe just read them in the bookstore if you're a cheap bastard.

Anyway the column is about being a poser and it's a good read. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Friendly quadriped

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A slack day by any standard. Didn't do much, watched the first coupla episodes of the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then Trip came over and picked me up. We got pizza and carried it back to his place and watched some Dead Like Me episodes. Instead of watching the final episode on the disc, Trip insisted we play NFL Street. He managed to beat me with the new pass play he figured out. I still insist it was a fluke, but whatever.

We watched Six Feet Under and then Entourage and then The Ali G Show. All were really good. I hate it when I find more tv to watch. It's not a good thing, especially when it's on HBO and I don't have that channel. Sucky.

I'm not really sure what I wanna do right now. I was thinking City of Heroes, but I fiddled with it through most of the time I was at Trip's so now it's not as appealing. I'm afriad it's starting to lose some of it's luster, but that may just be me expecting the worst.

Today Mom found a freelance writing job I'm probably going to apply for. It pays between $15-20/hour and that would be nice. Even if I find a better job, I could still do that depending on the amount of work involved. I like the idea of freelance stuff, as I think keeping as much freedom as possible is important to me. I really hate feeling tied down and like someone is oppressing me. My last few weeks at the Bulletin really felt that way, with the new dress code and everything else.

I've always hated to be told what to do. As most of my friends can attest, the quickest way to get me to not do something is to insist I do it. My contrary nature just takes hold and I balk. In fact, it's so well known a few of my friends have resorted to trying reverse psychology in the past. Usually I see right through it and am annoyed by it, but I'm sure it's worked at some point.

I still need to write something while I have time off, but I haven't been good at focusing on it. I think the A.D.D. has taken hold somewhat, not that I haven't kept busy with little crap for the most part. Still I should be taking advantage of this opportunity. I may try to write a short story to submit to Punk Planet magazine. It'd be cool to be published there.

Yes I went link nutty, what are you gonna do about it? The rating system has all new links, all music related if anyone cares.


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Went to Roanoke with Trip today and had a decent time. Did a little shopping and I managed to control my tendency to overbuy things a little bit. I still spent too much money, particularly considering I'm unemployed, but I didn't succumb to the temptation to buy NCAA 2005 or get that Pixies DVD. I did buy the new Wilco, which is ok, but it's not what I'm in the mood to listen to right now. I may switch it out. I also got a the Hot Hot Heat's album, basically because Trip and I had been singing a song from it all day.

One of the reasons I was able to resist NCAA 2005 was that we played a bit of it at the Gamestop and I wasn't that impressed. The presentation wasn't what I hoped. I may have to let it go. It wouldn't be bad to not spend $50 at this point either.

One really nice thing about today's trip was that I saw more attractive women out than I have in quite a while. So many beautiful women... The hormones are on high at the moment.

After coming back, Trip and I rented Eurotrip, which was much better than I thought. I'm saying foot massage. Lots of hot women in various stages of undress, some exceedingly stupid moments and some moments of hilarity. After that we enjoyed C.H.U.D. A film we rented solely because it has become something of a joke, often referred to by people rating things and the like. The movie itself was Shaq-fu at best, but because of the inherent cultural reference I'll say Meh.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Suicide's an alternative

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So I've been offline for more than 24 hours now. I had to call tech support and have a cable guy come by to fix things. My neighbors had their stuff hooked up yesterday and naturally that meant that mine got fucked up. Figures. But now all is well and I am back in blogging action. The guy came late to the appointment and my mom harangued him into giving me a $20 credit, which is cool. My mom, effectively bitching for over 40 years.

This has been a busy week for me, particularly considering I'm unemployed. I helped Danny move and that was physically challenging. Lots of lifting and working in the heat. But, ya know, it was odd, I actually kinda enjoyed it. That is, some of it sucked, but it wasn't as bad as a thought it would be and all in all I had a good time doing it. There at the end, the five-year-old started to wear me a little thin with his hijinks, but other than that no problem.

Other than that I've been working on application and had Trip help me out with my resume. He made it look good, so that is a bonus (Filet Mignon). I shuttled around this afternoon and dropped off the applications. So I've been busy. I'm hoping I might get the job at P.H.C.C. because it sounds pretty cool. We'll see.

I just downloaded the new Sparta album and so far it's excellent. Need to hear more before I can offer an official ranking on it.

