Saturday, May 19, 2007


So I got my employee evaluation yesterday. I was whisked into an office, handed a paper with lots of arbitrary numbers and no points of reference. I noted that my attendance and punctuality score was a little low and signed off on it.

It was only later that I connected those numbers with the self evaluation I filled out weeks ago. I realized that three meant "adequate" and that my overall rating was 2.777, which means that I am perceived as less than adequate. That is complete bullshit. I'm not claiming to be the best worker out there or even exceptional, but I am more than fucking adequate.

I've been stewing on this all night. I work the worst fucking hours, nights, weekends, holidays for shit pay and try my damnedest to make it all work well. I worked all kinds of overtime when we were shortstaffed and always try to help out my coworkers when they need time off. When I make a mistake I try to not do it again, even when it's not my mistake but them changing shit on me week to week. But still I'm less than adequate.

I'm gonna let them know I disagree and I'm gonna start looking for a different job. I know I'm looking at another fabulous nine cent raise this year. Fuck this bullshit.

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