Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Turning rebellion into money

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I got a lot done today, relatively speaking of course. I took care of most of my bills, applied for a coupla jobs and goofed off substantially. It's nice to have actually done something for a change. Plus with all my job stuff taken care of I can relax for the rest of the week. I know that sounds silly, but when I'm worried about getting the applications and resumes in, I worry about it pretty much nonstop.

I'm either getting a cold or my allergies are kicking in, it has happened this time of year before so it's probably the latter. I'm also having trouble falling asleep at night...well in the mornings. I lay down and can't seem to nod off. I keep thinking about stupid crap, like how pissed off I am that the Bulletin fired me. You think I'd be over it two months later, but no I'm not. I probably will be thinking about it until I find a new job that doesn't completely suck.

I watched a little football and some poker reruns tonight, while at Trip's. We also played some Test Drive and Capcom vs. SNK2. I now suck at Test Drive and Trip sucks at CvsSNK (actually he hates 2D fighters) so it was even on the night.

I listened to The Clash's (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais like 12 times today. That song is really amazing. I'm not really sure what the lyrics are most of the time, but it's so well put together and the lyrics I can here seem interesting and relevant almost 30 years after the song was written. The anthemic wailing in the background, the rythym and Joe Strummer's voice. The whole song is a work of perfection. If you've never heard it, I recommend you find it and give it a listen. It's one of the songs that reaches the pinnacle of what punk can do.

Not sure how I'm gonna waste the rest of the evening. I'm bored with the net and don't want to watch a movie. I may try to read or perhaps take some NyQuil and try to crash.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Will you people just shut the fuck up?

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After waking up and feeling like hammered shit, Corb rousted me and we went to see Open Water. Once again we had chatty folk seated behind us. The old woman liked to tell the people in the movie that there was a shark or that they needed to swim. It was charming... like prison rape is charming. Anyway the movie wasn't really that great. It was pretty much what I expected, which was slow paced and outright dull in places. I'm giving it a Meh. rating, but only because there was a scene of gratuitous nudity. You take that away and it's Shaq-fu.

We then adjourned to Trip's for Halo action, with a touch of Test Drive as well. I then returned home and watched the Simpsons, the final disc of Sex in the City and adult swim.

I jsut browsed the Roanoke Times, no job potential there this week. Nothing like living in an economically depressed area to keep you out of work. I should move, but really where would I get the cash, mom? When would I be able to pay her back? It's frustrating. I'm really starting to get bored, who'd have thought that I needed a job to stay sane. I'm off to waste more time doing something frivolous.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

I wasn't born, so much as I fell out. Nobody seemed to notice me.

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I just finished watching Something's Gotta Give, with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. I gotta tell you that Jack is one of the best actors ever. He knows how to make it real and Diane Keaton was with him step for step. A couple of the scenes between them were so amazing, it was how you wish conversations went on dates, without seeming fake. There was real tension, a visceral feeling of sparks flying.

I have to say that halfway through I thought it might be the most romantic movie I had ever seen. The ending seemed to go on a little long, which made gave the plot a little more depth, but kind of cut some of the magic out of the story. Maybe that was the point I dunno. I'm saying this movie is Filet Mignon. Of course I'm a sucker for a romantic comedy anyway, but don't tell anyone it'll ruin my burly, beer-swilling, football-watching manly image.

On an unrelated note, between Mountain Dew and the Red Bull I had, I've consumed enough caffeine to kill the original Chinese monks that discovered drinking tea allowed them to stay up longer and meditate. I've been on a caffeine binge lately and really I need to step away from it.

Also this Bjork album is exquisite. I read an article about her new album and it sounds interesting. It's has next to no musical instraments on it, it's all human vocals. That's a cool concept. I may sample it on iTunes.

Down on the upside

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Trip and I jaunted into Greensboro today, to see the movie Hero, which was excellent. The biggest problem I had were the pubescent morons sitting behind me that decided it was conversation time, both in English and Spanish. Nonstop through the whole movie, chatting away. Nothing more fun than that. But yeah if you like martial arts movies at all, see Hero. It's really well done, the visuals are stunning, the story interesting and the fight sequences are exceptionally well done. It's on par with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which is a bold statement I know. I'm saying it's Filet Mignon.

While in G-boro, trip and I rolled by the PetSmart so I could congratulate Nick and Abby on the impending new addition to their family. However the Petsmart near that was closest to their apartment was the wrong one apparently. Alas, we missed them. Still congratulations and best wishes.

We returned home and played Trip's new game, Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, which isn't a bad game. It has a certain hillbilly racing charm, but it's not a game that I need to play a lot. It was nice to win the trailer race tho, I have to say that. I also enjoyed giving the victory lane speech to Trip in my NASCAR voice. Nothing like shit-talking to make my day.

I'm not off to watch the final few episodes of the second season of Sex in the City.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Sweet Gorilla of Manilla

Now: preparing for bed

Well Halo night went off without a hitch. We actually did watch a little football, yay and got some good games in. Oh I also handed Trip his ass in Soul Caliber 2 again. (Pwned!) Currently Trip and I are trying to find some new games for four players so we don't just keep doing the same thing over and over again. There are some possibilities on the horizon and we're looking for some old school solutions as well.

Anyway after Danny and Corb left, Trip and I hung for a while, goofing off and watching some video game demos and movie trailers. I think we're gonna try to see Hero tomorrow. The previews look sweet and hopefully the movie will not disappoint.

Oh I also tried the new Baja Blast Mountain Dew at Taco Bell (my life is so sad) and it's ok. Nothing really special. It tasted kind of like lime sherbet to me. The Pitch Black is better IMHO. The grape isn't overpowering and adds a nice touch. Well enough about Mountain Dew.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Oh I don't know why

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So I did nothing today. Not one thing that was worthwhile. Ok I did watch the Steelers beat the Eagles, but it was a preseason game and therefore less important. If it was regular season I'd say it was worthwhile. I blogged about it at Goal Line Stand.

I guess I should look at the positive, I didn't spend any money. That's a good thing. I just sat in front of the TV all day watching crap and not spending money. Yay. I'm not really sure how I'm going to fill out the rest of the night. I have some movies I bummed from Kevin, but I don't know if I'm in the mood for a movie right now. Maybe I'll whip out the PS2 and play some of the games I haven't ever touched for it.

