Friday, June 26, 2009

Been there all the time

I feel like shit, which comes a little surprise. It's my own fault, really, I eat too much shit. Work is kicking my ass and I just flat out tired. That said, I love Dinosaur Jr. The new album Farm is incredible. I recommend it to everyone, everywhere. J. Mascis still shreds the guitar with tasty hooks layered with shoegaze vocals and Lou Barlow brings it all to a a nice froth. Wonderful. They are this strange combination of sorrow and joy that finds a way to matter to you no matter what type of day you are having.

I'm currently watching's footage of them playing live and it's spectacular. Low fi heroes now and always. Couple that with the excellence of the new Sonic Youth album and you've almost got a 90s grunge revival. Although to be fair, Sonic Youth has been recording relavent stuff continously since the 80s. The same could be said of Lou Barlow too, so I guess it's a moot point.

I also listened to the new Dirty Projectors' album Bitte Orca and it's got some good moments, but it's odd. I like listening to it, but I'd have a hard time explaining the sound or why it sounds good to me. It's odd, but worth giving a shot.

Anyway, I'll stop jizzing all over those bands for now since the odds of anyone reading this and caring are minimal.

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