Friday, September 21, 2007

Are you shitting me?

Work really sucked tonight. Just every-fucking-thing being annoying. It's a pain in the ass. Too much nonsense. I have to attend one of three sexual harassment seminars, all of which are scheduled in the a.m. How convenient to the nocturnal. Also, fuck sexual harassment training, it's fucking stupid. I haven't harassed anyone and really, only see like three people when I work.

I watched Because I Said So last night, because it had lots of attractive women in it. It was ok, not especially great (Meh.). I also watched a couple of Upright Citizen's Brigade, Season 2 episodes. I was lured into buying it the other night when I hung with Kevin and Reed and we hit Walmart. I love the UCB, great absurd humor. The mythos is awesome. Astronauts are social pariahs, Supercool is a drug and The Titte Bros. are a popular band. Very silly.

I'm off to watch Hot Fuzz now, ta.

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Anonymous said...

I'm watching you.