Monday, June 23, 2008

Wait, they don't love you like I love you

Recently I've been trying to decide if life goes by too quickly, with far too little time for all the stuff I want to do or if it is an endless drudgery where loneliness and horror never seem to end. I'm not sure... maybe both. Anyway on with the nerd crap I use to fill my time.

Trip and I watched The Machine Girl tonight. It had a certain B movie charm, with lots of over the top gore and bad acting. Basically it's about a Japanese schoolgirl who tries to avenge her brother who was killed by a Yakuza's son. She loses an arm in the process and straps a machine gun to it and carnage ensues. I'm gonna say foot massage for the gore and Meh. for the overall package. Basically some of the scenes are worth watching again, but watching the entire thing over is highly unlikely.

I got Ninja Gaiden 2 from Gamefly and tried it out last night. I'm playing the lesser difficulty, because I'm not a total masochist. It's not bad except for the godawful camera. Combat moves fast and I find myself hacking enemies that are always just off the screen and that gets annoying fast.

Also picked up Space Invaders Extreme for the DS and that's interesting. It's a new take on an old favorite and I'm digging it. I always loved that type of game from Space Invaders to Galaga to Megamania and this holds up.

I finished reading Little Green Men and it really picked up there when I gave it a chance. Buckley really knows how to throw in tasty little tidbits of satire that make you stop reading because you're laughing so hard. (foot massage)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where is the lamentation of their women?

Another week, another mass of empty hours filled with nerdy nonsense and work. Work was work, so I won't really get into it. The nerdy nonsense on the other hand...

I went to see Don't Mess with the Zohan, because I am an Adam Sandler fan. That's right I said it. I don't care what all the pretentious twats out there say. He's funny, most of the time. That said, Zohan isn't great. It's pretty much mediocre across the board. A few laughs, but keep your expectations low. I'm saying Meh.

Trip and I also saw Kung Fu Panda, which I didn't know a lot about going in, but I like animation, I like Jack Black and I like Kung Fu, so I figured what the hell. Turns out, this movie ruled! Nigh-Pixar level animation, cool story and characterization and just plain fun. It's awesome (Filet Mignon).

I also watched Semi Pro, because I also love Will Ferrell. It did not disappoint, foot massage. And I am about midway through the third season of Battlestar Galactica, which I love more and more. It offers up really awesome political and social commentary wrapped in a satisfying sci-fi package. I challenge you to look past the nerdiness and try it for yourself.

On the video game front, I finally beat Conan on the 360. It's basically a hack and slash God of War knockoff that I only went to because Trip beat it. I also cranked up the difficulty so I could brag about how my epeen is bigger than his. No big whoop. As I told him I crushed my enemies and saw them driven before me, but I never heard the lamentation of their women. Therefore the game gets a Meh. rating. (There were also glaring technical flaws and poor level design, but the lack of lamentation is the major factor.)

I also re-read Max Brook's World War Z. It's really well thought out and wonderful. If you like zombies, this book is for you. I'm hoping there is a sequel or just something new from him soon. I'm also in the middle of Christopher Buckley's Little Green Men and it's not bad, but I'm stalling a little bit. I think it's been hard just because I've only been reading it at work.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

the joys of being a "great guy"

Haven't posted in a while. Haven't really felt communicative, as the last couple of weeks have been difficult to put it mildly. The last week especially has been awful. It's as if the dark raincloud that normally follows me around has metamorphasized into an asshole that sprays shit. But why go on about it? It's not as if anything I say or do will change anything for the better.

So I've just been dealing with it in the normal ways. Trying to distract my mind from constantly thinking on the continuous dissatisfaction and rejection that define my life and filling the gaping holes of my existence with fatty foods. Yay positive feedback loop of negativism.

But at least I have the next three days off. That's something I suppose.