Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Just enough

So the Steelers managed to hold off the Ravens for a Halloween victory. Man I was sweating it. I kept it kinda low key as I watched the game at Trip's. Pretty sure he was regreting letting me watch the game there since it went kind of late. He joked that if it went to overtime he was gonna kick me out. He doesn't know that I would sooner disembowel him than miss the end of an OT Steelers game.

So it has been a fruitful holiday for me. I managed to apply for not just one, but two jobs today. One pretty much because I talked to Kev. His dog Mocha died and I sent him condolences cause dogs are cool and it sucks losing a member of your family, even of the four-legged variety. (Also I tend to prefer dogs to people anyway.)

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