Blogger has incorporated more functionality into their site and it's pretty sweet. Maybe I'll be able to liven things up around here with a little color. Or perhaps a different font or three. This has now become an uberlong post so I will go. Hail Satan!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I had a strizoke in my Brizain

I am tired...plain and simple. I helped Danny move today and I am drained. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but of course I do get to go back again tomorrow for more. The only real trouble we had was with the entertainment center, which was the first thing we moved. I was standing in the back of the UHaul, moving it around when the heat closed in on me and I saw black spots. I took a step back, drank some water and stepped into the AC for a minute. After that it was all good.

Danny's son, Austin, was trying to be helpful, but didn't understand why we just wanted him out of the way. It's funny I remember doing that same thing as a kid. You really want to help, but you can't. It's a bummer. The funny thing is later on in life getting them to help will be like pulling teeth. The oddities of being young and energetic.

Now I think I am going to go to sleep. I have to meet Danny at 8 a.m., which goes against everything I believe in. Oh well, at least I'm getting a good workout.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Yesterday was simply trying. I had to talk ot the unemployment office about my termination from my job. They will rule whether I am eligible to receive benefits. The call was nerveracking. The woman kept asking me questions like "Did you work as hard as you could to keep your job?" Who does that? I did enough to get by and maybe a bit more. I mean would you bust your ass everyday for a job that underpaid you and made you work nights, weekends and holidays? Also one that refused to give you a shot at promotion, even after you've spent time doing the job. It's just poor. I felt physically ill after the call. It was a nightmare.

It made me feel like I was doing something wrong asking for the benefits that I've paid for over the years. Like I'm trying to hoodwink the system. At this point I fully expect them to deny me the benefits and then I'll be completely shit outta luck. That's the way my life seems to work these days.

After that I didn't feel like doing anything. I ended up watching Armageddon on Fx and spending the whole day doing nothing. Later on Mom and I watched Along Came Polly, which was better than I expected, not that that's saying a lot. I'd say +1 chainmail overall.

Today I have to help Danny and his family move. I can't say I'm looking forward to the physical labor, but you can't say no to your oldest friend in the world.

Man I need to shave and shower...I smell like a dead animal.

Sunday, July 11, 2004


After much poolside discussion this afternoon, it was concluded, concretely, that Marlon Brando was the greatest actor who ever lived. There was a little dissent. Some who dared mention the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino and Robert Deniro over the great Brando. I say nay! The Wild One, On the Waterfront, A Streetcar named Desire, Last Tango In Paris... what can compare with that? I don't even have to bring up his best role ever, that of Don Corleone in The Godfather. I mean everyone in that movie is exceptional and Brando still sticks out as the best thing.

It's sad that Brando recently died. He was an exceptional talent.

The same song

Now listening to:The Cure

Watched The Last Samurai today and it was much better than I expected. I'm a sucker for samurai movies anyway, but this was pretty good. Showed the struggle that Japan had modernizing with a nice fictional story. I'd say it's a foot massage. That killed most of the afternoon.

After that Trip, Corb and myself grabbed a bite and watched the first couple of episodes of the second season of Six Feet Under, which is a pretty great show. Rachel Griffiths is really, really hot. Just scorching. We then went into our normal Halo action after that. It's become an addiction for us.

Nothing much else to say. Just kind of floating along now. I'm feeling fairly unfulfilled, as would be expected. I'm not sure what I want to do and how much that matters anyway. It's going to be more about what I have to do.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Cherry Blossum Girl

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Well it was Halo night in a big way. Kev came down and we kicked it five player style and that was pretty cool. Trip and I started drinking early and about halfway though the evening I had a headache. Didn't stop me from fragging the crap out of those Noobs, but it was less than optimal. I think it's just the eye strain of watching that little screen. It's funny on a small screen I end up with a headache and with a full screen I get motion sickness. Damned if you do...

But we had a good time. Corb was rocking at one point and won his first ever match. Then won another a little bit later. He's coming into his own.

The only problem with that type of game and gaming with the guys at all is that it unlocks the worst side of my competitive nature. I talk shit when I win and get pissed when I lose. I'm more annoyed with myself when I'm not on top and hate it. I feel like I have to win to be satisfied and that can be too much pressure. I mean I have fun, but I focus on it too much if I lose. I dunno, I don't like having to prove my masculinity every time I pick up a controller, but I feel like that's what I'm doing. Funny that I don't approach a lot of other things that way. Might be better if I did, depending on the things.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Yes Cup

Now listening to:P.J. Harvey

Well I finished Fluke and it was exquisite. I hope I can write something half as good someday. I say Filet Mignon, let the judgement stand. It is mighty!! I highly recommend most of the things Christopher Moore has written.

