Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Over 5K served

So I reached the 5,000 visit mark. Not sure what that means really, but its some sort of landmark I suppose. Soo yay.

Haven't really been doing a lot, continuing to plow through The Wheel of Time. I'm up to book nine, with two more to go after that. They are very good, but I'm starting to wear a little thin. It's a lot of story, but at least the later books cover some plot points and keep me involved.

Other than that I've been watching tons of football. The early games on Sunday were really kinda dull. While it was interesting to watch Minnesota beat the Giants, I can't say it was a game I woulda picked. The Tampa Bay/Washington game proved to be more interesting tho.

Of course, I shouldn't complain as the Steelers were on late and I got to see that. It was a nice win over the Browns, but man I hate to see Charlie Batch hurt. He was playing so well and now Tommy Maddox will start next week. He has to redeem himself in Pittsburgh (I heard his house suffered the consequences after the Jacksonville loss).

I won both my fantasy football games and am now over .500 for the season. Woo. Next week is gonna be tough though as I play Nick, who has all but locked it up. Here's hoping for a big week for Larry Johnson.

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