Monday, September 24, 2007

Black sun in a white world

Soooooooo tonight is the night that Halo 3 drops. Yes, I'm completely aware of how nerdy I am. I care not, for I have nothing to prove. Nerdy is where it's at folks. I will be in waiting in line with my fellow geeks at my local Gamestop. I'm hoping my stomach settles down a bit, it's been in an uproar all day.

Part of that may be that I had to rise early to carry my Grandma to the doctor. I'm not good at pre-noon times. After I finished with that I went to get a haircut. Now there are four women cutting hair at the mall. Three of these woman fall within the standards I have for attractiveness. Guess which one cuts my hair? Ding, the one who looks like she has a dog's ass for a face. Also, she seems to think "I want to keep most of the length on top, just trim it." to mean cut off 3/4 of it. These are the reasons I wear a hat all the time.

In fantasy football news, The Evil Penguin has a hefty 192-105 lead heading into Monday night football, with only Deuce McAllister left to play for my opponent, Warchant. Looking pretty good. My team finally showed up for the most part, although Lee Evans and Maurice Jones-Drew continue to freeze out the Evil Penguin squad.

The Steelers also steamrolled the Niners and are 3-0! We may be for real! It's good stuff. We got the Cardinals next week in Arizona. That's not a gimme, considering that their coach, Ken Wisenhut, was offensive coordinator last year. Lots of motivation for him to win, but I'm not sure their defense can get it done.


Anonymous said...

To the So-Called "Evil Penguin:" I happened upon your blog by chance and thought you might appreciate an appraisal. It is trite. I grow tired of reading that your job sucks. Reading the twaddle you spew about your (oh so cleverly dubbed) Evil Penguin fantasy football is tedium at its apex. Perhaps a hobby? Ropeless Bungee jumping? Seriously, though - terrible blog. I liken reading it to smoking pencil shavings through a corncob pipe. No gratification. Keep up the stellar work - your chaffed dick could use the break from time to time. Sincerely, PETE the BLOG AESTHETE

eric said...

Here's an idea, don't read it and shut the fuck up. If my life is dull then how lame must yours be to read about it and complain?