Monday, October 31, 2005

Gullet bomb

I had a good weekend. Mike came in and Adam came down and we all hung out at Nick's. On Saturday we played some poker. I didn't play great, making at least 2 serious errors and a few other bad judgement calls. Despite losing my whole stack on the third hand by overplaying my hand, I managed to rebuy and win most of it back, finishing down only $7. So it coulda been much worse.

Went back down to Nick's new home, which is really nice, on Sunday. We watched football and goofed off. Abby made us some serious burgers. They were chili cheese dog bacon burgers, or something like that, with a side of garlic fries. Quite tasty, but rough on the old digestion. You should consider yourself lucky that you were not in the car for the ride back to Martinsville. The Geneva Convention was ignored.

But yeah it was a good time. Got to see Adam watching his Chiefs lose and that may be more entertaining than actually watching football. I'm looking forward to hooking up again at the end of the month.

As for my Halloween plans, I'm still not sure. The Steelers are on tonight and I'm gonna be watching that, just not certian if I'll be at home or at Trip's.

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