Tomorrow should be a little better as it's Halo night at Trip's and Danny is likely to come. Also there is a Redskins' preseason game that we may be able to check out if Halo gets dull, although I imagine Corb and Trip won't be thrilled by that prospect.

I still need to go join a gym and I'm debating that right now. I may try to go tomorrow, but I may not. Money is tight for those of us with no self control. I did cancel City of Heroes, so there's a little bit of cash I haven't spent already.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sixth period, time to die

I just watched the movie Elephant by Gus Van Sant. It's a movie about a high school shooting. It plays through several different students days at school and lives in general. It's well put together and well thought out. A little too ponderous at times, but that's what Van Sant tends to do. I looked up why it's called Elephant and anyone who wants extra credit can read this interview with Van Sant that goes into detail.

It's very brutal at the end. (How else would a high school shooting be?) But it seems almost like Van Sant identifies more with the killers than anyone else. I suppose I can actually understand that. All the kids in the school have some problem or another, be it a potentially pregnant girlfriend, a drunken dad, psychological abuse in the locker room or vacuous demanding friends. These kids are just on the bottom rung and are going the extra mile to do something about it.

One thing that stood out was how high school was portrayed. It was totally institutional (to borrow a term from another review). The halls and rooms so large and lifeless. The mindless rules that have to be followed for no other reason than they are in place. Does a place of learning have to be so sterile?

My friends who are teachers will tell me that you have to control the students or they will lose respect for you and become disruptions. I suppose that is true, but still there has to be some leeway. Life doesn't have to be so regimented, this isn't the military. Of course the real world isn't any better. Arbitrary decisions made on the whim of the top dog make life miserable for all the underlings. Also that clique thing never goes away. High school might be a microcosm of the real world taken to the nth degree.

As for a rating, I'd give it a filet mignon for it's concept. It's in your face and doesn't give any easy answers. But the minimalistic tones it uses always leave me a little cold. I'm saying foot massage overall, even tho I'm not likely to ever see it again.

A caught shadow and sex meadow

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Well after selling Nick out for poker because I thought I was going to see Open Water with Corb, that fell through. Corb came out too late and we ended up doing the usual, playing Halo and talking shit. I also whipped Trip at some Soul Caliber 2 (viva la Yoshimitsu!) Oh and I wasted enough paper to repopulate the rain forest trying to print out a couple of cover letters to jobs I'm not sure I want. So that's fun.

I then came home and watched Sea Biscuit. It's one of those heartwarming stories where the little guy comes out on top. It was well done and I liked it, in spite of a little bit of cheese in there. I'd say foot massage.

It's probably best that I didn't play poker anyway, I need to be frugal. I have my bills coming up and have to pay for my car insurance this month. Also my car needs inspection...I can't remember if I've rambled about this before, but either way it's what's on my mind now.

On top of all that, in the next 3-4 months every cool video game I've been yearning for comes out. Fable, Halo 2, Star Wars Battlefront, XMen Legends, THUG 2 and KOTOR 2 to name but a few. That's right I'm a complete consumer whore.

Still meaning to join that gym, but my cave trollitude continues unabated until further notice.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Batting 300

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Well this is post number 300 for Incoherent Rambling and I feel special. In honor of the event I decided to go for a new look. It's a little more upscale I think and meshes well with my other blog, Goal Line Stand. So hooray for my ability to stick with something, even as inconsequential as this blog. There are still some color issues I may have to sort out, but I think it looks pretty good.

I slacked off today and didn't make it to the gym. Instead I went to Danville with Trip and ate at Red Lobster. Not the best decision making I have to admit. But we had a pretty good time and some nice conversation on the way home. Trip has this thing where he assures me that I don't like anything. I'm more inclined to think I like too many things, but he assures me I'm hypercritical.

After returning from our crab feast I came home and watched the World Series of Poker on ESPN. It was cool watching Doyle Brunson (Texas Dolly) win some nice hands and make some impressive moves. He's one of the greats and seems to be a truly likeable fellow from all I've read.

After poker I watched John Kerry on The Daily Show and that was interesting. It wasn't as smooth an interview as I would have hoped but it was ok. Some decent moments. People keep telling me that Kerry isn't the best man for the job of president and I dunno he seems pretty qualified to me. I'm really not sure of who else the Dems could have fielded that would have been better. But whatever, he's not Bush and that's my main criteria. He also seems to be willing to listen to reason, a quality Bush is sorely lacking.

I really should get back to writing tonight as I banged out another short chapter last night. I may just sit around and sip some scotch and read The Bourne Supremacy tho. We'll see.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The years go fast and the days go so slow

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It's still so early, well early for me. I've been very "busy" today. I have no doubt that I'm the only guy in America flipping between watching episodes of Sex in the City and Monday Night Football. Is it good to be so weird? I often wonder...

Anyway I've decided to not completely waste the day and I'm gonna try and do some writing this evening, both on my blogs and on my "novel." I really feel pretentious when I say that, like I'm trying to convince someone I'm a more serious person than the loser who plays video games and watches movies all the time. No other way to say it tho is there?

I've also decided that tomorrow I am gonna go join a gym even if it kills me. I have no excuse not to at least try to get into some semblance of shape. Before the time commitment really drained me, but now I have these great gobs of time that I just waste. I should do something useful. I'm trying to take control of my life instead of just letting the steady stream of sewage carry me down to the septic tank.

Plus going to the gym will allow me to maybe meet some new people and remember my social skills. I can be less of the cave troll when I go out, both in manners and appearance.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Striving only leads to failure

Now watching: Sex in the City, Season 2

This show annoys me. In one episode the lead (Sarah Jessica Parker) ruminates on whether she's actually lived life at all. I'd like to point out that if her character hasn't lived life, then I have never left the womb. It's all depressing. Of course I shouldn't be comparing my life to rich, beautiful female Manhattanites. The lesson i should take from it is that no matter what you do, life isn't perfect. Of course my natural tendency is to think that if they aren't happy, why should I try at all?

This blog has taken a definite turn for the depressive of late, but I can't help it. I've ceased to really interact with most people outside of my close circle of friends and am being left to my own devices...that always leads to depression. I need to get out of the house more. Maybe I should cancel Netflix and join a gym. Of course then I wouldn't have Netflix and I don't know if I can survive without it.

I'm gonna try and watch the Monday Night Football game and perhaps update my languishing football blog.

