Tuesday, September 11, 2007

See what all the howlin's for

In deference to my non-football fan readers, I will start with topics other than my fantasy team. Not that there is a lot to report. It's been a relatively blah kinda time. I'm suffering from some kind of emotional constipation and just having difficulty finding joy in anything. Not really sure why, just nothing is overly exciting of late. I dunno, maybe I'm overstating it, but I think since my vacation is over and I've nothing major to look forward to until Dec. I'm just feeling depressed.

I did finish the new William Gibson book, Spook Country, which is a sorta sequel to Pattern Recognition (one of my top five of all time). It didn't wow me. It took forever to claw my way into it and only really captivated me in the final 100 or so pages. Still it's an interesting concept and Gibson knows how to turn a phrase, so it coulda been a lot worse. I'm going to say +1 chainmail, but only because of my deep love of Gibson.

On to the football! It was a good weekend on the gridiron with both the Steelers and The Evil Penguin notching wins. Pittsburgh looked pretty damn good routing Cleveland. Here's hoping that is going to be the norm this season. The Evil Penguin struggled out of the gates, but came on strong late to condemn Heavens Own. Here's to Lamont Jordan racking up the yardage.

Anyway I'm gonna go find something to read while defragging my hard drive.


Anonymous said...

Thought you might like to know that you only play the Leg Hounds once this year.

Anonymous said...

Man Eric that sucks for you, one less easy victory...

With Love...The Commish

Anonymous said...

Tired of staying humble, eh?