Went to Danville today and gorged myself on seafood, then saw King Arthur.. oh man was that crappy. It had a few decent battle sequences and Keira Knightley is always hot... I mean good, but yesh this was a steamer. The guy playing Arthur was awful and the writing was apparently done by someone with no sense of pride of self worth. Tragically bad lines. "All those battles and victories brought me to this moment!" Ugh. I'm gonna be generous and give this a Shaq Fu rating because of one or two cool moments, but it could have easily found itself in Mudbutt territory. It is the second worst movie I've seen this year. The first being the epically bad Van Helsing. I can feel the bile rising just thinking about that thing.

For those of you unsure who to vote for this Nov. check out this site.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Fighting back the despair

Another day in the reclining position. I spent most of it reading Christopher Moore's Fluke, or I Know why the Caged Whale Sings. It's very good. Good humor, nice and upbeat. I suppose I have also done some other little things, organized my cds, listened to some good music. I fired up my old Mac and am currently listening Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which is very soothing. I'd say it's a Filet Mignon album. Just plain well done.

I'm also burning some cds to send to Gabe in jolly old England. It's hard because we don't always agree on what's good, but I'm making the effort anyway. He'll be better off experiencing new things even if he doesn't like them.

Soon I will be going to Corb's for a stay at ye olde pool in a bit. It seems like a good evening for it.

Got a call from the employment office today and I have to sit by the phone on the 12th at 11:30 to talk with an agent to see if my claim is going to be approved. My luck it won't be and I'll be up Shit Creek sans paddle.

Albums that I have listened to and been surprised at how good they really are in the last few days:
1) Wilco (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)
2) Tortoise (Standards)
3) Bauhaus (Gotham)
4) Interpol (Turn off the Bright Lights)
5) The Cure (The Cure)

Governed by big money

Now listening to:Interpol

Saw Farenheit 911 on Tuesday, with Trip and Corb. I wasn't feeling well and the movie really did nothing to improve my mood. I walked out of the theatre completely pissed off and wanting blood. I can't believe that those are the people we allow to govern us. Ignorance, dirty dealing and manipulation, that's what the American political system is based on these days. I was outraged. When a senator tells me (via the movie) that they don't read most of the stuff they pass in congress, that tells me that we really need to change something.

Because I have such a visceral reaction to the film I have to give it high marks. It made me feel something, deep in my person. It wasn't a positive feeling, but it was something and it seemed honest. I admit Michael Moore can be really heavy handed and is intent on getting his version of things through, but when he's presenting facts and honest footage of the war and our government then you have to take note.

I honestly have no idea how people can vote for the Republicans. I'm not sure what their issues are or why people continue to support them. What good do they do? I know the Democrats are really the people I want elected, but between the two there seems to be little choice. Do people really hate gays that much? Cause that seems to be the biggest argument. Oh and cutting taxes for the extreme rich, that's an important issue for the common man... *sigh*

Anyway, on to less politically volatile topics. I just came home last night and finished All Tomorrow's Parties, which was excellent. I'm saying Foot Massage rating.

Today I did fuck all. I played a bit of COH, not a lot really, then I watched a bunch of TV. I was feeling particularly antisocial and just laid about on the couch. I watched the first 2004 World Series of Poker broadcasts, which were pretty cool. They are covering the other tournaments now, in addition to the main event. It was the first time I ever saw stud played on tv. I also talked to my aunt Yvonne and we commiserated over the sad political state of things.

That's about it. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do now. I may read, I may write. I may play COH, hopefully tomorrow will be a more social day.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Like the world hurts god

Now listening to: Tortoise (Standards)

I have spent most of the night reading All Tomorrow's Parties and it's been a good read so far. Captivating characters and no weak points. It's an ensemble, with different chapters for each person or group and so far I haven't found myself wanting to get to the next piece about a certain group and bored by another. So many books sandwich the good stuff between the dull stuff. Here there is no dull stuff.

This Tortoise album is hard to describe. It's really good with moments of utter beauty. But often those perfect compositions that would grow boring have a little noise mixed in to show the imperfection inherent in all things. It's very Zen. But of course I love noise in music...I like listenign to that line where sound goes from beauty to horror.