Where is my mind?

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I keep seeing people talking about how wishy-washy John Kerry is. Now I understand he's shifted his vote a couple of times, but there were good reasons. When the Republicans tack on a little something extra or when they use a bill to take aways benefits and rights from people shouldn't you reconsider? Just because you voted one way one time doesn't mean you have to vote that way forever.

I think we need to understand complexity more in this country and be more accepting of it. We just want black and white simplicity so we don't have to think. Politics is complicated, just accept it and realize that our current president is a fascist who only thinks in simple terms. Not the guy I want representing me, I know that.

I was wearing eyeliner, she was wearing eyeliner

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Another wasted day. I spent the day watching various movies. I started with Master and Commander, which was pretty good. This got a lot of recognition during the Oscar's race and it was well done although I'd say the acting was only capable, not exceptional. Of course the setting is fascinating and the director did a good job of making things authentic, I'd rate it a foot massage overall.

After that I roused myself and Trip and I went to see Without a Paddle. I think this movie contained every single outdoor humor/guys hanging out cliche ever written. I mean seriously it was the most transparent story I ever saw. It had a couple of humorous moments, but for the most part utter crap. I want to say Shaq-fu, but I'm gonna go with Meh.

I've perused the classified for jobs, but not much going on there. I'm getting ever closer to just painting up a sign and standing on street corners, although the fat homeless just can't do that well.

I read a cool article on the Pixies in the new Spin magazine. I have to say they are my favorite band of all time. They have everything I want, cool pop songs, gritty guitar, random yelling and wonderfully surreal lyrics. I was listening to Trompe le Monde today (the first Pixies album I ever heard) and it's absolutely fabulous. I challenge you to listen to Alec Eiffel and not enjoy it. If you don't, I will have to kill you of course as you have ceased to be a meaningful individual in my eyes. I'd rate their entire catalogue as headcavingly orgasmic.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Is that the theme to the Special Olympics?

Preparing to play: Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO

A fun trip to Winston-Salem today. A delicious meal at Copeland's and some minor shopping. I spent too much money as always. We made up top five lists of our favorite things and laughed hysterically at each other. We also laughed at the kids playing Dance Dance Revolution at EB Games in the mall.

There was also some learing at all the veal, i.e. underaged girls, out doing their back to school shopping. I feel like such a dirty old man sometimes, it's not a good thing. Finally we called it quits and returned home for Halo time, where I pwned them.

Umm other notes, I figured out how to change the sounds on my computer so now my system makes Napoleon Dynamite or Mad Midnight Bomber sounds whenever I open or close anything, and it's "Sweet." I also finished The Bourne Identity and got started on The Bourne Supremacy. These books are a lot different from the movies and paint the U.S. a lot darker as far as spying and international terror goes, of course this was written in the late 70s-early 80s and the Cold War is an issue.

I'm the most brutal and vicious and most ruthless champion there's ever been.

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An odd day. I was rousted at 9 a.m. to go pick up my dad's truck while my mom took him to the emergency room for stitches. He hurt his hand working on a lawnmower, nothing major thankfully. Anyway that threw my schedule off and after coming back and going back to sleep I didn't get up until 3:30 p.m. So I was ragged unmercifully about sleeping all day.

Went to Trip's and we played some Soul Caliber 2 and much to my surprise, Trip was winning. I managed to scramble around and take the overall advantage, but man I was taking a beating. My skills have faded with time. Corb eventually came over and we played a little Halo and got silly. Honestly, the best thing about playing Halo is talking shit and going on an incoherent tirade when I'm getting shot a lot. It's what I do.

We are planning on heading to Winston-Salem tomorrow for some cajun food and shopping. I don't really need to buy anything, but I always end up spending money. I think it's hardwired into my DNA.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Things haven't been good

My dear aunt Yvonne sent me this link to a behind the scenes look at the taping of George W. Bush's new ad. Enjoy it.

Anyway that ad is based on a load of horse shit. It accuses Kerry of supporting a $90 million tax hike and a 50-cent increase on gas prices, both are untrue. But who knows that sort of thing? The average voter who barely has time between work and taking care of the kids? Nope he just knows what he sees in the ad on tv that has to be true.

Of course lying has proven to be the thing the Bush Whitehouse is best at. I suppose they have to be good at something since governing a democracy, stabilizing the economy and foreign relations clearly aren't their bag.

Your own personal non-disclosure agreement

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Just watched the final two episodes of Six Feet Under season two. Lots of crying and hugging. It's a really good show and moving and what not. It's just depressing as all get out and frankly my current mental state isn't up to the task of dealing with that sort of thing. Plus I have an incredibly difficult time imagining a scenario where I do all that crying and talking things out. Frankly I'm emotionally distant to pretty much everyone. Not really sure why I'm like that but it's true. I actually am kinda sure why, but I'm not gonna get into it just to illustrate my point.

Trip and I took an impromptu trip to Danville for IHOP food after watching a couple of shows on competitive eating. Could this be my secret calling? Definitely not as I hate getting the meat sweats.

I've been fairly uninspired lately. I mean how inspired can you get sitting around your house gaining weight? I haven't been writing anything, aside from my rambling here. I still need to submit my story to Punk Planet. I just haven'tbeen motivated to do anything.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

It's hard to remember that we're alive for the last time

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Trip and I were going to see Aliens vs. Predator tonight and made it all the way into the theatre when the movie broke and we were dispatched with a rain check. It's probably for the best as their was a family there with a least two small children (I mean like between ages 3-8). Keep in mind this was a 9 p.m. movie. I don't know about you, but my parents didn't encourage me to view movies starring scary killing machines at that age, particularly not right before bedtime.

Anyway we ended up watching a video of Wet Hot American Summer, which was pretty good. I'd say foot massage despite some sketchy production. It was essentially a spoof of every camp movie ever made.

Now I am planning on settling in and listening to some Eels, maybe so Built to Spill and try to finish The Bourne Identity. I should have been a super spy, but Ferrum didn't have that as a major. *sigh* Oh well. Guess I'll have to be satisfied with being an aimless, jobless goon.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Who's that pretty girl in the mirror there?

So I was tooling about the cheapass forums when I hit a link to this site. It's freaking hysterical. (I'm overusing the word hysterical..I need to consult a thesaurus). There is one segment where the guy talks about preparing for his golden years. His plan is to start using heroin on his 70th birthday. What a great idea. You may ruin your life, but it's the end of your life so it's not as big a deal. I think it's a good plan.

