Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've a mind to eat you whole my friend

Vacation. It's upon me. Honestly I haven't been anticipating this once a ton. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to not have to work, but my plans aren't exceptional. Still it'll be good to hang with everyone. That's always a good time. Still, I think I'm concerned about not being able to fill up the time this week and boring myself by doing the same shit I always do. But we'll see.

Today, the first day of vacation, I arose at my normal time and went out to get a bunch of errands accomplished. Got my oil changed, haircut, etc. I meant to go by the library, but didn't. Maybe tomorrow. Although I may try to do some cleaning around here. My room is a catastrophe and my car needs some attention as well.

Currently I'm watching last season's AFC Championship Game and I love it. I'm getting that football itch again and it's nice watching Pittsburgh doing it up against the hated Ravens. Also doesn't hurt that the Techmo Lucky Breaks League site has opened for business. Just 10 days away from training camps too.

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