Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Insert crappy life joke here

Still not feeling great. I slept in and haven't done a damn thing all day outside of browse the internet. I think Trip and I are going to Danville for some Spidey 2 love and dinner. I may get NFL Street in spite of myself. I keep playing it at Trip's and have gotten addicted. I'll probably end up trading it in when NCAA 2005 comes out.

Tomorrow I HAVE to go by the employment office. I need to get a regular source of cash. I just hate beauracracy and lines.

I've been reading some Norse myths for the last coupla days. It's slow going, as I have a full video game and dvd schedule, but they are very interesting. For one thing I like names that start with the letters Hr or Hv. They just sound cool. Also I really dig Odin. You have to respect a guy who hung himself from a tree for 9 days just to get a sip from the spring for wisdom.

You think a kid like that is gonna know what the queers are doing to the soil?

Now listening to: The Dead Milkmen (Beelzebubba)

Another relatively uneventful day. Played a little COH, watched the rest of the first season of Sex in the City, which was still very good. Then hooked up with Trip and played video games at his place. Came home, started watching the Aqua Teens and then I felt really bad. My stomach hasn't been right the last few days, I think it's stress. Ifucking hate not knowing what I'm gonna be doing for cash.

Anyway I then watched the Dead Like Me pilot which was very good. I got the first disc from Netflix, but it only had the pilot and some extra stuff. I want more, NOW! So now I have to wait until I mail in something and get disc 2.

Finally I watched the end of Rocky 2, which is truly a great film. I must have seen it like 1,000 times, but it still brings a tear to my eye when Rocky yells, "Adrian...I did it!!" Man is that great cinema or what?

I do so love the Dead Milkmen. They really aren't afraid to do anything, even suck. Some of their songs are just continuous loops of music with a spoken word poem said over them, usually with a completely absurd tilt. Those are my favorites. I can't get enough of the nonsensical. They are part of the original inspiration for my incoherent rambling, so all of you reading this and enjoying it owe a shout out to the Dead Milkmen.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Field Day for the Sundays

Now watching:Wimbledon

I'm finally back online after an evening of being banished. I had to call tech support and figure out the special dance to get things to work again. I ended up going to bed before 1 a.m. which was odd.

Yesterday I dropped off my application with the school board. Later switching by Cable 18 I saw that 40 teachers had resigned. Hopefully that makes my chances better. After that I goofed around for a while then hooked up with Trip. We played a little NFL Street and then ran a little Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel, which was pretty cool. I'm still not that big on coop games tho.

The first COH content release went live today, which is pretty cool. I'm considering just getting on and playing that for the rest of the day. I should be going to the employment office, but I don't feel like moving.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Robo puppy mistreatment alert!

Now watching: The Surreal Life and some Futurama

It's been an interesting coupla days. Yesterday Trip and I did the G-Boro thing, but didn't get to see Farenheit 911 because every showing was sold out. I'm guessing it broke all kinds of box office records for a documentary. WHat we ended up doing is minor shopping and had lunch at the Mid City Oyster Bar, which was ok, nothing special. I picked up the PS2 game Culdcept, which I've heard is pretty sweet. Not sure exactly when I'll have time for it, but it was really cheap.

After returning home, Trip and I decided to do a few shots and chill out. That turned into a lot more shots and we got really, really drunk. It was fun, we talked, drank, played music, drank and finally passed out. Ended up rising around 9 a.m. and drove home feeling like ass. A bottle of water, several aspirin and five more hours of sleep and I felt human again.

All I've done today was lay around and watch tv. I watched the movie Waking Life and it was pretty good, some thought provoking ideas presented in an unusual way. I'd say +1 chainmail. VH1 has been showing reruns of the Surreal Life and I got trapped into that because Trichelle is hot and got naked at some point. How am I supposed to not watch stupid hot chicks get nude?

I'm probably gonna watch some Adult Swim and play some City of Heroes to cap my day of slack off.Feel the power of my nerdiness.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Like Ben Franklin fucked a walrus

Now listening to: Bobcat Goldthwait's new album

Slack times for E. I've been doing a few little errands the last couple of days and not much else. I paid off my bills for the month today. I'm a little nervous about my longterm finances, especially with my weakness for impulse buying.

Tomorrow Trip and I are going to see Farenheit 911, which should be interesting. I will need to practice some restraint in G-Boro. Must not spend money, must not spend money. That's my mantra. Good thing there are not a lot of cool new games out now.

