Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Please check my balls

Sooooo I had originally planned to stay in today and waste away in front of my XBox 36o, but when I arose I found my modem had died again. So I decided to take care of that and since I was out I may as well be somewhat social. So I traded in my old modem for a new one at Comcast and then met up with Trip to grab some pizza.

We then went to Advance Auto Parts (which is far out of our usual roaming grounds) too look for seat covers for him. You see he bought a shiny new PT Cruiser recently and now I'm all jealous. The highlight of the trip was the Chrome skull shifter knob with the light up eyes.

After our manly shopping escapade (yes I know escapade detracts from the manliness, that's the point), we headed back to his place and watched How I Met Your Mother, which continues to be enjoyable and Fast Food Nation, which moved at a nigh-glacial pace. I'd read the book, so I was well aware of how horrible the meat packing industry is (I've read The Jungle too, so I have historical perspective as well).

The one scene I did like was when the activist kids try to free the cows at the slaughterhouse and the cattle refuse to escape. They just won't listen even though someone is telling them they are going to die. Sadly I have to include myself among those cattle, but my apathy and laziness will not let me break free.

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