Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mythology for $500

So I was reading this story over at salon and it made me remember how much I like mythology. I tend to forget how much I enjoy intellectual discussion of some things since I seldom get a chance to think deep about things around here and actually talk to someone else knowledgeable. That isn't a dig at anyone I do talk to regularly, it's just that often noone locally is interested in the same things. Plus we have a ton of morons... let's not forget that.

Anyway, I think once I finally catch up on all my fantasy novel reading I will delve into reading some books of actual academic value. I need to study up on Jung's concept of archetypes and read some Joseph Campbell. Maybe if I do that it'll make up for some of the time I've spent wasting playing WoW or fantasy football. Also maybe if I read enough about it, I will finally sit my ass down and write something. It could help me find my muse!

Actually PTI had a discussion about fantasy football the other day, where Wilbon hated on it. I was kinda surprised. This is my first year of fantasy and I'm fairly captivated. It adds a certain depth to my interest (which was already rather full). Also it gives my friends and I another thing to bullshit and belittle over. In fact, Adam called me tonight and we talked about fantasy football almost exclusively for about 45 minutes. So there ya go.

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Jo said...

Hey Eric,

I don't know if you read comments posted back this far but I wanted to tell you I love mythology also! I miss our chats! Talk to you later. Love, ~*Jo*~