Sunday, November 06, 2005

Not a jolly good fellow

So it's my birthday again, woo. I've been kind of depressed all week thinking about it, but tried to defend with serious escapism.. which has worked for the most part. Just sometimes while lying in bed before or after sleeping. But I'm gonna try to not dwell on being a 31-year-old loser.

Went to see Saw 2 this afternoon and it was a beautiful day. The movie was pretty good, actually better than the first one. I'd give it a foot massage overall. I was surprised to see not one, but two children in the theatre. I mean kids under 8, impressionable minds clearly not prepared for the sadism this type of horror entails. Now don't get me wrong, I hate kids, but that is patently absurd. I'm sure parents will say its video games or heavy metal that caused the kids to go over the deep end, not their horrible parenting.

Anyway Trip then took me out to dinner, which was cool. He also got me a nice Kif Kroker action figure, one of my most fav. characters from Futurama.

We then went back to his pad and started to watch Hide and Seek, but it was way too slow at the beginning to hold my interest (despite both Famke Jannsen and Elizabeth Shue). We ended up watching Mythbusters and then George Carlin Live on HBO. Carlin was good, but depressing. He pointed out how much mankind sucks and I tend to agree with him. Although when he says cornhole, it is comedic genius. Posted by Picasa

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