I read into the wee hours this morning and am about halfway through The Bourne Identity. I tell you the world has changed a lot since when this book was published (in 1980). It's almost ludicrous (thanks thesaurus). Of course the difference in geo-political climate makes up for a lot of the differences between the book and the movie. Reading it I realize what a good job the screenwriter did of putting this into modern times.

Last night I watched the first American woman ever win a gold medal in fencing. Woo. I find the sport of fencing kind of interesting, although I wouldn't say it's really a spectator sport. The Olympics are an odd thing. I mean i don't care about gymnastics or diving, but I like the fact that the Olympics give those people a goal. I'm all for supporting minor sports. That's why I think we should shitcan the major sports in the Olympics. Get rid of the basketball, baseball and soccer. Cut out tennis and all those events that get televised anyway. Bring on the wrestling and judo. Celebrate the rowing and swimming and give the little known guys a chance. Of course the ratings will plummet, but so what.

That's how the world will end

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I actually arose before 1 p.m. today, but I felt pretty shitty all day. Of course the fact that I just sat around and didn't do a damn thing probably didn't help. It's a cycle, I feel bad and do nothing and I do nothing and feel bad. It's probably all psychological. Because I was feeling unwell I turned down Nick's invite to play poker.

The one positive thing I did do today was look through some classified ads for a job. I actually found two or three decent options. I'm really not confident on getting work at this moment. I mean I look at my resume and it seems so small. That is to say that the sum total of my entire life amount to one page of less than impressive events. It's sad.

One the upside I just got a kickass graphic from Trip. I've been posting a lot at cheapass gamer's forums of late and asked Trip to make me an avatar and he came through with this awesomeness.
How sweet is that? It's an evil penguin...get it? That's pretty damn kick ass.

I just started The Bourne Identity tonight (leaving myself in the middle of Catch 22, which sucks but library books put me on the clock). I just wanted to read it to compare with what happened in the movie and see how the screenwriter changed things. It's always interesting to see what gets left out and how they manipulate things.

Tomorrow I have to not sit around all damn day. I think I may try and get my job application responsibilities out of the way early (early for me anyway) and then perhaps go walk around the track and read. I need to stop being so damn slack. I have all this time and should be using it to get into shape or something.

Oh it seems like I'm getting a lot more hits of late, so that's nice. I welcome all newcomers to enjoy reading my completely silly rantings and whinings. Stick around if you aren't bored into suicidal tendencies.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Post about 13-year-old girls

Now listening to: The Shins and Sparta and the Hives

So I slept really late today and had an odd dream where I killed some redneck who was trying to rape a 13-year-old. After the murder I was left with a sense of having done the right thing, but also sure that my doom was imminent. It had a very Greek tragedy feel.

After shaking off the haze that came with that little bit of psychosis I met Trip for dinner at Ryan's (always a mistake) and we rented a couple of movies. We watched 13 going on 30. That's right, two adult men watching that movie together with no female persuasion. We both are allegedly heterosexual (although I have my suspicions).

Joking aside it was merely an ok film, nothing special. You take out Jennifer Garner's looks and the movie is a really tired rehash of Big. Of course with her looks you get to admire how cute she is, so there is that. I'd give it a Meh on everything not Ms. Garner and give her a Filet Mignon for being superhot. My rampant sexism is showing again.

We then watched a bunch of shows on The Food Network, it's spice week or heat week or something and all the shows are about spicy food. So we watched a cajun food festival and a show on chili, neither of which I could fully appreciate as I was still half ill from Ryan's.

I should have probably watched Monday Night Football, but with it only being the preseason I can't really get that excited about it. Madden is currently filling in my football needs.

Oh I also read a little segment on blogging grammar that pretty much ripped on my tendency to use the ellipsis too much (...). It kind of annoyed me as I love the ellipsis, I tend to not think in a linear fashion (some call it a short attention span, I call in nonlinear thinking) and the ellipsis lets me go back and forth without actually ending the idea. So screw the grammar nazis out there...

Also the song No Pun Intended by The Hives is really fucking kickass.

Monday, August 16, 2004

No pun intended

Now listening to: The Hives

Well I have successfully done nothing today. I wasn't feeling that great to start off and kind of let that dictate the rest of the day. I did talk ot my brother which is always cool. He seems to be in a really good situation right now. I babbled on about how cool Madden was and tried to talk him into getting an XBox and playing online so we could chat that way. He seemed to like the idea, but honestly I doubt it happens. Too many obstacles.

I then watched Gigantic (which I already mentioned) and then just completely vegged in front of the TV. Corb and Trip wanted me to come out and hang, but I didn't wanna move. I later regretted that idea as Sunday TV is simply awful without football. I did get to watch the new Aqua Teen episode with the Mooninites and that was excellent. I also watched the champions poker event on Fox Sports. That was decent. Other than that TV was a desolate wasteland that I couldn't escape.

Another note, Captain Ron, with Martin Short and Kurt Russell, needs never be shown again in any format. I'm not a fan and it has to end. I'm ranking it mudbutt, plain and simple.

I am Jack's wasted life.

Speaking of wasting my life, on the internet I've noticed it's difficult to find really good editorial content on video games. Actually this is kinda true for most things, but video games in particular. Take for example Gamespot, the premier gaming site on the web. It's reviews are pretty much spot on (sorry) but it's editorials usually bore me. Occasionally one of the writers will come up with something, but mostly it's bland.

Trust me I know how hard it is to come up with interesting topics for columns on the regular, but come on, video games are a pretty broad field. Especially when you consider the ability to tie them into other things related to games and nerdity in general. I'd like to take this moment to offer my services to any paying game website right now. I'd write a weekly gaming column full of quirk and pizazz. Anyway I'm getting off this topic before I bore anyone else away, because I'm starting to bore myself and that's not a good sign.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

I don't get around how you get around

I just watched Gigantic, the documentary about They Might Be Giants. It was really cool. Kev loaned it to me, he always gets the cool stuff that analyzes how artists work. It's cool. But the DVD is great, it's got all these really awesome people commenting on how great the band is. People like Frank Black, Sarah Vowell, Michael Azerrad and so on.

