Thursday, August 30, 2007

Curious development

So it has been brought to my attention that my draft rankings were pretty much in the exact same order as the draft itself (with only Heavens Own rising three spots). This was purely unintentional and just the way things panned out in my opinion, which has been known to be wrong on occasion.

While I am occasionally concerned that teams with one of the premier running backs have a bit of an unfair advantage, I wouldn't say it makes the whole draft unfair. And I wouldn't say a team with the best RB in the game is a shoo in to the championship, although it certainly helps. Between injuries and little known players coming out of nowhere, anything can happen.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One through 10

I know some of you are waiting on my fantasy football ratings (and some of you definitely aren't). But here they are, either way. Before I'd start I'd like to note that this is the most even draft we've had in the Techmo Lucky Break League and ranking them is incredibly difficult. Anyone could win and if a couple of things pan out or an injury occurs these will be way off. Still, as of two days after the draft, here's how I think things are:

  1. Team Vipperman - He had LaDainian Tomlinson and a powerhouse trio of WRs. I don't know how Nick manages it, but he always has a monster draft. His biggest questions is his second RB, E. James. No guarantees, but Team Vip looks like a contender.
  2. Warchant - Almost rated Cal first, it's really close. His WRs could be a bit better, with TO being the only standout. But he does have a nice stable of RBs and Carson Palmer. Gonna be a tough opponent.
  3. The Evil Penguin - Honestly I could have rated myself a couple of spots lower and it wouldn't be unreasonable, but I believe in my guys. My RBs are pretty solid (so far) and my starting WRs are good as well. MY WR depth could be better, but I don't have a glaring fault out of the draft, although I really need Maurice Jones-Drew to come through again this season.
  4. LEESBURG LEGHOUNDS - Again, I could have pretty much interchanged the 3-6 spots and been reasonable, we are all neck and neck. The Leghounds big questions are his WRs and the question of how Larry Johnson is gonna be with a less than stellar O-Line. Pretty good top to bottom.
  5. DALLAS DANGLERS - Last year's champ did not have the killer draft he had last season, but remained respectable. He went with a lot of unproven talent that if it pans out could be dominant, but at this point the questions are big. Also QB could turn into a big problem if his longshots don't pay off.
  6. Heavens Own - May be underrating the heavenly host here, but I'm allowed some flaws. He is pretty solid across the board, my biggest knock on him being depth both among RBs and WRs. If his starters stay healthy he will be in contention, but if not it could be bedlam.
  7. Hudson Street Hellraisers - Solid QBs, but some questions at RB and WR. Also I'm not sold on his defenses. Again depth is the big problem here.
  8. Innsmouth Fish-eyes - A solid rookie outing, with a couple of rookie mistakes. Running back depth is a serious concern, (particularly with Brian Westbrook). Honestly that's about the only big problem, but it's a big, big problem if things go awry.
  9. St. Nick Kringles - His draft philosophy is completely different from mine, so the low ranking may be partly caused by that. Still his RBs have questions and aren't terribly deep. Of course, Peyton could pick this team up and carry them to victory.
  10. The Zors - Another rookie, who has some questions on his squad. His RB depth is suspect (particularly with Portis). Also not sure about his defenses being top notch.
Well there you have it. I would like to restate that there are no gimmes this season. Every week you need your team to show up or you are gonna suffer an ignominous defeat. It's gonna be nerve racking, but I gotta tell you, I'm gonna win this motherfucker. The Evil Penguin refuses to lose!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Filled with football

Been a long day. I didn't get to sleep as much as I would have liked after a totally hellish night of work. I then got up and headed on down to the Vipperman residence for the Techmo Lucky Breaks League fantasy football draft. Draft was fun, but longish. I think I did pretty well, but there was no one who was that bad. It's anybodies guess. I'll probably rank the drafts a little later on, but right now I'm too beat to bother.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Once more into the breach

I go back to work today. Blah. I could use another week off. Alas.

The last couple of days I've kept myself busy. I cleaned my room up some (it was filthy) and I have been trying to take care of some last minute fantasy football stuff for this weekend's draft. I'm trying to get t-shirt's hooked up, but there seems to be road blocks at every turn. Ahh well.

I also am trying to cram in as much fantasy knowledge as possible, although it's hard to come by. Too much crap out there and most of it's for beginners. I know to wait until late to draft a kicker, I need more substantial information.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I have returned from my beach trip and must say that it was quite awesome. Everyone seemed to have a great time start to finish, myself included. I drank too much, got too much sun on the first day and tore the hell out of my tender feet. Ohh and I petted a baby tiger (no that's not a euphemism), which was a lot more fun than I initially thought it was gonna be, despite some serious time constraints.

My drive back was an exercise in frustration and I took a wrong turn early and had to backtrack and then got routed wrong again later taking alternate 220 through the backwater of N.C. instead of cruising comfortably at 75 m.p.h. I would attempt to recreate the cursing that went on, but fear that it may strike the more faint hearted blind in its fury.

Today Trip and I went to see Superbad, which was so fucking funny. My only complaint is that it lacked gratuitous boobage. Still, it lived up to the hype and for that it receives filet mignon stature with headcavingly orgasmic potential.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Love those Myrtle Beach waves

I am heading to the beach, folks, for some well deserved R and R.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Go Steely McBeam!

Only two more work days to go! Of course, I still haven't packed. That will be a last minute activity I suppose. Ahh well.

So it's fucking hot. Man I hate the heat. I wake up sweating. You aren't supposed to sweat when you sleep, the whole point of sleeping is the opposite of sweating. It's brutal. At least I have an air conditioned car now. If I was still driving the Jeep I would have killed someone at work by now.

So some of you have heard of the new Steelers' mascot, Steely McBeam. I have ot admit I was put off by him initially, that is, until I heard his porn star-esque name. He's goofy, but still better than the Cowboys' guy... He's not wearing chaps after all. I would have preferred cheerleaders, but bah, who cares? Football is upon us and we should all drink deep it's heady flavor!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm the champ!

"N****s want me dead,
but they scared to step to me.
Rip your guts out,
like a hysterectomy."
- Ghostface Killah

Thought I'd start things off with some poetry. It's rather new school, I suppose. Striking.

I spent a large portion of the night sitting in front of my computer and listening to music. I've been too wrapped up with podcasts of late and have neglected the joys of music. I put together a nice mix for the beach drive and whatnot. Only four workdays until vacation.

I also switched up some music on my iPod to tune into the laid back party vibe of the beach, as opposed to my usual need for depressive or angry music.

I still need to get started packing... May do that tomorrow. We'll see.