Monday, October 03, 2005

Losers chase

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So the title is some poker wisdom I picked up today watching some 7 card stud WSOP tournament on ESPN. It seems to hold true outside of poker, but I'll not delve into a deep philosophical discussion.

Decent night. I went over to Trip's, tried the new chicken parmesan sub from Subway (don't bother) and watched some good tv. I also threatened to kick Trip in the groin until he was unconcious, ya know, in a fun way. But yeah, I'm totally gay for Monday night tv lately. First off you have football, although this week I couldn't bring myself to watch the Packers-Carolina game. I just don't care enough.

Then there is Arrested Development. I always found it funny when I watched it, but never watched it cause it was on Sunday nights. An evening usually reserved for football in my mindset. Man is this show funny. David Cross touts himself as the first man to combine being an analyst and a therapist... this makes him an analrapist. He has it on his card. That is merely the tip of the iceberg of funny.

Next up is Kitchen Confidential, which I like a lot as well. (Thanks to Trip for making me watch it.) Good cast, nice food jokes and probably gonna get cancelled soon. Catch it while you can. I'll end with the show How I Met Your Mother, which I love. Neil Patrick Harris reminds me of Mike... a lot. Also this show has lots of hotties. Lots. It's quirky and sexy and also will be cancelled cause I dig it. (My positive attitude knows no bounds.)

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