Sunday, August 19, 2007


I have returned from my beach trip and must say that it was quite awesome. Everyone seemed to have a great time start to finish, myself included. I drank too much, got too much sun on the first day and tore the hell out of my tender feet. Ohh and I petted a baby tiger (no that's not a euphemism), which was a lot more fun than I initially thought it was gonna be, despite some serious time constraints.

My drive back was an exercise in frustration and I took a wrong turn early and had to backtrack and then got routed wrong again later taking alternate 220 through the backwater of N.C. instead of cruising comfortably at 75 m.p.h. I would attempt to recreate the cursing that went on, but fear that it may strike the more faint hearted blind in its fury.

Today Trip and I went to see Superbad, which was so fucking funny. My only complaint is that it lacked gratuitous boobage. Still, it lived up to the hype and for that it receives filet mignon stature with headcavingly orgasmic potential.

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