Any TMBG are one of the greatest bands ever. I think I can say that they are one of the bands that made me realize music didn't have to be about big hair and guitar solos. They write songs about off kilter topics with an absurd sense of humor. It's refreshing to see these guys who are basically nerds, succeeding without really compromising their unique vision.

It was also TMBG that made me realize that you can't teach taste. I used to believe that the music I really liked and others didn't get was simply because they hadn't really listened to it and given it a chance. I found out that it's not always that way.

You know, being able to appreciate TMBG is a good indicator of how interesting a person is. If you don't get it, chances are you're not really worth the time. Maybe that's not completely true, but it's definitely a useful barometer.

So anyone reading this who has never listened to them, check them out. Their Dial A Song website is here. I'd rate them as headcavingly orgasmic, undoubtedly. I'm still watching the extra stuff on there now.

Ever do any sweet jumps?

Now listening to:They Might Be Giants (The Spine)

Went to see Napoleon Dynamite today and it was awesome. It really doesn't have much of a plot, but Napoleon is awesome...he's so goofy you can't help but laugh at him. I'd say this movie is Filet Mignon, but it's not for everybody. It reminded me a lot of a Wes Anderson film. It seemed to be set in modern times, but everything had a kind of 1979 feel. That sort of timeless feel that Anderson catches really well, also the opening credits reminded me of Rushmore. Particularly the library card portion.

After that Trip and I hit Red Lobster again, he's addicted to the crab. I myself am partial to it, but I think it's in his bloodstream.

After that we came back to Trip's and watched tv. He was nodding in his chair and so when I was leaving I pulled the old sneak up on the sleeping guy and unzip your pants beside his ear bit. He woke up and it scared the bejeezus out of him. Hehe I nearly busted a gut laughing.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Pissy and I don't care who knows it

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I haven't been in the best of moods for most of the day and am still brooding. I watched the last of the Six Feet Under episodes I had (only one more disc to go and season 2 is done.) That didn't improve my mood as it serves to stress both the things that I don't have and the potential for suckitude in my life.

I went to Trip's this evening, but I guess I pissed Trip off and that pissed me off so I left. We have the ability to rub each other the wrong way sometimes.

Once I came home I read some Catch-22 and watched three shows on the history of snipers in the western world. Long live the History Channel. It was pretty interesting, especially the bit about how long it took the Army and Marines to realize the value of continued sniper training.

I am now officially jealous of Nick's Direct TV. He's able to watch all kinds of football games that I'm not and get the NFL Network, which I sorely wish I could receive. Oh well, I will have to make due with XBox Live and Halo 2 when it comes out.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Bad in spite of Vic Tayback

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A highly unnoteworthy day. Nothing really exciting happened, not that exciting things really are a normal part of my life. Still today was abnormally bland. I got up and for some reason I started thinking about specific instances of how people have let me down over the course of my life. This is not a good way to start the day, I can tell you. You just feel frustrated and annoyed...which how I usually wake up anyway, but this was different.

After I finally stopped brooding and got out of bed I played a little Madden, then got myself together to turn in an application at the library and meet Trip for dinner at China Buffet. Woo.

After that we went back to his pad and watched Bullitt...which was a complete bore-a-thon. I kept waiting for action and it never came. Sure there was a car chase, one that I have heard about for years, but it was a total let down. I'd say Mudbutt.

After that I got bored as Trip insisted we watch Big Brother 5...we had a power struggle as I nabbed the remote and was trying to watch football, but he was bound to win as it was his house. So I ended up just coming home and hitting the Madden again (losing to the goddamned Ravens...I hate them soo much). After that I turned it off knowing that my frustration level was too high to continue.

I ended up watching shite on TV for the rest of the evening...I have got to stop doing that. TV saps my wits. I'm now going to start rereading Catch-22 because I remember it making me laugh and I want to read the sequel, which I've had for a while now.

Oh I finished Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and it was exquisite. It reaches the Filet Mignon and perhaps beyond...only time will tell.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Subconcious suggestion

I jsut noticed the ads at the top of the page link to a Cheech and Chong DVD and a conservative book club. How's that for diverse? Anyway if anyone from this blog actually signs up for the book club I will be shocked an awed. Even Nick (my sole "conservative" reader) won't be duped into signing up for that type of propaganda.

Now that's funny

OK I just emailed my aunt and described David Sedaris as "funny, like losing bowel control funny" and made myself laugh. So I thought I'd share my pseudo-wit with all of you...ok both of you whatever.

Is the space pope reptilian?

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Another day spent wallowing in my laziness. I'm really starting to enjoy them more every day. I played some of the new Madden, losing a close game online to a jackhole. Read more about it at Goal Line Stand, or don't.

I then spent the afternoon halfwatching television and reading David Sedaris' new book. It's freakin' hysterical. I watched a lot of football programming really. NFL Live and whatnot. I'm just am really stoked for football season.

After a while I decided to watch some more Six Feet Under as I have two full DVDs of the show being the blood clot that caused my Netflix account to have a stroke. Was that too far to go for a reference...probably. Anyway I ended up watching three episodes that carried me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Normally this is a good thing, but I have to say the whole depression thing is wearing thin. I got tons of depressing stuff in real life...right now I need movies with fart jokes more than real human emotion. Is that shallow?

Oh and I received some feedback from Corb about a short story I'm working on. Both he and Trip have responded with thumbs up...which is pretty cool. The problem with that is I'm so neurotic I wonder if they mean they like it or if they mean that I'm their friend and they have to like it. I trust their judgement and if they had of said it sucked I would have believed them...depending on their tone, but I'm not good at positive responses, I tend to distrust when people say nice things to me. Writing that makes me realize that I am an emotional basketcase. Which isn't really what you'd call breaking news I suppose.

Anyway I'm gonna work through it one more time and then try to get it published. Does Microsoft Word save in the doc format? Anyone know? Leave a comment you selfish bastards. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Toothless black man selling shrimp out of the trunk of his car

Went to Danville and procured the new Madden. I've only played a couple of games, but it's pretty damn sweet. Danny and I went down to the wire. I managed to come back and tie it late in the fourth, but he won the coin toss and pushed his way down the field for a field goal to win. I then played Trip and he gave me another close game with the Bucs. I managed to pull out the victory however, despite his rampant goalline offense.

After that Corb showed up and we played Halo...we just can't stop.