I've been playing a ridiculous amount of video games of late. We've been kicking it Halo style at Trip's pad. Add a little bit of NFL Street and a mass of City of Heroes. I've even been considering hooking up some Prince of Persia action.

This Bobcat album is fuckin funny. I'm less than halfway through and it's awesome.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I've been thinking about your axe wound

I've spent the last hour or so perusing which is awesome. They are the guys who od the Quizno's subs commercials, with the little fuzzy weird guys. Some great, great stuff there. Check out the FAQ to find out the definition of "Scrottocks"

I also highly recommend the naughty hedgehogs' ditty. Check it out if you like absurd humor.

Dude, my dad totally owns a dealership

Now listening to: a mix of the Electric Six, Mission of Burma, the Beastie Boys, Clutch, Static X and various other things.

I have to say, to be only one day after being fired, I feel pretty damned good. It's like a huge fuckin weight is off my shoulders. It's helped that all my friends have been really supportive and reinforcing the fact that the job sucked anyway. I talked to Trip, Kev, Corb and Mike tonight, got an email from Nick last night and everyone agreed the job sucked anyway and I was better off without it.

Plus Corb may have helped me hook up a teaching job this fall. Nothing definite, but if that works out it could be cool. I went and picked up an application and am probably gonna try to fill that out tomorrow and turn it in. I also may apply for unemployment. Free money sounds like a nice deal.

After running several errands, Trip and I did dinner then I came home and watched tv. I ended up watching the first six episodes of Sex in the City, which I did like. It's beautiful, well-off women talking about sex, what's not to like? Plus the sheer number of women in see-through tops is scandalous (note wordplay with the term sheer, nyuck nyuck).

I also need to begin a regular regimen of writing. I'm not sure when to get to that, but I need to get in an hour or so a day, at least. It would be really nice to be able to do that for a living and never have to actually show up to a crap job again. Gonna take some discipline tho.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A new low

I was fired from work today. Oddly I didn't see it coming adn I probably should have. I don't really know what to feel at the moment. Part of me wants to just sit down and cry and another part is so fuckin mad I want to kill. Also I'm oddly glad, as that means I never have to work there again. No maore godawful sporting events I hate and being nice ot people I loathe. Well not the people I'm accustomed to loathing. I have to find a whole new place to work adn loathe people. Not sure where that's gonna be. Wish I could find a way to live without some bullshit job... I'm pretty much oer beign told what to do.

I don't knwo what I'm gonna do. Well except that I'm goign to get really really drunk tonight.

Listen up crotchstain

Now listening to: Beastie Boys (To the Five Boroughs)

Did a lot of goofing off today. Watched the Master of the Flying Guillotine, which was pretty cool, the tournament segment was fun and the Guillotine was cool. I wish I had a weapon like that where i could just cut someones head off at will. Of course, the population around these parts would be decimated. I'd give the Guillotine a +1 chainmail.

I then watched No Looking Back, the Edwards Burns movie. I have to say it was his weakest work so far. Unlike She's the One or The Brothers McMullen I really couldn't relate to the characters, At best it's Meh., with definite Shaq-fu leanings.

After that I watched Mystery Men and played COH for several hours. I went on another Task force, actually it was the same one again. It was ok, I got Brody Ramone, my gravity controller, up to 21st level. It's so slow going now tho, it's tough.

Meet my new boss tomorrow, I'm expecting him to be a complete bastard. The last two guys have been decent, so this guys will be an incompetent asshole. It's just the way things work.

Monday, June 21, 2004

It's like watching a couple of retards hump a doorknob

Now listening to: The new Mission of Burma album (OnoffOn)

A pretty good day. (Funny how they seem so much better without work.) Trip and I hit Danville and got Corb some Mario GBA games. We ate at Red Lobster and had a nice meal, although my dumbass ordered far too much. Afterward we went to see Dodgeball, which was fuckin hysterical. I'm saying Filet Mignon. The title of this post is a line from the movie and I plotzed when I heard it. Uncontrollable laughter that I had no hope of stopping.

I also got a couple of new cds, the Mission of Burma album, which is rocking so far and the latest Static-X album, which I haven't had a chance to absorb yet.

I'm also off tomorrow and I plan on slacking off in a major way. I'm probably gonna watch Master of the Flying Guillotine and play COH for most fo the day. Ahh the simple pleasures.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

I can't believe you asked me that

Now enjoying: a peanut butter cookie

Well I am on the threshold of a couple of days off and that's always pleasant. Work wasn't that bad tonight, but that's because I minimized my time there. I came in late, took a nigh-three hour dinner break and generally did as little as possible. It was nice. Why can't every night be like that.

