Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dark and stormy stunnage

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So yeah, I had a bad night with football. The Steelers' D couldn't contain the Colts and the offense sputtered for a resounding defeat. Which sucks. I lost both fantasy games by narrow margins. Just bad news.

Mike and I hit the Noke and hooked up with Adam and went to Buffalo Wild Wings. We had fun (despite the Steelers defeat). I gotta say though, it's best if I watch the Steelers alone. I could easily lose it in a close game. The guys across the room cheering for the Colts got on my damn nerves. If I ever were at a Steelers home game and some Browns fans started some shit, I honestly could see me going buck wild. I get a little crazy. Hell, Mike and Adam thought I was gonna jump the bald dude standing in front of me so I couldn't see the tv.

Aside from my potential violent side and the sad state of football I had a pretty good time. I love hanging with those guys. Wish Nick coulda came up, but he's got a "real life" and "responsibilities," so I'll let it slide.

Getting back to Pittsburgh, we now have to win next week's game against Cincinnati. Five losses at this point in the season is gonna make the playoffs a long shot at best. If we win that game our schedule lightens up a bit with AFC North teams. My luck the Vikings will still be rolling and playing way over their heads.

Anyway, I'm trying to shake off the beer and wing induced stupor I'm in. Man I spent waaaaay too much money this weekend. Sigh, I have to get a job.

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NickVNC said...

thanks for the shoutout....

wish i could have been there as well....


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