Beauty to Horror...a razor thin edge that all life revolves on. One minute things are wonderful and the next it hardly seems worth going on. Some action that makes it seem as tho the whole world is nothing more than a torture chamber and we're strapped in for more and more humiliation and pain. Then a small thing will bring you back from the brink...the color of the trees against the skyline, the smell of popcorn, a lyric in a song that makes you feel less alone. I suppose it's those moments that keep me here and trying to accomplish something.

Yoinks and Away!!!

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Talked to my brother today, which was cool. He seems really happy and that makes me glad. It's funny I was thinking of him on Saturday while we were watching Shakes the Clown, which was good. Then he calls on Sunday. It was cool. I miss that little bastard.

I have decided that the area between Filet Mignon and +1 chainmail is to be called foot massage. A foot massage is always nice, feels good but you want more. It's a nice prelude, but you still want that happy ending so it's not perfect.

Shakes the Clown has been described as the Citizen Kane of alcoholic clown movies and I think that description stands up. I'd say it's a good inauguration of my new rating and so I dub thee, Foot Massage.

I also watched Mystic River this weekend. It was excellent (also a foot massage rating) I still think Bill Murray deserved the Oscar over Sean Penn, but I can now see the argument is reasonable. Tim Robbins was really excellent. It was a really interesting story as well, not the usual type thing.

After nearly six hours of COH last night I arose a little late today and goofed off for a while. Trip and myself went to Corb's for a little swim and some Halo. It was a good time. Think I may try to listen to some of my old music and read William Gibson's All Tomorrow's Parties.

Friday, July 02, 2004

In the afterlife, you could be headed for the serious strife

Slack day, slack day. Just how I like it. Signed up for after an invite from my brother, the goofy bastard. Not really sure what the point will be, but why not. What else do I have to do?

Not sure how I'm gonna spend the day. Trip wants me to come to his family's picnic and watch the July 4th fireworks at the Speedway (which come on July 2nd in these parts). Still not sure if I've feeling social enough to go. Plus there is country music that will be playing, which is like my kryptonite.

I may try to watch Mystic River, which mom got for me from the library. I would get on COH, but after last night's death fest I may take a break. It's altogether frustrating how difficult it becomes to level after reaching 20, especially when my controller is at the mercy of the group. Too many things can go wrong.

By Odin's Beard

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Man am I tired. All this nothing I've been doing has me worn out. I did go to the employment office today, found out I could sign up online and came home and did so. So I now have to interact even less and I feel much better for it. Other than that I didn't do a lot. I watched Anything Else, which was decent but not spectacular. Christina Ricci looked really hot and played a nice psychotic girlfriend to Jason Biggs. It also had Woody Allen, essentially playing himself minus the fame. I give it +1 chainmail.

I played some more NFL Street, which I picked up yesterday. It's pretty good, but the single player mode is not that easy. Takes some practice to figure out how to defeat the computer and then sometimes a fumble or int. will screw you over.

Watched the Celebrity Poker Showdown finale, where Maura Tierney (my pick) defeated Laura Graham (Trip's pick). That was cool. Some good poker there.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Spins a web, any size

Just got in from Danville, where the new Spiderman movie was viewed and enjoyed. It's a good movie and I like it. I'd say it too inhabits a land between the burg of +1 chainmail and the barrio of Filet Mignon. However, saying that I would like to point out a couple of things that annoyed me. First, there were some scenes where I really didn't like the editing. I don't need a full screen view of Mary Jane's head, then Peter Parker's noggin in big head mode and finally back to MJ's huge head. Too many super closeups. That's my first problem.

The second is that as far as superheroes go, Spidey isn't my fav. I know, it was I who chose to plunk down the $7 for a movie called Spiderman 2, but what am I gonna do. The problem I always had with Spiderman was that he was conflicted and confused and never seemed to embrace being a superhero the way some others do. To put it to a point, he doesn't kick ass enough. He hems and haws and worries about hte consequences instead of busting shit up. This movie plays that up, and rightly so it is the character, but it's not what I want.

Still I did like it. I found Doc Oct to be a much more satisfying villan and there were some really sublime moments. I'm kinda leary of the third movie, which will undoubtedly be about the Hobgoblin. It's funny, in the comics I always liked the Green Goblin/Hobgoblin because of their ruthless nature and pumpkin bombing. In the movies it just doesn't read as well.

Frankly the whole film made me yearn for a good movie about a villan. The villans are the more interesting characters, why not focus on them instead of the goody goody. So I propose a full on Dr. Doom movie. He's one of the great villans and his story needs to be more than an afterthought to Spidey or the Fantastic Four.