Sunday, September 30, 2007

Overly aware of my own insignificance

It's been a fairly shitty day. Both the Steelers and The Evil Penguin lost. Steelers pissed the game away and the Penguin was never really in it. Ohh and the Mets lost, dropping a seven game lead in the last couple of week. I doomed them by rooting for them I suppose.

I did enjoy playing some Halo 3 for a while... yep, that's the highlight of my life, a video game.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Finishing the fight

No time for blogging, I'm playing Halo 3. It's awesome. It's a simple return to all the things I loved about the old Halo games with a few new tweaks to make it even better. I tried some of the online coop the other night with Trip and Danny and it's sweet. I wish I had more time to do that. Now I'm forced to settle for randomly shooting tards in multiplayer... ok so it's not that bad. Lovin' it!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Black sun in a white world

Soooooooo tonight is the night that Halo 3 drops. Yes, I'm completely aware of how nerdy I am. I care not, for I have nothing to prove. Nerdy is where it's at folks. I will be in waiting in line with my fellow geeks at my local Gamestop. I'm hoping my stomach settles down a bit, it's been in an uproar all day.

Part of that may be that I had to rise early to carry my Grandma to the doctor. I'm not good at pre-noon times. After I finished with that I went to get a haircut. Now there are four women cutting hair at the mall. Three of these woman fall within the standards I have for attractiveness. Guess which one cuts my hair? Ding, the one who looks like she has a dog's ass for a face. Also, she seems to think "I want to keep most of the length on top, just trim it." to mean cut off 3/4 of it. These are the reasons I wear a hat all the time.

In fantasy football news, The Evil Penguin has a hefty 192-105 lead heading into Monday night football, with only Deuce McAllister left to play for my opponent, Warchant. Looking pretty good. My team finally showed up for the most part, although Lee Evans and Maurice Jones-Drew continue to freeze out the Evil Penguin squad.

The Steelers also steamrolled the Niners and are 3-0! We may be for real! It's good stuff. We got the Cardinals next week in Arizona. That's not a gimme, considering that their coach, Ken Wisenhut, was offensive coordinator last year. Lots of motivation for him to win, but I'm not sure their defense can get it done.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Are you shitting me?

Work really sucked tonight. Just every-fucking-thing being annoying. It's a pain in the ass. Too much nonsense. I have to attend one of three sexual harassment seminars, all of which are scheduled in the a.m. How convenient to the nocturnal. Also, fuck sexual harassment training, it's fucking stupid. I haven't harassed anyone and really, only see like three people when I work.

I watched Because I Said So last night, because it had lots of attractive women in it. It was ok, not especially great (Meh.). I also watched a couple of Upright Citizen's Brigade, Season 2 episodes. I was lured into buying it the other night when I hung with Kevin and Reed and we hit Walmart. I love the UCB, great absurd humor. The mythos is awesome. Astronauts are social pariahs, Supercool is a drug and The Titte Bros. are a popular band. Very silly.

I'm off to watch Hot Fuzz now, ta.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007


It was a bad weekend for fantasy football. The Evil Penguin was dealt a loss by the rookie Fish Eyes... the horror. It wasn't close. By the end of the 1pm games I knew I was done and went to get dinner. Bleah. Ahh well, on to next week. At least the Steelers won in dominating fashion.

I haven't posted a lot lately. Seems like all my time is accounted for, of late, although I have no idea what I'm actually doing with it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

See what all the howlin's for

In deference to my non-football fan readers, I will start with topics other than my fantasy team. Not that there is a lot to report. It's been a relatively blah kinda time. I'm suffering from some kind of emotional constipation and just having difficulty finding joy in anything. Not really sure why, just nothing is overly exciting of late. I dunno, maybe I'm overstating it, but I think since my vacation is over and I've nothing major to look forward to until Dec. I'm just feeling depressed.

I did finish the new William Gibson book, Spook Country, which is a sorta sequel to Pattern Recognition (one of my top five of all time). It didn't wow me. It took forever to claw my way into it and only really captivated me in the final 100 or so pages. Still it's an interesting concept and Gibson knows how to turn a phrase, so it coulda been a lot worse. I'm going to say +1 chainmail, but only because of my deep love of Gibson.

On to the football! It was a good weekend on the gridiron with both the Steelers and The Evil Penguin notching wins. Pittsburgh looked pretty damn good routing Cleveland. Here's hoping that is going to be the norm this season. The Evil Penguin struggled out of the gates, but came on strong late to condemn Heavens Own. Here's to Lamont Jordan racking up the yardage.

Anyway I'm gonna go find something to read while defragging my hard drive.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Expressway to your skull

Had an annoying night at work. Little bullshit piling on that will end up pissing me off. That catapulted me into a depressive state, which sucked. I finally picked myself up a little after getting home and listening to some NFL related podcasts. Tomorrow being opening day helped.

I'm finally starting to recover from the weekend. Sunday I worked and then stayed up all night before heading to Fayetteville to hang with Gabe, Kelly and Cameron. We had a good time and I was surprisingly not a total bastard. We stopped for some PF Chang's on the way home and that was tasty. I finally got some sleep at 8pm after around 30 hours of being awake.

I then slept for more or less 16 solid hours. That tied my all time record I do believe (achieved in college in a competitive sleep off against Noel). I finally got my car street legal after rising and then spent too much money on clothes. Gotta love end of summer sales.

Anyway now I'm eagerly waiting to see some real football tomorrow, even if I do have to work through it. I'm thinking the Colts are gonna win the game, just because history says they will. I'm also hoping for Reggie Bush to have a bad game, as Kevin will be starting him against me this week.

Monday, September 03, 2007

His moment of power and fame

Hooray, I get to rise early tomorrow. Going to Fayetteville to visit my brother. Sigh, I've been booked for like the last month doing stuff every weekend. I shouldn't complain, I suppose. It's nice to feel like I have a large contingent of people not only willing to put up with me, but who make an actual effort to be in my presence.

Still it can be tiring for someone who is heavy on the antisocial tendencies. I should probably just shut my noise tube and get over it. Although I do proclaim loudly to anyone who will listen that next weekend is sacred and will be a day of rest, but probably not relaxation. Nay, I will be pouring over fantasy stats all day and reveling in the glory that is NFL football. I get so giddy this time of year.

It was nice to have meaningful games being played this weekend a la the collegiate realm, but it's not the same as the pro game. I face Heavens Own in the opening weekend and believe The Evil Penguin can crush them under his razor-clawed flipper and dispatch these holy infidels back to whatever "heaven" they call home.