Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The collar of shame

A few quick notes. Saw Up tonight and it was marvelous. Had a really sweet thread running throughout and I recommend it for young and old alike. There was also a Pixar short called Partly Cloudy, I think, that I may have liked more than the actual movie. We saw these in 3D and while I like 3D somewhat, I may be getting over it. It's more expensive, I gotta wear uncomfortable glasses over my regular glasses and my eyes water. Ehh.

Had lunch with Jill today, which I nearly slept through despite my best efforts. It turns out you have to set your alarm for 11:30 am to get up for lunch at 1pm. I'm a dolt sometimes. After I dropped her off back at work I got a haircut and then went to the library and spent about an hour and a half there reading.

I really love the library except for the damn people. Of course, I suppose I find most things more bearable with fewer people. But there are some really obnoxious library patrons in Martinsville. For example: the chronic cougher/hawker, the I have an objectionable ringtone and refuse to answer my phone in a timely manner despite being in a library, the elderly meanderers who talk loudly amoungst themselves and, as always, loathsome unwatched children who behave as if they are at the circus. These are a few of my least favorite things.

Now it is time for bed. Hopefully I'll be hanging with the Plasters once again, although it is contingent on their schedule being open. No guarantees there, but what can you do?

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