I then came home and instead of honing my Madden skills as I should have I just vegged in front of the TV. I just didn't feel like putting forth the effort to compete. Too lazy for video games, how sad is that?

I am also applying for a job at Electronics Boutique in Danville online. It's an assistant manager position and would allow me to truly move into King Geek territory. I'm not sure if I actually want this job (all about how much pay and benefits). Still I suppose there are worse places to work.

Oh I also started reading the new David Sedaris book, which is quite funny and where I stole the title of this post from.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Pappa's got a brand new bag

Well the debate didn't last that long as I went ahead and started up my football blog, Goal line Stand. You'll note the shiny new link over on the right. Here's another for those of you one the slow side.

Youi may also note that while fiddling with the new football blog I figured out how to enable comments here so feel free to start a little conversation if you like. I may respond and a discussion could start...who knows? Whole new levels of interactivity reached and the world becomes a better place. Or don't comment and just be a complete bastard who's afraid of change....Luddite.

Sorry I got aggressive there. Anyway I'm also considering changing templates for this blog and going with a new look. I still need to figure out html, so a gift idea for everyone would be an instructional book on html. (Note: I consider books for dummies and complete idiot's guides to be symptoms of what's wrong with America, so kindly ignore those.)

To football blog or not to football blog

Well I have to say that the opening game of the preseason was no disappointment. The Skins won on a field goal on the last play of the game. I'm considering starting a football blog to document my thoughts about the games I watch and football in general. I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not.

Until I do decide to start a new blog about the NFL, here are a few notes on things I noticed from the game.
  • The Washington defense really seemed to be clicking pretty well for most of the game. Shawn Taylor in particular looked sharp (as evidenced by his two INTs, one of them returned for a TD).
  • Denver's offense may have been part of the cause for the Skins' defensive success as they dropped a ton of passes and didn't really provide a solid ground attack.
  • Matt Hasselbeck seemed to be the best quarterback on the field and he's the Redskins' third stringer.
  • Skins' coach Joe Gibb got exactly what he wanted from the game: an idea of where is team is at. The offense clearly has a lot of work to do, especially on the O-line, but the defense provided plenty of pressure. At this point in the season, Gibb knows that's how things are going to be and now has specific areas to work on.
  • The loss of Jon Janzen will be a big hurdle for the Skins, especially considering the pressure that the Broncos were able to put on the QB.
Anyway that's about it. I think I may go ahead with my football blog...but I need some time to get with it. My biggest issue will be sticking with it, particularly if the Steelers don't do well this season. That always has a way of sapping my enthusiasm.

Monday, August 09, 2004

All hail the football gods

I have spent the day watching the Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions back-to-back. It's been a while since I watched them and while they definitely have some issues, I feel that they were unfairly panned overall.

Anyway after finishing those I was facing a boring evening of substandard Monday television. Fortunately for me the NFL preseason opens tonight!!! WOOOOO! God I love some damn football. I know it's just a preseason game, but it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I get to watch the Joe Gibbs first game back with the Redskins. Anyway I'm gonna go and relish the give and take of football. All this and Madden comes out tomorrow. My cup runneth over.

Bush and bin Laden sitting in a tree

I just happened across this Aaron Swartz's blog and read this little nugget that I think is true.

Oh and the Killers album is pretty damn kickass. Thanks Kev for hooking me up with a copy.

Meat sweats

Now listening to: The Killers

A pretty slack day, went to see the Bourne Supremacy. It was pretty good, not quite as good as the Identity I'd say. Probably just crept into foot massage territory. After that Trip and I returned to his pad for some coop Halo. It's sad, but I've never finished the single player game. It always ends up giving me a headache and today's coop session was no exception. I had to give up after a coupla levels.

So we ended up getting some ice cream and watching several Simpsons episodes. Not bad. I then came home and watched some Adult Swim and some Old School Sportscenter. I think ESPN is realizing that their new guys just don't have the charisma of the guys from the past. I mean Dan Patrick is the man, without a doubt.

Nick invited me to play poker tonight, but I just didn't feel like making the drive. Sorry Nick, I'm a slackass.

Last night I managed to work some more on a short story I'm gonna submit to Punk Planet. I also started writing another short story that is more nonfiction than anything else. I'm trying to not waste all my time off with bullshit. If I could get a nice foot hold on writing something not for a sports page I'd be doing myself a service. I'm actually enjoying writing once I get started it's just a matter of getting started. Also I'd like to do something that is more separate from my real life, but no really good ideas are coming to me. I considered a poker novel...but judging by my recent results online I clearly don't know enough about it.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Thoroughly Thought Through

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Spent the day in Greensboro with Corb and Trip. We really didn't do a lot, just wander around some random stores and not really buy anything. I did buy a couple of books that looked good. We had dinner at Macaroni Grill and my Penne Rustica was exquisite. The prosciutto was excellent with it.

As we approached Trip's house, his car decided to fuck with us. We were stopped at a red light and smoke started to pour from all sides of us. It was a veritable smog rolling out from under Trip's Tracker. Fortunately we were about a quarter mile from Trip's and so we made it home fine. Hopefully nothing is too fucked up with his car, but in retrospect the idea of us three sitting in his car with a Cheech and Chong-like fog surrounding us is friggin hysterical.

After a couple rounds of Halo, we left for the homestead. I ended up watching the Bourne Identity, which was pretty kickass. It was a more cerebral spy tale...a lot better than I expected (foot massage bordering on Filet Mignon). I may try to catch the sequal with Trip tomorrow. I also may get some Ludlum novels from the library next week.

Last night I stayed up until 7 a.m. reading Stephan Fry's Revenge, which was really awesome. It's a retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo. I'd say it ranks in the Filet Mignon category. I picked up his first book tonight.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Follow you home after every show

Just got in from Kevin and Courtney's place. We had a good time. Reed was there and we had a kickass meal of General Tso's chicken oh and we had meatballs as a sort of appetizer thing and they were good. MMM. Spent most of the evening just sitting around talking and that was a pleasant change from the constant running and gunning I do with Corb and Trip a la Halo (not that I mind that really, just nice to do something different occasionally).

Their daughter is still firmly in the adorable phaze (she may never leave who knows), but even with my loathing of children I had to admit she's cute. She was also fairly well behaved, a couple of outbreaks of crying and fussiness, but hell I'm prone to those myself.