During my dinner break, I had to run home to fetch a roster I had left in a pair of shorts I can't wear in the office anymore. I have to say the drive home was really nice. The weather was perfect, cool and just reaching dusk. I had a nice drive and it brightened my mood considerably.

During some down time at work, I read an interview with P.J. Harvey where the interviewer started the article off by noting that she's a tough interview and admitting he asked her a stupid question and she called him on it. I started thinking about the interviews I read and how often they don't really ask the questions I want answered. Then I started to remember the difficulty I often have asking the right questions. It's not easy. Sometimes you know what to ask and sometimes you stand there with a dumb look and hope for the best.

I think interviewing is similiar with athletes and musicians as you're asking them to verbalize something that isn't really a verbal phenomenon. Athletics are mainly physical and when you ask them to describe something, they aren't prepared for it because they just do it. It's not about words. Music is the same. So much music transcends words and explaining it can only bring it down from the height it started at. So next time you read an interview and think "That's a stupid question." remember this sort of thing ain't easy.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

We is dumb... dumb as hell

Had a good time yesterday. Played COH for most of the afternoon while watching The Royal Tenenbaums (headcavingly orgasmic). The Corb picked me up and we headed to Trip's where we played some Tiger Woods and then discovered capture the flag on Halo. Previously we were purely deathmatch players, but last night the wonder of capture the flag appeared to all. It was good fun. Even as only a deathmatch game Halo was headcavingly orgasmic.

Got home around midnight and hooked up the City of Heroes one more time, taking on a task force mission. This was the first one of these I've done and it kicked ass. It's a series of missions your team does with a running storyline of sorts. Last night we defeated the Clockwork king, which kicked ass. I finally reached 20th level and all is well. I may try to get in another run at it tonight...depending on how draining work is.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Put a quarter in your ass, because you played yourself

Now listening to: Clutch

Well it's been a wonderfully sweaty day. My pants wearing ass got a nice 90-degree day to go and work. I'm still so fuckin pissed about that policy that I can barely see straight.

I got the new Beastie Boy album this afternoon and after one listen, it's definitely good. The beats are well developed and the quirky lyrics are still sharp. It is very political, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Trip believes political awareness means you can't rock the party, but I'll throw out Public Enemy to prove him wrong. Nobody rocks a party like fuckin PE.

Currently I'm downloading some of the stuff from the Shrek 2 soundtrack, which I had forgotten I wanted. That Eels song is gonna be good... of course it is an Eels song, so naturally it's good.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Who the fuck do you think you are?

now listening to: P.J. Harvey

Well my job has went into extra sucking mode. We got a nice little memo today informing us of a new dress code that doesn't allow shorts. I can change into if I'm covering something hot, but not wear them in the newsroom. It's stupid and arbitary i.e. the typical thing the happens there. I think I'm going to try to get a teaching job somewhere. I can't stand being shat on there anymore. I'm looking for a new place to be shat on.

My frustration has reached new levels. It's always fun when coaches ask me why I'm not the sports editor. Well basically it's because the people I work for are idiots. ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! My urge to kill is peaking.

Bela Lugosi is dead

At this point I'm pretty sure that no matter what I do at work, I'm gonna be told it's wrong and I should redo it. Every decision I make, every page I layout is somehow wrong and needs correcting to the way they want it. It's causing a big knot of frustration to build inside me and strangle off my desire to do anything.

I am completely without ambition and initiative. If I seem indifferent, it's only because the world is indifferent to me. Nothing is ever good, not for any length of time anyway.

Trip was talking about opening a video game store... it would certainly be better than what I do now, but I'm not sure I'm prepared for either the risk or the effort that goes into a new business. Particularly in Martinsville.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Bam Thwok

Now listening to: The Pixies new song!!!!!!!!!!

A new single from the Pixies..and it's good! ROCK. If there is one band I love, it's the Pixies. Hopefully this means they will be recording a new album. I wish I could see them live. Oh well.

Last night I didn't manage to stay away from COH and ended up playing for five hours solid. I didn't get to bed until 6 a.m. I got into a really good was impossible to leave a gang of competent players after being saddled with so many morons for so long. I managed to get rid of my 5K debt and am now a mere three bubbles from 19th.

I also reread The Stranger. It was as good as I remembered it, but I got something different from it this time. I'm less sure Camus was on Meurseult's side. I still appreciate his notion that one life is as good as another, there is no real difference. That you have to take the small pleasures where ever you can.

