Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tremendous Dynamite

Saw The Hangover tonight and it is damn funny. I was laughing my ass off the whole damn time. So good. I won't get into details, because that can spoil the funny, but it's awesome. So good. Tomorrow Trip and I will be going to see Up, so here's hoping that's as good. Decidedly different, but good.

Last night I completed my run through the Star Trek movies and all in all I'm glad I did it. I'd say avoid Star Trek Insurrection at all costs, but Nemesis was decent. Not great, but decent. I'd definitely say I liked the old school ones more than The Next Generation films. I'm now debating whether or not to go through the tv series. May take a break and think about it first. I've still got plenty of stuff to watch, so no rush.

Speaking of things to watch I went to Brewers Movie Club tonight and bought a bunch of DVDs as they are closing for good and everything was $3. So I picked up some stuff. Just thought I'd mention it, since some of my readers are Brewers alums. The guys who did absolutely nothing, got paid for it and got free movie rentals on top of it.

I also started watching the Trueblood series, which is pretty good so far. I definitely do not mind watching Anna Paquin. Lovely. Oh and the new Eels album, Hombre Lobo is quite good. Also picked up Brian Eno's Neroli album at Amazon's MP3 site for a buck. It's one track, 57 minutes long and very relaxing. Something nice to go to sleep to. I recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

Loved me some Brewer's...that was a lot of free money I made there.