I also made out like a bandit, scoring a copy of the Killers album and bumming a bunch of DVDs.

I'm feeling tired and have no reason to considering my day consisted of getting up after 1p.m. Falling asleep on the couch watching the PowerPuff girls and relaxing at Kev's. I guess we did take an after dinner walk, but man I can't be THAT lazy. That's just crazy.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Like poker, except without the money

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So after killing some time surfing the net, I got bored and decided to play a couple of poker tournaments for play money. This takes all the pressure off (for obvious reasons) and I can just kinda see what works. Of course there are some morons who play stupid, but it's still a useful tool. I ended up playing like four tournaments. Two Omaha and two no-limit hold 'em. I won two, one omaha and one hold 'em.

It's just such a step up when you play for real cash. I mean it's not even comparable. I can outplay most of the play money guys without really thinking about it. For real money, my tourney results as pathetic. I think one thing is I play a lot tighter and fold more when I should hold on and try to suck out on someone.

Anyway I have decided that I do like Omaha, even tho I know a lot less about the implied odds of each hand. That's a game where you'd better have a good draw or you're not gonna win. I don't think top pair won a single hand while I played. I'm now officially rambling about god knows what. I'm going to bed.

We don't always want what's right

Now listening to: an odd selection of interesting songs I've procured recently, titled Nanners

Watched Bubba Ho-Tep tonight with Trip and that was cool. It was undoubtedly one of the oddest stories I've ever seen, but in a good way. It was ostensibly about an elderly Elvis living out his days in an old folks home when he and a man (a black man) who thinks he's JFK get together to help kill a mummy (Bubba Ho-Tep) that is killing the residents of their rest home. It's basically about how as a society we throw away the elderly and just wait for them to die. But instead of just being the standard drama, it put the topic in a bizarre low budget horror movie format starring the King himself, Bruce Campbell. The movie itself I'd rate as a foot massage, but the concept is headcavingly orgasmic to me.

Tried the new restaurant in town that took over the space that was Shoney's. The food reminded me of Shoney's, which isn't really that great. While Trip and I were dining, a group of mentally disabled adults came in to eat. I was appalled by how so many people feel like they have to stare at them. It really annoyed me. I'm not really that good at handling the situation myself, but oggling them isn't the way to go. They're just trying to eat...give em a break.

I think I am gonna give up COH. I really just can't get into lately. I tried to play tonight, but got bored quick. It's getting too repetitive. It's kinda discouraged me from World of Warcraft a little ...I dunno. MMORPGs may just be too much for me. I was totally into for a couple of months, then I just got over it. Really that's how I am with most video games (the exception being Halo multiplayer).

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Planet of Sound

I have decided to make a mix of songs that have a break where the listener is simply hit by a wall of sound. If you're listening intently enough it can knock you off your chair. I decided to do this after listening to Clutch's (In the wake of) The Swollen Goat. It has this moment where the guitar kicks in and simply flays you...it's grinding you down...in a good way.

I'm trying to think of songs that do that. I know that Sonic Youth's Empty Cage has a moment like that. At the Drive-in has a couple, just not sure which ones they are. Those guys play with such urgency it's amazing.

Ohhh the Aphex Twin's Come to Daddy....that moment where the scream turns to white noise is absolute bliss, it's more powerful than most conventional weaponry.

I guess you could say Funkadelic's Maggot Brain fits in too. It has that slow ethereal beginning with George Clinton talking in his sweet, sweet stoner talk and then Eddie Hazel kicks in with the most soulful guitar solo ever recorded. Listening to that makes you feel like someone has poured the emotions of the whole world into a bottle and you get to drink every feeling anyone has ever had. Man that sounds like stoner talk there...but it doesn't make it less true.

I need to go and ponder more.

Greed is a weapon of Mass Destruction

Now listening to: Faithless (Mass Destruction single)

I jsut saw the video for this Faithless song on MTV (I know a video on MTV, who knew?) and it kicks ass. It's an excellent song and I recommend everyone sniff it out. I listened to some of their other songs' samples on iTunes, but they seemed like standard techno stuff. But Mass Destruction is really good. It's got that liberal mindset that I like and it's got a really cool beat.

I didn't hear about the job today so I'm a little concerned with that. Hopefully it's just bureaucratic delays and not an indication that I am not gonna get it. That would suck.

I watched School of Rock this afternoon and it was ok. Too many cute kid moments. I dig Jack Black, but I really don't care for kids in movies. I kinda regret buying it. On one viewing I would have said foot massage...now I'm saying Meh. I don't need to see it again. After that I went to Trip's and we watched three episodes of Six Feet Under, season 2. That show is good, but it just depressed both Trip and I tonight. We were ailing through most of it tonight. Still the lovely Rachel Griffiths keeps me watching...she is gorgeous.

Here's a cool interview with Robert Smigel. Oh how I love Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. There is also a little review of the newly released You Bet Your Life DVD collection that intrigues me. I'd love to watch Groucho Marx do his thing. Have to check Netflix.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Q: What's the difference between god and a sock monkey?

Now: ready for bed

I just finished reading Sock and it was pretty kickass. A true atheist novel, through and through. Not surprising considering the source. The killer was really cool. I won't say too much as I think Trip will want to read it and I don't want to ruin it for him. This book definitely deserves the Filet Mignon.

A: There is a sock monkey.

Entertainment coming out the yin yang

Now listening to: Soothing classical webradio

Went to Danville today with Danny and he talked me into getting Xbox Live...which is ok I guess. I came home and hooked it up to play some ESPN 2K5. The first game I was doing alright against Philadelphia for a while, trailing by a touchdown, but working my way downfield and scoring. Then his defensive line just crushed me and my offense evaporated. So I took a real beating, but the guy wasn't a douche about it at least.

Then I played Danny and whipped his ass. It was kinda brutal...he must have been distracted because I don't think I've ever beat him at any football game like that. I then took some time off to watch the new WSOP shows. After that I came back for a third game against some guy with the Cowboys and got schooled again. This guy did everything right and my line folded like a cardboard box. I think I'm at a real disadvantage against good defenses.

SO I gave up and decided to give poker a try. I played in a SnG and went out fifth. With A-10 and hte second biggest stack, I lost a ton with aces and kings to A-J...his kicker was one tick higher and it was awful. I had no chance to make a comeback as the blinds were just too high and I went away quick. I played pretty well and if it hadn't of been for that crap I would have been in the money.

