Thursday, September 06, 2007

Expressway to your skull

Had an annoying night at work. Little bullshit piling on that will end up pissing me off. That catapulted me into a depressive state, which sucked. I finally picked myself up a little after getting home and listening to some NFL related podcasts. Tomorrow being opening day helped.

I'm finally starting to recover from the weekend. Sunday I worked and then stayed up all night before heading to Fayetteville to hang with Gabe, Kelly and Cameron. We had a good time and I was surprisingly not a total bastard. We stopped for some PF Chang's on the way home and that was tasty. I finally got some sleep at 8pm after around 30 hours of being awake.

I then slept for more or less 16 solid hours. That tied my all time record I do believe (achieved in college in a competitive sleep off against Noel). I finally got my car street legal after rising and then spent too much money on clothes. Gotta love end of summer sales.

Anyway now I'm eagerly waiting to see some real football tomorrow, even if I do have to work through it. I'm thinking the Colts are gonna win the game, just because history says they will. I'm also hoping for Reggie Bush to have a bad game, as Kevin will be starting him against me this week.

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