Thursday, May 31, 2007

You dirty motorboating bastard

Before I start I'd like to link to a site that every young man should visit and know about. Don't get your nuts in a knot!

Not much to report. Played some Top Spin 2 and I'm not overly impressed. It seems too hard to get the power shots to land. Think I'm gonna mail it back today. I then shifted into Catan, which remains fun despite my marked lack of skills.

Work was blah. The assistant GM told us she was trying to get our department paid better, which is nice. But, of course, trying doesn't mean it's gonna happen. I would love for it to happen, but am not getting too hopeful. It's when I get my hopes up that life makes a special trip to dash them with vigor. I'd site examples, but it's all too painful.

I'll be pulling some OT for the next few weeks, at least, as we are understaffed. I'm looking forward to the overtime pay, but not working Sundays.

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