Gabe emailed me. He just returned from Spain, the bastard. He seems to be pretty happy. I miss the little goof.

Monday, June 14, 2004

It doesn't matter if we all die

Q:If you could be any type of animal, what type would you be?
A: You are an animal.

Today has been one of those days where I never feel like I fully woke up. I just kind of drifted through in a haze and got through somehow. Not that I really did anything. I wrote a story and had dinner with Trip, that about sums it up.

Actually I did finally finish Lost Souls by Poppy Bright. It was ok...maybe in the upper echelon of the Meh. territory. It just seemed a little too in love with itself, as gothic style horror novels often do. Just a bit too pretentious and self aware.

I think I'm gonna reread Camus' The Stranger. It's one of my all time favs (headcavingly orgasmic) and I need some inspiration. Maybe it can help me put the indifference I feel towards everything right now into perspective.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

I bet you say that to all the girls

Now watching:Harvey Birdman & Sealab

A total slackass day, which I needed. Actually I could use a couple more. All I've done is watch Citizen Kane, play COH and watch TV. Citizen Kane did live up to the hype. It's an excellent film. I'd say Filet Mignon.

COH on the other hand has been a huge pain in the ass. I teammed up with a bunch of boneheads adn we got slaughtered by the Tsoo. It was unpleasant. I'll probably play some more a little later on, just to put a dent in my 4K of debt. It bones.

I forgot to mention that I did see Kev's daughter Eve yesterday and she was an adorable child. My urge to kill children didn't even kick in. A pleasant surprise.

Give me a sign

Now listening to: P.J. Harvey

Spent the day at Trip's ahnging with he, Kev, Corb and Reed. Goofed off, watched some Aqua Teens and played some video games. It was a pretty good time. Seemed like the night shot by tho. Actually the whole day flew by. Anytime I don't have to work, the time flies. At work, it goes into a standstill. It's irritating.

Don't really have a lot to say. I'm just gonna go hit COH hard now.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

The return of the Swollen Goat

Now listening to: Clutch (Blast Tyrant)

Well tonight was fun, but it also sucked. We played some poker at Andy's house and I lost my ass. I didn't see a lot fo good hands and when I had something is was usually the second best hand. Just brutal. That's what I get for playing weak-tight.

Not much else went on. I wrote that story, but I still have to go in and file it tomorrow. But hopefully after that I'll be seeing Kev, Courtney and their daughter, Eve. So that should be cool. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Friday, June 11, 2004

I just want to bang on the drum all day

Man I do not feel like writing a column today. I don't have anything really good to write about and I'm gonna end up banging out some crap that is barely coherent. (I know you my loyal readers, both of you, are used to this incoherency, but I try to write understandably for the rest of the world.)

I suppose I could call someone and put together an actual story about something, but that is too much like real work and I don't feel like it. So I will just bang out a crapladen column for the masses.

Boob scotch

Now listening to: The Shins and downloading the new Sonic Youth album

Well work was mind-numbing as always, although at least I had stuff to do. Too much to do, I am now the de facto editor, all the little bullshit I get to pick up and do because no one is there to do it. It's irritating.

After work I went to Wal-Mart (the only time to go is after midnight) and got some grub for the weekend. I also bought a cheapo digital camera, the one I mentioned before. BIG mistake! I forgot the age old adage that you get what you pay for. So far I have been unable to get my computer to recognize the camera or download photos. Not that I can take many as it requires soo much light or it doesn't take it at all. I'm returning it.

I also checked out the company's website, looking for tech support on getting my comp. to recognize my camera. They told me to buy a memory card for it... A) it doesn't have a slot for a memory card. B) I bought a $20 camera so it would be cheap...not so I could invest more into it. I give up.

I had a good time on COH last night. Finally reached level 17 and managed to not accrue any more debt. I'm getting ready to try and recreate that.

Oh and the new P.J. Harvey album gets only a Meh. I'm highly disappointed with it. It still has a couple of moments that aren't bad, but all in all it is not what I had hoped.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Now watching: Dave Letterman and The Family Guy

SO after a short afternoon of work, Trip and I jaunted to Danville for a meal at Ruby Tuesday's. We then tooled around the mall for a bit, where I managed to resist buying anything. We then hit blockbuster and I had to buy a copy of American Splendor, which is a damn fine movie. It too is in the gray area between +1 chainmail and Filet Mignon. I've been trying to think up a good rating for that, but haven't figured one out yet.

