Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey and boredom

Woo Thanksgiving. Yeah I stayed in all day and had turkey with the fam. No big whoop. I watched a spot of football and vegged. I played a little bit of my college football game and had two completed games freeze up on me. Kinda stunning. I also watched a little tv, saw part of Finding Nemo again. It's good clean fun.

Fact of the matter is I got kinda bored, which is unusual. I'm usually pretty good at finding stuff to occupy me. But since I completed the new Wheel of Time book (filet mignon, things are finally starting to wrap up) I haven't jumped into another book. Also I just wasn't in the mood for WoW today. Not sure why, but I didn't bother.

Ohh, this just in, Nick and Jessica are officially separated. How will I go on living? Oh yeah, like I did before cause I don't care. That Nick has to be a moron, he's not gonna do any better... although she is dumb and probably annoying to deal with. Still his career just died with minimal chance for resurrection.

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