Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!

Had a really good day yesterday. It started off a little rocky, under four hours of sleep. But I refused to let it drag me down. Trip and I rolled up to the Noke for the day. Did a little light shopping, which of course means I spent a shit ton of money. But I needed some new shirts and a Big Lebowski DVD and a BPRD comic book... Ok fine, I'm an impulse buyer, sue me. I also nearly bought some sweet Steelers mesh shorts to work out in (aka lounge my fat ass on the couch), but decided against it. Maybe in a week or two I'll go back.

What really set the day apart was going to Awful Arthur's. I'd been there before, but had not enjoyed it as much as I did today. I devoured a variety of sea dwelling creatures including oysters, calamari and crabs. It was so good, and reasonably priced. It was cheaper that Red Lobster and exponentially better. I also had a tasty beer or three. They have their own brewery and the Sunshine White Ale is delish. Goes down good while cracking crab.

Anyway once I returned home I watched The Big Lebowski again and damn it's funny. So many great lines just fly by. Love it. I also watched Season 2 of the IT Crowd, a quirky British comedy show that I dig a lot. It's about a group of misfit I.T. workers and hilarity ensues.

So yeah, I'm feeling good at the moment. It's nice since I've been awash in depression for the last coupla weeks. I also get to play social again tomorrow as Trip and I are treking to the Plaster residence for an evening of pizza and discourse. Should be fun. It's nice feeling like I have friends from time to time. It'll be short lived, tho as the next few weeks are looking to be work only weeks. But there is a vacation on the horizon. I'm trying to be upbeat, it's not a natural tendency so I have to keep fighting back my inherent negativity.

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Michael said...

Hmm,shit ton of money,must be a Danny McBride fan,me too!