OK, let me just say that I'm not obsessed with it, but with broadband I have had a brand new opportunity to download porn. So I occasionally take advantage of it. OK fine, I'm a fuckin porno freak and I download gigs of it every night. WHATEVER! The point is, why is so much porn so abusive to women? A lot of it is all about tricking stupid women into having sex or basically forcing them into it. It's just lame and I find it disturbing. Just because I want to see beautiful women and fantasize about them doesn't mean I need to belittle them to make myself feel better.

I just find it kinda infantile and really question any man who needs that type of thing to get aroused. I guess it just goes back to the double standard that a woman can't like to have sex outside of marriage. If they do, then they must be slutty and not deserve any respect. I find it annoying.

Now I'll get off my porn soapbox and watch some Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Woo!

Honey, have you checked our shitters?

Now: downloading P.J. Harvey's new album

Everything I have tried to do the last two days has went wrong. At work, the editor just left so we are without any organization whatsoever. I refuse to do it since I'm not the editor and it's not my job. I tried that once and all I got for my trouble was a dumb look. So I expect the next month to be nothing more than a trial.

I haven't been pleased with anything really. Hell even COH is being a bitch. I've been dying like mad the last two days. I played for an hour this afternoon and because of the bonehead group I was in I am actually now farther away from leveling up than I was when I started. It's lame.

I'm reading Poppy Bright's Lost Souls. It's ok, but really it's not suiting my mood. The gothic horror vibe isn't making me feel better. I need to read something with a happy ending so I can fool myself into believing those exist. At least for a little while.

I can't decide if I want to play COH now or not. I don't know if I can stand getting into more debt.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Black mood

Now: in a fairly foul mood

I didn't post last night as every activity I involved myself in conspired to make me more and more botter, angry and depressed. In fact, I'm still feeling like that really, although it is probably just leftovers from last night.

I really don't have much to say, as if I do start, all that bile will flow out of me like a raging river. So I'll just let it go and not depress the fuck out of both my readers.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Win one for the Gipper

Now listening to:Tortoise (Standards)

Well I've been reviewing the Ronald Reagan post over at EvilAvatar and I have to say the country is so polarized right now it's ridiculous. It's a hodge-podge of people saying conservatives rule, liberals rule and that you shouldn't say anything bad about someone who died, even if their policies were completely unethical. I'm tired of people saying you're a traitor if you disagree with them. I don't care which side you're on, just let me have my opinion. That's one of the biggest problems I have with conservatives, you're with them or completely evil. They never stop to think about why you believe what you believe. It's sad.

Work was dull, I spent most of the time reading gaming magazines.

I downloaded this Tortoise album yesterday to listen to while I played COH (I'm now level 16 btw). I ended up listening to it like four times last night and it's pretty good. Nonlinear and not afraid to throw a little noise out there. A +1 chainmail rating will serve it well. It reminds me of Stereolab.

I'm considering buying a cheapass digital camera so I can post some photos here and perhaps sell some crap on Ebay. Of course I'd have to figure out how to post photos on this page. How hard could it be?

In my humble opinion Ronald Reagan's greatest accomplishment was his role in Knute Rockne: All-American (Filet Mignon). It's a classic film that I'd rate as one of the best football movies ever. You do have to put it in historical perspective tho, as it's definitely not from the modern school of filmmaking. But the fact that it has Pop Warner and Amos Alonzo Stagg in cameos is definitely cool.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Fuck Die Hard, fuck it right in the ass

Went to G-Boro today with Trip and Corb and did our thing. I managed to not spend too much money, just enough. Went to see the new Harry Potter movie, which was pretty good. It's now my new favorite of the series. Cuaron brings a vision that Columbus just didn't have, he was too slavishly faithful to the books. Cuaron brings not only a a cohesive theme to the movie, but also puts Hogwarts in a very scenic world that helps bring you into the story. I'm saying Filet Mignon right now.

Oh I also learned a valuable lesson tonight, just because you can upgrade your beverage for only a quarter, doesn't mean you should in a long movie. Yesh.

While cruising around I told Trip that I had never seen Die Hard (Alan Rickman was the cause I believe) and had little inclination. Trip then went on a tirade about me being willfully ignorant. The entire drive home we playfully argued this point. At one point the conversation became so convoluted that Trip was exhorting me to choke him and kill us all. That's how out of control our discussions can go. The saddest part was that I was considering doing it just to prove him wrong. I can play Devil's Advocate a bit too hard sometimes. Of course I knew that when I was arguing for the Chinese government while talking about the Tiannamen Square incident. I blame it on being terminally bored in a lame philosophy class and just trying to make things more interesting for me.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Heavy traffic

I just noticed that Friday was the biggest day I've ever had here at incoherent rambling. Over 20 page views in one day. Nice. Some of you people should come back. I can start advertising and make millions and fulfill my lifelong dream of being rich without actually working hard for it.

