Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bring on the pavement saw

Now listening to: The Who and Rammstein

Went to get a haircut today. I didn't ask for the Opie look, but that's what I got. I said I wanted ti short on the sides and an inch off the top. She made it short on the sides with the clippers then added a different length guard on them. I wasn't paying close attention but when she fucking scalped me I was a little put off. But what do you say at that point when there is a whole freaking swath cut out? So I bit my tongue and took it and it looks like shit.

Went to Trip's and we watched this French slasher movie, High Tension, which was decent, +1 chainmail. About 60 minutes into it I thought it was kinda crappy. Generic and whatnot. But there was a nice twist that made me change my mind. It made a lot of what happened earlier make a lot more sense. Plus pavement saw love at the end.

We then watched a series of shows that would have made drug use a good choice. It started with the new adultswim show, Squidbillies. Which is the story of a total backwoods squid and his family. Yeah, it's a little surreal. We followed with some HBO show about weird sex tv from around the world. Sometimes tittilating, sometimes gross and sometimes just odd.

We finished up with another adultswim product called 12 oz. mouse, which is even weirder than Squidbillies, if you can believe that. It's a stream of weirdness with little mind for story continuity or artistic sensibility. Sometimes amusing because of it's bizare nature, but nothing I can really recommend.

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