Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Books, books, books and football

So T.O. is apologizing now huh. What a punk. If he hadda done that last week it would have made a difference. Now it's too late. Of course, when he found out that the Eagles were gonna "Keyshawn" him he changed his tune. (To Keyshawn someone is to refuse to deal them and sit them on their ass for the season.) I wish the NFL would just say we don't need your crap and let him go, but some team will take him, the Raiders maybe. Although they already have one douche receiver, how many can they pay?

But moving along, I am getting behind in my reading. That's not to say I haven't been reading a ton, but I've been re-reading The Wheel of Time, which is a serious endeavor. In the meantime the new book in that series has come out, so hopefully I'll have time to finish the rest of the series before the library gets the book to me.

On top of that, the new Song of Ice and Fire book, was released recently. That is probably the best fantasy series going on, maybe ever. (Some would say Tolkien, but he can get way too dry and dull at times. Just cause you invent a genre don't mean you are gonna write the most compelling books in that genre.) I'd put Wheel of Time in at second on the fantasy list, unless you wanted to count Frank Herbert's Dune books as fantasy. Dune is the champ with the other moving down a spot apiece, if that's the case. But l'd say that is more science fiction than fantasy. Which I suppose means that I'd rate Dune as the best series ever, across any genre.

I also really wanna see Good Night and Good Luck, the new movie about the media and McCarthy. It looks really good, but I don't think it's playing anywhere around here.


NickVNC said...

I'm on page 145 of "A Feast For Crows" right now...I'm loving it so far. Martin is so good and this series is now my second favorite of all time. Shannara being one, and now L.O.T.R. being third.

eric said...

You like Shannara that much huh... Damn I may have to read it sometime, which book starts the whole deal?

NickVNC said...

Yeah I'm biased about it because i started it when I was in high school and it made me fall in love with fantasy and reading. You may find it a bit trite and there are definite similarities to L.O.T.R. However for pure High Fantasy it is great. In answer: Start with "THe Sowrd of Shannara" THe actual begining is a prequel book called "First King of Shannara" but it just fills in some holes and helps to deepen the experience a bit.