On a related note, Kevin was visiting the site earlier and remarked on not being mentioned a lot. So here's another mention. Kevin is a little bee-atch who whines a lot! YOU LIKE THAT? HUH? Yeah take it.

I'm sure he'll be thrilled with that. Hehe.

Guatemalan pool boy

Now listening to: my Gritty mix

A pretty slack day. I slept in until around 2 p.m. I couldn't wake up, the rain and of course I stayed up until ungodly hours playing COH. I got Brody up to 15th level and then switched over to Jotun, who I got up to 12th. I tell you it is a huge pain not having any movement ability. At least Brody had hover so I didn't have to go around everything, I could slowly float over things. Jotun is just slow. Still it is nice not fearing death in almost every encounter.

Went to Trip's and hung out most of the evening. Played a little Tiger Woods and I sucked it up. Trip now owns me at it. A sad state of affairs. Of course Danny won the skins match we played, so I was the worst there. I did manage to get some of my dignity back by handing Trip his ass in Tony Hawk Underground.

After that we watched some Celebrity Poker, where Danny Masterson lost to that Dule guy. It was sad, since he more or less outplayed him, but Dule was the card man. He pulled three of a kind out of his ass a lot. Still it was interesting to watch them play, I'd forgotten some of the lessons I learned from the last show. I need to get back on my game man, I'm already forgetting crap.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Sound off like you've got a pair

Now listening to:my extraordinarily diverse COH megamix

Woo, I have the next two days off and I'm looking forward to it. Work was decent today as I watched the Martinsville soccer team put together a masterful performance and wrote a couple of decent stories about it. So that's pretty cool.

I just finished Raymond E. Feist's Magician:Master and it was pretty good. It falls in that gray area between +1 chainmail and Filet Mignon. I'm going to have to address that situation soon... Anyway the book is the sequel to Magician:Apprentice and both made for a pretty good read. A nice cohesive world, I'll probably come back to some of Feist's other books after I get through some other stuff I've already bought.

I think tonight will be a COH night. I'm pretty close to 15th after hooking up with Nick the other night. We kicked some ass. I'm hoping to bust up to close to 16th level tonight. Off to defend Paragon City!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

You know when you grope for luna

Now listening to: the Grey Album

Well I gave COH a break and headed back to the online poker tables. Where I was kicking ass for about an hour and then took it on the chin. I should have quit while I was ahead. I went up $30 and then midnight hit, all the fish went to bed and I started to lose money. I ended up down $12, which means I am down $8 total online. Blows. I got some bad beats and managed to break about even in the ring games. Then I tried a couple of Sit and Goes, but couldn't catch any kind of hands and went out in both pretty quick. It's very frustrating.

I'm going to have to review some poker texts before getting on again. My wins at Nick's pad had given me some (apparently unmerited) confidence.

Tomorrow i get to cover the Region IV boys soccer semis, woo. Then I'm off Friday and Saturday, barring any unforseen scheduling problems. I'm looking forward to catching the new Harry Potter flick this weekend. I've heard it's pretty cool.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I always wanted to be in one of your plays

I just read a kickass article over at HDouble's blog. It takes quotes from Rushmore and turns them into poker advice. It's pretty cool. He did the same thing with The Big Lebowski a while back and that was pretty sweet too. All in all, it's one of the best poker blogs on the web.

Lucky at cards

I'm feeling kind of blah right now. Yesterday had it's ups and downs and I'm just feeling kind of moody. I very nearly had to work late a the Bulletin and it was only through Dollar's good graces that I got the night off. I went down to G-Boro to hang with Mike and Nick and hit the poker table again. I won $12, despite some loose calls late. I'm considering hitting PartyPoker now... I may wait.

Nick and his crew may be aplaying again tonight and I'd like ot get in on the action. The problem is do I really want to drive to Greensboro again. Hell, I have to win around $8 to pay for gas.

I also finally reached 14th level yesterday in COH. Flight is awesome. Now if I could just find a way to get my controller to do some decent damage... Probably not to be.

I finally finished watching the original Dawn of the Dead yesterday. It was pretty cool. I'd say +1 chainmail. I did like the subtext of the zombies wandering around the mall. Very nice.