I tried the cash games, but got caught at a tough table and couldn't catch any cards. I ended up calling it quits down .75. Now I think I may do some reading or something calm without any competition. Just doesn't seem like I'm gonna do much tonight in the winning department.

If I'm gonna keep playing poker online I need to start reading more guides and consider getting Poker Tracker. I hear that this really helps show you some things you are doing wrong. Even after the last couple of days I feel like I'm playing better. I just have tightened up a lot and am playing my position a lot better. Now I just need to get better tables and get some hands to stick.

I'm also considering that I'm paying for too much entertainment right now. Between paying for COH, Netflix, XBox Live and buying movies books and other games, I am hemorraging money I shouldn't be. I hate to say it but the COH may be the first to go. I was thinking maybe Netflixat first, but COH is becoming boring and repetitive. Monthly fees are such a bitch.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Damsel of Death

I just finished watching Monster and I have to say it was pretty damn good. Charlize Theron really was amazing as Aileen Wuornos. I see why see got the Oscar. Acturally the whole movie was excellent. Christina Ricci was really good too (nothing new there in my mind).

Even the score was excellent. It was BT and as much as I've liked his work I never expected something like that from him. Much more mellow and involved than some of his more upbeat dance stuff.

I watched the featurettes on the making of the movie and the interview with BT and director Patty Jenkins. The making of was interesting, it showed the depth of how they researched Aileen. The bit about the score was less entertaining as it seemed like BT and Ms. Jenkins simply couldn't stop talkng about how great the other was. It was a mutual handjob. Also they'd go into this technical speak, with lots of "you had to be there to understand" things and I felt like I was at a drama party again.

Anyway see this movie if you haven't. It was worth staying up until almost 6 a.m. to finish.

One thin dime won't even shine your shoes

Now listening to: Sparta

After a wasted afternoon, I went over to Trip's for a bit and hung with him. I then made the soggy trek to Walmart for provisions and to also seek some new form of entertainment. (I have to shop at the evil empire...there are no other options in these parts.) After shopping around for a while, I found the store to be more trouble than it was worth. I was considering the Hellboy DVD, but it was in the case. Anyone who's ever had to deal with the Walmart electronics people know it is simply not worth it to track them down to open a case. I'll just wait and get it somewhere else. After that I was going to get a six-pack of Mountain Dew. They didn't have them out anywhere I could find them.

The night crew was starting to stack palettes of stuff everywhere and make the place completely unnavigable. So I gave up and went to Blockbuster. There I bought a used copy of Bubba Ho-Tep and School of Rock. I was considering getting a copy of Kill Bill Vol. 1, but since I'm gonna be buying the boxed set when it comes out I decided to wait. I then went to Kroger for some food (they had Mountain Dew, thankfully) and came home.

So what do I do after buying new movies? Watch them...oh hell no. I played poker online for a couple of hours. Things looked bleak early on. I started with $42 and quickly lost my ass. I was down to$17 before my comeback kicked in. I battled all the way back to $43.66. That's right, I made $1.66 after two hours of play, not a great earned value. Still it was nice to get back in the black after losing so much. Initially I figured I was just gonna lose my whole bankroll (dig the poker lingo) and that would be the end of that for a while. Instead I'm almost back to breaking even on the original $50 investment.

My final hand of the night rocked. I limped in under the gun with Q-10 of clubs. The flop comes A-K-10 rainbow. I call the .50 bet hoping for a jack to send me to Broadway. (The ace-10 straight is called Broadway.) It comes on the turn and I slow play it. It checks all the way around and the river is a blank. I bet the river...a guy raises me, I reraise and he caps it. I won about $13 on that hand and moved back into the winner's circle. So I called it a night and am now rambling on about my good fortune.

Anyway I think I'm gonna watch Monster now. Mom checked it out from the library and I've heard it's pretty good.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Don't know when to quit

Now listening to: ambient webradio and then some classical webradio

What a completely uneventful day. I wasn't feeling social so I stayed in all day and did not a fucking thing. I watched Zorro on TBS...need I say more? For some reason I couldn't pry my ass off the couch until after 1 a.m.

I then moved to my computer chair and started reading some stuff on the internet and decided to play some poker. I started with a $6 sit and go tournament, which I caught few cards. The ones I did catch turned crappy when people who shouldn't have still been in the hand caught a miracle on fifth street. This same person did it to me twice once with a miracle runner-runner flush and again with a runner-runner straight. I kid you not...it was brutal and I went out in seventh place.

I decided to hit the cash tables and win my $6 back. And I did so. In fact I was so intent on winning my $6 back that instead of cashing out up $25 I played until I was back down to $6 up. Which sucked. I have a tendency to do that. I win a lot at the beginning and then loosen up. It's other people's money right...and so I give it right back. I've got to either just quit while I'm ahead or learn how to keep playing the tight game. I also think that the longer I play the fewer fish there are at PartyPoker. It's only the dedicated who come stay out unto 3 a.m. At least I broke even I suppose.

I have to find something entertaining to do tomorrow or I will simply die from boredom. I tried COH today, but it just didn't draw me in. I tried ESPN football, but it's also not doing it for me. I need something new and there isn't a lot of good stuff to chose from...not for a while at least.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

To the Extreme!!

Now listening to: Sonic Youth and AC/DC

A ncie relaxed day where Trip, Corb and myself took a leisurely trip to Danville to see Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I knew this was going to be one of those really stupid comedies, but I have to admit, most of the time, I really like those. This was no exception, I'd rate this one foot massage. It made me wanna smoke weed and watch it again...but with the whole teaching thing I suppose that ain't gonna happen.

After that we went to Red Lobster for dinner and had a pretty kickass meal. Our streak of unattractive waitresses was broken, as we finally had a cutie waiting on us. That sounds terribly mysogynistic, but what can I say I like attractive women. Sue me.

We came back home and hit up some Halo action. Corb's skills continue to improve and he is becoming more of a threat. I, like every other video game nerd out there, am wanting Halo 2 right now. As far as I care it could be the exact same game as the original with new multiplayer maps and online play and I wouldn't complain. I don't care about the single player...I'm not gonna play that anyway.

Ended up playing in poker tournaments for fake money last night instead of COH. It was ok...took third in one and first in another. I got to brush up my skills.