Monday, October 03, 2005

Beaten to death with a nerf bat

So the weekend was filled with small annoying things that wouldn't be that big of a deal individually, but they all added up to frustration. Football-wise the Steelers had a bye, so it seemed like an empty Sunday without them. I also managed to lose both my fantasy football games. Who can believe that Sebastian Janikowski was my undoing in one of them?

Serenity only took second place in the movie list this weekend, with Flightplan somehow topping the charts. Flightplan? It looked stupid to me, sure Jody Foster lent some credibility, but please. Another lame "mystery with a twist style" horror movie. I've been Shyamalan'd enough.

I was awoken early today by people talking outside my window... I soo hate that. I'm not sure if they are new neighbors moving in downstairs or simply people working to prepare the apartment for new people to move in. (Apparently my crackhead neighbor that moved out left the place in a shambles.)

Also my mouse just gave out. Don't know why. I'm now back to my wireless mouse that I stopped using cause it eats batteries like mad. On the upside, it is wireless and that's nice.

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